which nendoroid i should get.which nendoroid i should get.Misc

OoyodoxAbiOoyodoxAbi6 anos atrás
>-<Which nendo should i get
I want Any Kancolle Nendoroid how moe they are or Renge-chan or the love live girl.
(some in this poll are not even painted yet)
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which nendoroid should get.

5%Nendoroid Kongou
8%Nendoroid Kaga
14%Nendoroid Kousaka Honoka
1%Nendoroid I-401
19%Nendoroid Shimakaze
23%Nendoroid Wo-Class
1%Nendoroid Ryuujo
3%Nendoroid Amatsukaze
0%Nendoroid Hiei
3%Nendoroid Akagi
0%Nendoroid Kumano
4%Nendoroid Suzuya
18%Nendoroid Miyauchi Renge
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AviNyah The GuiltyCrown Fanatic
Ive preordered Nico and Honoka already. I definitely want to buy Maki and Kotori. I'm not too keen on the others but I worry for myself and my finances with the rest of them...
6 anos atrás
All of them.
6 anos atrás
Whatever you feel suit your needs and won't leave you bankrupt.
6 anos atrás
If you get one Kancolle, you'll probably want them all. That's about 8 or so on this list alone.

If you get one Love Live idol, you'll probably want them all. That's nine.

If you get Renge, you'll probably want the other Non Non Biyori girls... but they haven't said they're making the other three yet, so you might be safe.

Go with Renge.
6 anos atrás
Make a list of the ones you want the most, starting from greatest to least. From there, buy them in that order. It will make it so you wont regret it later if you buy something you wont like or can't display.
6 anos atrás
why not get the nendoroid petite set for kan-collection or love live! then you can have more caracters that way ?
6 anos atrás
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Make a list of their prices and availability, whether you'd be able to order them, buy them up second hand, Pre-Order them, hunt them down, or the ones that aren't even available yet. Then you'll have a guestimate of the difficulty it'll be to get whichever one, and you can decide how much work you want to put into getting whichever one.
6 anos atrás