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Hello MFC, i'll keep this blog short and simple - what figure (pretty much anything with an entry on this site) do you believe, is the most underrated and under-appreciated in general and by the members on this site? The figure doesn't have to be obscure at all! It can be something that does get attention, but just not enough.

I know you are probably thinking: "Ugh not one of these posts again, Ultramany121 I'm got gonna break off your arms, glue them to your butt and then call you a minotaur." Well to those individuals I will first say, I would be called a centaur not a minotaur you bozo, secondly, I know this probably has been asked before, but I would like to have an updated version for myself and others to see. Also this can be useful for people to learn about new characters and amazing figures they have never heard of.

Anyways, so what figure/doll/toy do you think deserves more attention than it has been receiving? Why do you like that certain item so much and why do you think it hasn't gotten the attention it deserves?


The item I think is most underrated is definitely Alter's Princess of the Crystal aka Himari ITEM #117966. She is so grand and so fantastically sculpted that I end up being boggled by the fact that is bargain-binning, and her price is quite a bit less than her original price-tag. It's pretty obvious that she is from a lesser known anime, however it's just crazy that such a well-produced figure from a popular figure company like Alter would become obscure. Also shoutout to Alpha x Omega's Kyubei from Gintama ITEM #106891. She is a fantastic figure, and she comes with a slew of different parts, but she is still not that well known...

Anyways, let me know what you think! And just for you critics out there, no I am not sponsored by Alter or Alpha Omega to shout out their products hehe.


Finally, do you know what episode of Gintama this is from? Let me know the answer in the comment section below!
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SpaceDyeVest6 anos atrás#1854360Thanks to you, Ultramany, I saw ITEM #106891 for the first time and fell in love...and ordered her from Manda for super cheap. Thanks, broseph!!

lol no problem. To be honest that's what I wanted from this post - to let people know of awesome figures out there
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Thanks to you, Ultramany, I saw ITEM #106891 for the first time and fell in love...and ordered her from Manda for super cheap. Thanks, broseph!!
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YoungxMoney6 anos atrás#1853225ITEM #143427

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Before this blog dies down a bit, I wanna add in a last figure which is, Tony Taka's take on Miku ITEM #29253. I know Miku has an unreasonable amount of figures, but this one I one of the only I actually picked up, and damn is she nice. I mean many already have her, but she should be considered up there with the best Mikus that have ever been produced
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I was very surprised to find ITEM #22466 and ITEM #16173 go between 3-4k yen at AmiAmi preowned when Remilia ITEM #31388 goes for 20k+ from the same maker.
I think the answer simply lies in the amount of the figure produced. Let's say T'System made 10,000 Reimu and Marisa because they are the main characters, but only 5000 Remilia. However, all 3 are equally popular characters, let's say 8000 people want each of them. In that case, 2000 of Remiu and Marisa will remain unsold, and the price will go down for those two, while in case of Remilia, 3000 people will miss their chance to buy one and the price will rise significantly as they are trying to get one anyway. In other words, supply and demand. As the amount of figures produced is generally not known, and the amount of people wanting one is also highly unpredicatable, prices might not reflect what one would expect based on the figure itself. There is a very high chance that the manufacturer will have incorrect expectations about the demand and produces too few or too many.

A lot of additional factors can affect demand, other than the quality of the figure itself, including
-How old is the source anime (if it's too old, some people might not really care anymore, but if it's too new, they might not have watched it yet)
-How popular the anime is. Even if it's well known, if a lot of people think it's a bad anime, the figures will have worse sales, too.
-How large their existing collection is (The more figures you have, the less space and money will be available for you to buy more, so you might not buy something that you would have bought a few years ago)
-How many other figures of that character are available, and at what price (This one is obvious, most people will only buy one/two/few of them even if there are 90 versions, while if there is only one, everyone who wants that character will buy that one. If there is an 1500 yen one available that looks ok, the 9000 yen one will get significantly less sales.)
-What's the original price of the figure (If it's very high, people will intentionally wait until it hits the bargain bin if it's not a high priority item for them, if it's low, it'll sell faster)
-What other figures are available at the time it is released (If 10 awesome but expensive figures come out the same month, they'll probably get less sales than a month when only 2 decent expensive figures are released)
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BloodyEarth6 anos atrás#1852353And Phat's IDOLM@STER (TV Animation) Blu-ray Jacket version Girls are pretty underrated as well. I love IM@S so much!

Oh, I'd say these things are getting quite a lot of love, even from people who haven't seen or played iM@S.

MetalGearSora6 anos atrás#1852437Alter's Asuka figure ITEM #36094. It's incredible but everyone seems to dislike it, though personally it's one of my favourite figures.

I've always wondered why she was so cheap so often, been tempted to pick her up a few times now. She looks great, plus that base is sweet.

In regards to the OP's post, I know why both GSC's and Alter's Princess of the Crystal figures are being cut in price. It's for the same reason Ultimate Madoka is still half price at multiple shops now and then: shipping. Due to PotC's immensely large dress she breaks the weight limit for regular SAL, plus once again her box is HUGE. Considering how popular Ultimate Madoka is and the fact even she got half priced due to this, think of the impact it would have on a lesser-known character like PotC. I may grab me a figure of her at some point myself as I loved Penguindrum, but that shipping issue put me off grabbing Ultimate Madoka for a year, so I don't know when I'll cave again.

As for actual underrated figures: ITEM #26957 comes to mind. I grabbed her ages after release for around 2600 yen. Considering she's bordering on 1/6 scale and by Alter, that's a steal. I guess it's because Vivio has barely any screentime in the series, and StrikerS isn't quite as highly regarded as the earlier series? She's super high quality though, so I'd have thought more people would've picked her up.

Also: ITEM #97172. PMMM is immensely popular. All the figures sold out rapidly, with some like Mami going up to 13k in the preowned market before her rerelease. So why did Kyouko get ignored? Is it because she's all mine :D? Seriously though, why? She's a GSC release so decent quality, her pose is the best of the set, only really rivaled by Homura, she's crazy cute and has a giant spear which, unlike every other figure of her, has the correct gem colour. Yet I've seen her months post-release at around 4000 yen new compared to her 7000~ release price.
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I love the Crystal of the Princess figure you mentioned. While it has lowered in price I still can't find the room in my budget for her. If she wants to go down say another $20 I think I would snatch her up though. In the meantime I will have to enjoy my nendoorid version of her
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I think anything from the Natsume Yuujinchou series is under-appreciated. The series being very good (a slow paced anime with a relaxed atmosphere. The story is well written, the artwork beautiful and the music absolutely delightful to listen to) but for some reason the figures being ridiculously expensive and it seems like so few figures gets made that many are still asking for it (including me).

I however don't think it's under-appreciated by the people here on this site. I think it's the manufacturers who thinks the show is not very popular ... perhaps because it's not a main-steam anime with lot's of action, violence and panty-shots?
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YoungxMoney6 anos atrás#1853225ITEM #143427


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ITEM #61092 I know, a lot of people have her but I still don't understand why Shinobu costs 20000 yen now and this one is only some 5000y, she's cuter to me :)

Totally agree, i'm actually looking for her to complete my Bakemono collection and I was gathering a lot of cash cause I thought she was going to cost more than any sane person would pay. Turns out her price has basically reached bargain-bin level... I was so surprised and from the pictures she looks really nice too
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