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Hey there MFC! :D

Thanks to those who shared there thoughts regarding my problem before. I greatly appreciated everyone's solutions! >u<

So now, again, I'm gonna share to you guy the loots I got during the month of April. I got a big box of package from the post office which is most for the box splits I hosted and some pre-ordered ones. And again, a friendly warning, this may contain a lot of pictures so please bear with me. >_<"

As for the rest, I dropped by the Surplus Store at my mother's hometown just this week. Snag a few rare items there with my friend, he got most of the hauls though. And I got only billed everything for me at a cheap price seeing it's the rare ones. "XD
I already posted a summarize photo(PICTURE #981835) of my hauls for this April so this will be the ones with close up views and photos of everything I got. Though mostly are just the re-used photo ones as my room is under renovation. I couldn't take any decent shots so I took them outside at the terrace of our house. @_@

I'll be starting with the ordered items I got. I actually was looking at the pre-owned items in AmiAmi when I saw this Lily Prize Figure. Since the price was in a decent one than the real price of it I decided to get it. The item condition was Item A and Box B. I wasn't expecting it to be big though. I'm a fan of Lily and seeing she's wearing something in blue here I didn't double think of not getting her. That's one reason I added her to my order because of the color blue. LOL. She's pretty decent in person and really pretty as well so I'm quite happy I did snag her up in AmiAmi. :D

Here's the goodies I got from my orders. Most are really Daiabolik Lovers goodies all the time. This is actually too bad for my wallet as I'm such an otome gamer fan at heart. Now I'm really preparing and hoping to survive the new merchandise that'll be announced for release. Especially new games are being announced and Kamigami is slowly getting merchandises. @__@

I actually couldn't resist getting the Diabolik Lovers More Blood Key Holders Child Version ones as I find them cute and literally smiling. I could only view that in the game or in my screenshots so I decided to get them as well. Also because I have their other Key Holders so decided to get them as well. I've also eyeing on the Deka Key Holders though I'm quite tight now with my budget and munny at the moment. "oTL

Tegami Bachi, Sakura Hime, Dengeki Daisy, Reimei no Arcana and OZMAFIA!! Comics. The only ordered here is the OZMAFIA!! ones. The rest comics are what I happen to get at our local bookstore here. OZMAFIA!! is also the only isn't translated to English. I actually ordered the OZMAFIA!! ones as to support the game. I really love the game so much so I'm hoping for straps for OZMAFIA!! as well. I couldn't add the tapestries I ordered anymore as they are kept aside somewhere in the house by my Mom. "XD



Here's the items I got at the surplus store next. The Armin strap and Cecil strap isn't included though as I ordered it out in Rakuten since a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join in getting some items there to save up the shipping. The Saitou Chibi Smiling Face one is a mousepad that my friend gave me as a souvenir from his trip as well as with the other Cecil strap.

I actually got a few ones this time. Small figures and straps that I snag. Also found some nendoroid parts which is incomplete but I can use them for my nendos. The Prince of Tennis are lights you press on. Those are actually convenient now for my room once the renovations done. I can have my own lights to press rather than leaving my lampshade open at night. The ones that I really enjoy is the UtaPri ones. The badges was really unexpected. When I saw those here at MFC, I can't believe they were exclusive ones. So I still looked for the others in case I may get the others since I was hoping I might get Masato's or Cecil's. LOL. But in the end, I did get something of Masato, the Deformed Mini which I was really happy in the end. Since I was really praying, please let me find something of either Masato or Cecil which I really did. LOL. XDDD

These are the rare ones I really got which I'm really happy with, Full House Kiss Shokei Festival 2008 Set and Toy'sworks Kino's Journey Picture Sculpt. All of them are still sealed up inside and also brand new. Even though the boxes are damaged, I can't believe the items are still in-tack and complete.

Here's the close up look for Toy'sworks Kino's Journey The Beautiful World Picture Sculpt. I'm not sure about what it is but it's really from Toy'sworks. I was quite surprised to find it in the surplus store and it isn't damaged yet which made me get it even more. I can't find this one anywhere in the internet though. I tried the auctions and I couldn't find this one. o_o
And here's how the back of it's package looks like. It has the sticker of Toy'sworks. Show PictureHide Picturehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2014/05/01/981999.jpeg

Next is here's the content of the Full House Kiss Shokei Festival 2008 Set. It packs with a DVD set with 3 CDs inside, 2 Drama CDs and 1 photo book album for the seiyuus or so I'm guessing, I'm not a seiyuu fan though I know some of them rather few of them. "XD

Here's also how the package box looked like. Both the front and back are original illustrations by the mangaka which I am quite sure. Show PackageHide Packagehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2014/05/01/981997.jpeg


It even has there signs and some messages. It also includes a few illustrations and the last pages are actually details about the merchandises for the series. But most of it is the photoshoot by the seiyuus. Casual, yukata and behind the scenes photoshoots. XD

Here's a close up look of the photoshoots as well as illustrations especially to those who may know them. ^^








I only know Sakurai and Ono from those actually. Since I love some characters that they voiced at. XDDDD

So here's the end of my sharing. April is quite an unexpected month for me since something happened after when I was already travelling back home. I plan to visit the store again this May since we'll be having a trip at my Mom's hometown. So I'm really gonna visit the store again. The saleslady there always expects me whenever she gets a message from my Mom that will be there on a certain day. LOL. These costed me, except the Lily Figure, Diabolik Lovers Goodies, Armin and Cecil Rubber Straps, it's about... Show PriceHide PricePhp750 and that's about 1734 yen. @__@ The ones that really costed me a bit pricy is the Full House Kiss Set and Kino's Picture Sculpt though the saleslady already bundled price it for me so I was good with it.

Thank you so much for reading! >u<
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Naoto-chan 一リッカ
roronoa_zoro696 anos atrás#2122210Nice loot again!
Glad you found the thing you wanted!

Thank you! Yep, I was really happy I found it before I gave up on looking. "XD

Raze6 anos atrás#2122731The seiyuu photo book is cool. Casual clothes, nice backgrounds and even signatures. :) Wow, both Daisukes, Sakurai and Suzumura! Yes, there is heaven on Earth, haha. Would there happen to be any Sakurai shots of him wearing glasses? I like that look of his.
I gotta check out Full House Kiss. I hope there's a translated version somewhere.

Yep, there's a photo of him there wearing glasses but its with the off scene page one. ^^
I actually don't know the others seiyuus as I only know relatively few seiyuus. "XDD
6 anos atrás
The seiyuu photo book is cool. Casual clothes, nice backgrounds and even signatures. :) Wow, both Daisukes, Sakurai and Suzumura! Yes, there is heaven on Earth, haha. Would there happen to be any Sakurai shots of him wearing glasses? I like that look of his.

I gotta check out Full House Kiss. I hope there's a translated version somewhere.
6 anos atrás