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Star Power Prism Eyeliner

Release Date: October 2013
Website: CreerBeaute

The Star Prism Power Eyeliners are a part of the Miracle Romance line from P-Bandai's Creer Beauty series and are part of the 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon merchandise. They come in 5 colours: Black, Brown (tea), Blue, Red and White. Black, brown, and white are adorned with silhouettes of Princess Serenity, blue with Sailor Mercury, and red with Sailor Mars, but the line has shown no sign of equivalent pieces for Jupiter or Venus yet.

While the eyeliners do not seem particularly limited in quantities they HAVE been difficult to find online. No one but the P-Bandai/Creer Beaute sites seem to carry them. Mine came from a lady who lives in Japan and done a group buy for some LiveJournal users. Currently the easiest, and most reliable way to purchase them is in-store. That said, P-Bandai also released 2000 pink, and 2000 blue boxes that sold online for 3465 yen a set, but contained 3 eyeliners (black or brown, red or blue, and white). The separate eyeliners retail for 1260 yen for the liquid liners, and 945 yen for the white (listed online). So the price is the same for them separately or with the limited edition boxes.

Advertising and Packaging




Eyeliners were released both individually and in 2 limited edition sets containing 3 eyeliners that complimented each other. The white pencil was the only eyeliner included in both sets. Production of the boxes were limited to 2000 each, while the eyeliners themselves seem to be much more mass produced and available in stores.

Advertising for these online have been nearly completely viral marketing by fans outside of Japan. Official releases were made on Sailor Moon Channel, P-Bandai, and Creer Beaute, and that seems to be it. In Japan displays have been set up in stores selling the eyeliners, and there is also an unscanned magazine ad that has been found, but not posted in whole. No one has been found selling these online besides P-Bandai

Photo of a flier that apparently comes with the Miracle Romance Shining Powder compact from P-Bandai when it is mailed out.(Photo from SailorMoonCollectibles.tumblr.com)

The boxes are surprisingly sturdy, although for Mercury, Mars and the White box they have a panel that bends around the box and is sealed with a tab into a slot, and a sticker. This bulges around the box, and is not flat like the black and brown boxes, so it's possible for this part to bend and crease during shipping if not properly packaged.

The boxes on their own are beautiful, classy, and well designed, using various Art Nouveau motifs that are repeated and recoloured to represent the Senshi. The designs are surprising, considering the amount of flowers, bows, stars, pin stripes and curling girly fonts used on the box. It is overflowing with girly stereotypes, but they're used expertly and well represent Sailor Moon, and her older fan base.

The black and brown boxes are rather large for no other reason than to make room for the outside flap on the box with additional aesthetic appeal. Be careful when opening this box style. The round 20th anniversary logo is actually a sticker holding down the flap.

The back of the boxes including the Toei stickers.

Black Liquid
Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 0.4 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
View spoilerHide spoilerWater, (ethylhexyl acrylate / methyl methacrylate) copolymer, BG, glycerin, 1,2 - hexanediol, (acrylates / methyl styrene / styrene) copolymer ammonium, panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, centifolia rose flower water, hydrolysis Silk, pentylene glycol, caprylyl glycol, ethyl hexyl glycerin, silica, carbomer, AMP, methyl paraben, phenoxyethanol, carbon black, Al

The black applicator applies REALLY well. I've used liquid liner before and it frustrated me a lot. This brush style was easy to use, and left a nice, thin, clean line despite my shaky hands. The container is easy and comfortable to hold

The liquid itself applied nicely and lasted through the night. I tested the water proofing both on my eyes and in the shower with just a marking on my hand. The shower test removed quite easily (although it wasn't applied for more than 5 minutes), but the test on my eyes after all night seemed to hold well enough.


Brown Liquid
Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 0.4 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
View spoilerHide spoilerWater, BG, (ethylhexyl acrylate / methyl methacrylate) copolymer, glycerin, panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, centifolia rose flower water, hydrolyzed silk, Penchirengurikoru, polyaspartic acid Na, beheneth -30, (acrylates / methyl styrene / styrene) copolymer ammonium, polyvinyl alcohol, 1,2 - hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, ethyl hexyl glycerin, TEA, silicate (Na / Mg), citric acid, silica, EDTA-2Na, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, iron oxide

The brown liner applicator and liquid match similarly to the black. The colour is a little more transparent, though application to the test strip seemed good.

Application, waterproofing, and last is comparable to the black liner.


Blue Liquid


Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 1.0 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
View spoilerHide spoilerWater, BG, ethanol, (acrylic acid alkyl / diacetone acrylamide) copolymer AMP, (styrene / acrylic acid alkyl) ammonium copolymer, 1,2 - hexanediol, panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, grape leaf extract, Penchirengurikoru, stearoxy PG hydroxyethyl cellulose sulfonic acid Na, Caprylyl glycol, ethylhexyl glycerin, carbomer, silica, AMP, benzoic acid Na, phenoxyethanol, mica, titanium oxide, Prussian blue, Al

Although I've only used the blue liner during opening and testing on paper and my hand I am confident in saying that this will be slightly different than using most liquid liners. It's VERY thick, and oozes upon initial opening and pulling the liquid to the tip. It's very bright, and the brush will help maintain decent lines.

The liquid should be usable, but I find the colour event specific. It might be better for raves or cosplay, unless you dress colourful and out there anyway. The eyeliner is not only bold in colour. It also features glitter.


