Nanatsuiro Drops - Akihime Sumomo - 1/8 - Blue/White Ver. (Jun PNanatsuiro Drops - Akihime Sumomo - 1/8 - Blue/White Ver. (Jun PReview

Singer_YunaSinger_Yuna11 anos atrás
She is Akihime Sumomo. You remember her because she was the first pajama nendo in history xD Also you should remember her by her price. Because this Sumomo we're talking about, its cheap cheap! 10€ for a figure is always welcomed.
She is tiny because she is a child. I chose this pic because Cyril is her partner. And you can compare them ^^
I also love blue, and this tones (this cheap figure comes with 3 versions to choose...I chose white and blue) are my favorite colours ^^

I am very pleased. I was expecting one leaning figure, or bad paints...but its good. Not an ALTER work, but fine. She could be a lot of worst.
Her facial expression is very happy. I also like her outfit is so much. So blue, and her trainers are so cute. The thing I less like, is the magic staff.

Score: 7/10

*-~_POSING and BASE_~-*
She is posed very simply and cool...like walking. Her trainers are good ^^
The only extra thing who comes with Sumomo is the book and her mascot ^^ no plus arms, you cant take off the staff...
Base is very basic, but not a plastic frisby. I've seen horrorful bases worse than Sumomo's white base.

(by the way, she is half-cast-off...her blue skirt can be removed and she remains with white x white panties here figure.tsuki-bo... )

Score: 6/10

She's packed in a big very beautiful box. It has stars and promotional pics on the back. The only mistake is that promotional pics of the original color and not her variants.

Score: 7/10

Enjoyment with Sumomo is good, you can put her with her older sister Cyril, and put together their books ^^
She is so cute...so beautiful expression....so nice blue outfit ^^

I'll recomend her if you like a bit Sumomo and have 10€ extra to spend.

Score: 7/10

Overall, she has got a 6.7 ^^
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Sorry I do not "remember" the show let me check infos out real quick... holy +*#~ it's from 2007. That's what you descripe with "remember" ^_^

Then I read your first lines I thought to myself "hey was there a cutesy little character like this back in the 80's?" *smile*

Nontheless seeing some pictures of the serie and the fact that I go back some years in anime history I can fairly picture it in my mind... maybe I should stop with that now *cough*

Anyway your line about the big packaging made me laugh... little one in big house!!
11 anos atrás
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Ah I remember this show...Was actually one of the more surprisingly good ones of that season if I remember right.

Very cute figure, but if I ever got one of her have to be with her Magical Girl outfit. :p
11 anos atrás
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