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R_DorothyR_Dorothy6 anos atrás
You know what Dorothy's never done? Opened a figure box. You know what that means? She had no idea some of these figures are bitches to put together, or that it's really hard/impossible to get some apart after sitting for so long.

You know what else? It's late. Dorthy took some pictures of her achievement of opening 40+ figures. Dorothy's also a little high on plastic fumes right now and feels funny. You know what Dorothy forgot? To take pictures of the entire cabinet because of this. So just take the shitty pics of the shelves and their closeups.


The ame-comi Harley scares me because she fits on her base like a figma with a stupid tube in her back that attaches poorly. I foresee this popping out in the future. Catherine was also really hard to her on her base and my heart stopped when I heard a "pop", but I think that was just her finally fitting on. Other than that, no issues.




The fox girl shelf. Kongiku was actually the first figure that ever opened. Magical Amber will never fit on both pegs, but she does fine on just the one. ITEM #20431 ended up being a cheap piece of garbage that broke and I'm a bit upset about. Stupid Griffon.




Shoving that weird plastic wedge practically up the Dark/Black Magicians' asses was quite different, but it worked. The Black/Dark Magician Girl's staff didn't want to come apart, but I still made it work. I freaking love Sadi-chan; she was the easiest figure ever to work with.




To hell with this shelf. The Nymph with the candy apple would not come apart to put her other clothes on, so that's how she's being displayed. Astraea's wings are cheap garbage that I'm so scared will fall out eventually.


Alter Kneesocks was hard to fit on her base and she can forget about me trying to put those flimsy glasses on her. Other than that, zero problems. The rest of the figure were no trouble.



This is it until I get another cabinet. Good night, folks!
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Lovely display! I am so jealous of your Yu Yu Hakusho figures, too.
6 anos atrás
Sakarii6 anos atrás#1901527Congrats on opening your figure boxes for the first time! Your collection looks pretty amazing too! How did it feel the day after to see some of your figures actually out of their boxes?

It felt fine and dandy, but I did purposely leave the figures that really scare me in their boxes for when I get another cabinet. I wanted to get some assembly practice in just to be safe.
6 anos atrás
Congrats on opening your figure boxes for the first time! Your collection looks pretty amazing too! How did it feel the day after to see some of your figures actually out of their boxes?
6 anos atrás
Great assortment of figures! Nice Display!
6 anos atrás
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
I love your Sasami/Misao figure! ; 3 ; I figured I was one of the only people in the world who thoroughly enjoyed that anime xD
6 anos atrás
Nice collection, I am so jealous of your xxxHolic figure! :O

But, but,

6 anos atrás
angelbott6 anos atrás#1898846Very nice. c: [not fan to opened box of figures in my opinion...oh well xD] Still cool. *w*
maybe you should add for Related Items list of your figures. ^^

I wasn't really either, but this is the best way to enjoy them.

I just tried, but it would only let me link 10.
6 anos atrás
Fryste6 anos atrás#1898899I do not recognize the other Catherine figure and Katherine, what are those?
Also, very good figures you have there!

They are ITEM #99081 and ITEM #99082. They actually got discounted quite a bit.
6 anos atrás
Deviluke6 anos atrás#1899087That must have been a lot of fun, scary, and nerve wrecking moments. Who is the fox girl figure on the far left? Great collection and congrats on opening them by the way.

She is this figure: ITEM #117318
6 anos atrás
ponnie6 anos atrás#1898768
I'm surprised you didn't say anything about Yamato's Kneesocks.
I sweated for an hour gently pulling that scythe in her hand... This just sounds weird, omg %)
But she turned out to be one of the hardest-to-put-together figures I ever dealed with.

She was actually super easy for me! What I did was stick that pointy end of the staff in-between the small gap in her hand that was there and carefully moved her hand up the scythe. This made the gap wide enough for her to easily grasp the area I needed her too. When I first opened her and saw the hand my first thought was, though, "How the hell is this supposed to work?".
6 anos atrás