Doll Loot and Grail of GrailsDoll Loot and Grail of GrailsLoot

YorunoYoruno6 anos atrás
WARNING: Not intended for people who think dolls are creepy :p
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Today I received quite a big box, not the biggest one in my purchasing history but one of the most anticipated. I'm still working on my doll collection and some of the items I received will be real highlights!

Fashion dolls


The left one is Anju of Marmalade Boy, a 90s shoujo series. The thing is I hate her original design, but the doll is very off and I like this style and purple hair a lot! On the right is nurse Nanako, a comical character. She belongs to the era of geometric face designs and super-pleated dresses in anime... well, this version is wearing a not-so-pleated uniform.

Small dolls


Left: two little Sugar Sugar Rune witches. It was a challenge to get them, eBay only has the Korean re-edition. Chocola's hair has fallen on her face making a nice moustache! Right: I think you've guessed that's a Sailor Moon character. Actually it's Luna in her human form. In manga, she will transform into an adult, while in live action series she becomes a cute kid (more of Diana likeness). I almost threw her away by mistake, having not noticed her on the bottom of the parcel, but my daughter saved her (and my day)!

Big dolls


Yes, those catgirls on the left are really big, standing about 40cm tall. They come from Di Gi Charat and they jingle because both are wearing bells. I wonder why the customs weren't suspicious about this sound! The girl on the right is a great mystery for me. Neither me nor the owner know her origins, but I'm still inclined to think that still belongs to some series, as she has an original head mold.



Guys, I never thought I could be able to find and afford her. She's Chibineko of Wata no Kuni Hoshi, a touching story of a kitten who believes she's a human girl adopted by a family. All Chibineko dolls are extremely rare, while this one is aso extremely expensive, as she was limited to 500 pieces, and fragile, being made of porcelain. My proxy decided to take a risk and bid a slightly higher price that I initially offered - and so we won! It didn't even cost me an arm and a leg because the yen suddenly dropped that day. So, I'm more than happy!!! She's so big and beautiful! In my country, there's a children's book about a boy who was raised as a heir to the rulers of the country. He wasn't allowed to communicate with other children. Instead, he had a doll that resembled a real girl so much that it was hard to tell the difference between her and a living breathing child. When I look at this amazing Chibineko, I think of that doll.


A mutual astonishment: "Is this a cat, too?"
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
The Chibineko is precious!

P.S. Your cat is very cute :3
6 anos atrás
Wow these dolls are lovely! Especially the chibineko one, so cute!
Congrats on getting your grail :)
6 anos atrás
OH MY GOSH thank goodness you didn't throw Luna away!!! ;^;
6 anos atrás
aww your cat wants the doll
6 anos atrás
Leosach Born this way
Congrats Yoruno! is always a great feeling of mission acomplished when we put our hands in one grail! o/ you go girl!
6 anos atrás
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Congratulations on getting your grail! I love your doll collection and these dolls are just gorgeous. Your cat in the last picture is ridiculously cute as well
6 anos atrás
Thank you for all the congratulations and nice comments! I'm deeply moved by your attention (*´▽`*)
Regarding your questions, this loot cost me ¥83,000. As for taking more pictures, I promise to try, what stops me now is the lack of proper camera and skills.
6 anos atrás
Ooooh I really like ITEM #15223 She reminds me of multiple series I used to watch when I was younger. :) That reminds me that the series she is from is still on my "need-to-watch"-list. >.<

And cute cat you have! ^^
6 anos atrás
Stalking Loli hunter
That last one looks just SO good, Will you take any more pictures of her? I kind of really liked her.. I don't know if I could afford to spend a lot on porcelain dolls though, since they aren't really my thing, but this ones is really cute. love her hair and eyes.

Congrats again on the haul, I know how amazing getting a grail is, and just love to see others sharing the same feeling!
6 anos atrás
Great haul :D Nothing is creepy, so I don't get that. I love your di gi charat dolls that is a long time favourite series of mine :)
6 anos atrás