I have no idea what this says,so I thought it might be important. It's probably just a "Caution, do not eat" label... hopefully not a "Caution, may cause cancer" label *I'mkidding* XD.


The blue and red eyeliners are more like paintbrushes than the black and brown, which appear to be felt tipped instead of brush.

Red Liquid


Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 1.0 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
View spoilerHide spoilerWater, BG, ethanol, (acrylic acid alkyl / diacetone acrylamide) copolymer AMP, 1,2 - hexanediol, (styrene / acrylic acid alkyl) ammonium copolymer, panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, hibiscus flower extract, Penchirengurikoru, Carbomer, Caprylyl glycol, ethylhexyl glycerin, silica, beheneth -30, polyaspartic acid Na, stearoxy PG hydroxyethyl cellulose sulfonic acid Na, AMP, EDTA-2Na, benzoic acid Na, phenoxyethanol, iron oxide, mica, Al

The red acts very much like the blue. It's thick, but not as thick as the blue, but the colour is much more transparent. I might take multiple layers to make the colour vibrant. On my colour test strip (below) it appears a little muddy, but I'll let you decide for yourself.


White Pencil


Tip Size: 0.1mm Brush
Liquid Amount: 1.0 mL
Origin: Made in Japan
Price: 1260 yen
View spoilerHide spoilerMethyl trimethicone, trimethyl siloxy silicate, paraffin, polyethylene, microcrystalline wax, diethylhexanoate neopentyl glycol, candelilla wax, triisostearate Poriguriseriru 2, Sorbitan sesquiisostearate, silica, tocopherol, squalene, hyaluronic acid Na, Dimethicone, BHT, mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, ultramarine blue, tin oxide

I actually avoided using my white pencil because the first thing it done when I used it on the test strip was crumble. Like most art pencils, pencil eyeliners can crack when dropped, and it looks like mine did during shipping.

That said, it's a little gritty due to the glitter/sparkle, and it's not really white. It's more like an off-beige with some pink when compared to the white paper (see below).

I don't recommend shipping this if you plan on using it. It might not be worth your time.


Test Strip




The red and blue eyeliners take some messing with before you can use them. When you open them their brushes will be white and clear of the liquid.


^ Instructions:
1. Pull off the plastic tab.
2. Push down the lid.
3. Be sure it is down all of the way.

Don't try and use your thumb like in my photos. Those were just convenient shots because I done this all alone. I recommend pushing down with the palm of your hand. It might be a little difficult.


Once the cap has been pushed down you can safely remove it. The brush will still be white and there will be no liquid yet. It is recommended that you leave the cap off during the next step.


It is recommended that you have some paper towel or tissue prepped for this step, just in case.

While holding the eyeliner with the tip facing UP twist the bottom of the container counter clockwise. This will push the liquid up into the tip. It does take quite a bit of twisting to get your liquid, but I recommend taking your time as once it DOES make it to the brush it will ooze a little.


Now your liquid eyeliner is ready to use!!

Identify Bootlegs

There are no bootleg items for this product yet.


For collectors purposes these are rather redundant unless you enjoy wearing make-up, or like the packaging/look of the items.

I only recommend them if you plan on collecting most of the Miracle Romance collection, or plan on wearing them. The products seem to be of decent quality, and the only issues I've experienced with them have been due to influences the manufacturer can't avoid in these products.

Overall my personal experience with wearing mostly the black eyeliner has been positive. Even with sensitive skin and allergies this eyeliner does not bother my eyes or skin at all.


These have been difficult to find. Pre-orders on the P-Bandai website have closed, but they have appeared on the Japanese Amazon, as well as Jlist. Due to the prices, I highly recommend checking out Amazon before purchasing from Jlist.

I purchased mine through a friend in Japan.
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Rosett Henry's waifu
Very nice review even though I'm pretty clueless even as a girl when it comes to makeup things ^^'
6 anos atrás
Oooh I love this! A make up review on MFC <3
Next to figures, fashion and make up is another big hobby of mine, and despite not having watched that much sailor moon I'm really loving the make up products I've seen so far <3

Thank you very much for writing this!
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Paulichu Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
meruru6 anos atrás#1868050I must admit, I never expected there to be a makeup review on MFC!
I for one found this interesting, thanks for the review!
white eyeliner?...

lol I'll be reviewing the Miracle Romance Shining Powder Compact once I get it as well! Although... that'll be different as I won't be using the powder. You'll be seeing more! lol ^_^

Also, white eyeliner is usually used on the bottom to make the eye look bigger... but it can also be used on top with the right colours and look.

Sasaruga6 anos atrás#1868063Seeing this review makes me want to cosplay as Sailor Mars.... D:
Nicely done, I might pick up some if I'm feeling rich~

lol Yes! Sailor Moon always needs more cosplayers =) Glad you enjoyed the review!

astrum6 anos atrás#1868134Thanks for the really detailed review. I might just get this for a few friends I know who waaay love Sailor Moon! Great job!

Glad you enjoyed it! I donno about the shipping time right now, but they'd make a great Christmas gift ;)
6 anos atrás
astrum the unnecessary guy
Thanks for the really detailed review. I might just get this for a few friends I know who waaay love Sailor Moon! Great job!
6 anos atrás
Seeing this review makes me want to cosplay as Sailor Mars.... D:

Nicely done, I might pick up some if I'm feeling rich~
6 anos atrás
I must admit, I never expected there to be a makeup review on MFC!
I for one found this interesting, thanks for the review!

white eyeliner?...
6 anos atrás