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May/June/July/Eid Loot 2014http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n280/ASH-Hikari/MyFigureCollection/May-June-July%20Loot%202014/pixelh-1.gif
Hello MFC! Welcome to my first blog post! I love looking at other people's loot posts, but I've personally never really had a haul that was big enough to be post-worthy. Until today >:D If you want the story on why I saved 3 months of packages then click the spoiler, otherwise you can go ahead and skip down to the photos :3 (I also have a tendency to talk too much when I'm typing, so I apologize in advance for that.)

The StoryThe StoryFor those who don't know, Muslims observe a month called Ramadan, in which they fast from sunrise to sunset. At the end of that month, we have a celebration called Eid. There are two Eids in a year, but the one after Ramadan seems to be a bigger deal. It's basically our Christmas. Anyways, usually I order something as a gift to myself, but as I'm not doing great financially right now, I realized I couldn't afford to order more than I already had. So I decided to save every package that came after that point, and open them for Eid. And it was supposed to be just my AmiAmi orders from May and June (which was more than enough). But then my mom, who knows I love anime stuff more than anything, offered to order me some stuff off of Mandarake as her Eid gift to me. So in the end I had 6 boxes to open!

Anyways, let's get to it! I'll go in the order I opened them.
WARNING: Picture heavy and long post ahead! Sorry if the pics are too big or too small. I debated over what size I should make them for a long time. Hashtag perfectionist. I didn't want to upload them all to MFC; I'm reserving that for my photography attempts. Also please don't use these pictures as a measure of colour accuracy. It was in my room at night, with multi-coloured Christmas lights in the background (I was being festive :P)

Here's a shot of all the boxes stacked on top of each other! It was a really busy day, so I didn't have time to get to this until about 3AM. I was beyond exhausted, but I couldn't go to bed without opening at least one! :P





The first item is also my very first figma! Kanzaki Ranko from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls. To be honest I don't know her character, but I really loved her design.

ITEM #193726



I'm a bit disappointed that she didn't come out exactly like her prototype. Her neck is a bit too short, her expressions were changed a bit, and the little details aren't as impressive. But she's still lovely and I'm happy with her as my first figma.





Second in line, we have the Sailor Moon Petit Chara Land "Atarashii Nakama to Henshin yo!" trading figures.



I got an A-set, and was lucky enough to get Luna P as well. I didn't have any problems assembling them, and they're all in good shape except for a minor scuff on Neptune's chin. Very cute. I ordered the other two Petit Chara Land sets as well...I guess in the end I'll have an army of Sailor Moon petits. No clue what I'm going to do with them. But hey, it's Sailor Moon; you don't think, you just order.

ITEM #186027 | ITEM #186028

ITEM #186032 | ITEM #186031

ITEM #186030 | ITEM #186029

Thirdly is something I was really excited to get. Nendoroid Levi! He's actually my first male figure that's not a small/trading figure, so yay for that. Plus he was way too adorable to pass up!

ITEM #180481



Reading the forums beforehand, I was prepared for a headache putting him together. And that's what I got. Omg, I think it took at *least* half an hour to get him into this one pose. And I came out with some minor cuts and scratches on my hands...but it was worth it in the end. Only for you, heichou. (I will never attempt to change his pose XD Luckily I use my nendos more for display than for playing around...)




After that is just some smaller stuff I threw in with the order.

Tamako Market memo pad! I haven't watched the series yet, but I'm obsessed with all things KyoAni (and stationary stuff!), so this was a no-brainer for me.

ITEM #240414



Clannad pen! Clannad is my all-time favourite series, and besides the BDs/DVDs I have no merch of it, so for a few dollars I figured why not. Dango, dango, daikazoku♪~


And to finish off box number one (we're still on number one?!), some Madoka keychains and straps! They're a lot bigger than I expected 0_0 Too big to hang on a phone, I think. But I have the Madokami strap on my iPad :3

ITEM #206647 | ITEM #206646 | ITEM #206626 | ITEM #206632

Now let's move on!




Lately I'm really into petit figures, kuji items, and nostalgia merch...and Mandarake is a perfect place for all of that ;)

First up, a kuji trading figure of Yui from K-ON!

ITEM #131047

I don't care for her diorama much (Azusa's has a much nicer background), but for 200 yen I wasn't going to be picky! It took a few minutes to get together, and Yui has trouble sitting on the bench without the help of the stand (it came with one, but it doesn't look good as a display), but I figured she'd be cute to carry around with me when I'm out taking photos and make her sit in random places :P



Next up - some stuff I was really excited about - Cardcaptor Sakura ichiban kuji items! Clear files and notebooks and stickers! (I mentioned my love of stationary stuff right?) And mini towels. The re-emergence of CCS popularity makes me even happier than that of Sailor Moon, so to be getting all these brand new items...just can't resist it. Any of it. http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n280/ASH-Hikari/MyFigureCollection/May-June-July%20Loot%202014/tumblr_inline_mzx9194zX61r8msi5.gif




The clear file set is really beautiful. I did open all of these to check them out, but then put them back in the packaging. (None of these have been added to the database. I should learn how to do that.)
[EDIT] I added them to the database!

ITEM #240398 | ITEM #240404 | ITEM #240402 | ITEM #240383




Here we've got 4 of the K-ON Christmas Kyun-Charas (they didn't have Azusa). Though I don't celebrate Christmas, I love that time of year and all the stuff that goes with it.

ITEM #78400

ITEM #78402

ITEM #78403

ITEM #78398

At the time I ordered them I probably wasn't thinking straight. They're cute, but it's not something I'd have on display year-round, so where am I going to put them?! (Space is a big issue for me right now.) I find the Yui one really adorable, but the rest not as much, so I'm kind of wishing now that I only got Yui (though it's nice to have a set!). Maybe in the future I'll end up selling them, but for now here they are in all their merry-ness.





And a group shot without their hats! (And suddenly the X-Mas lights in the background fit in perfectly XD)


Continuing with K-ON, here's a nendo petit~


And it's Mugi-chan! She's my fave of the K-ON girls.

ITEM #42039

Some more petits, this time from Love Live! Ooh, who's it gonna be? (I'm just being lame now. I know who it is.)


It's Kotori-chan! At the time I opened these I hadn't watched a second of Love Live. But I fell in love with Kotori the first time I saw her! I just really like her character design; she's such a cutie.

ITEM #156437 | ITEM #151443

And this box ends with two more petits. Madoka desu!~


School Madoka and Ultimate Madoka! Getting the school Madoka really helped me confirm that the school Homura/Moemura I have is a bootleg. http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n280/ASH-Hikari/MyFigureCollection/May-June-July%20Loot%202014/tumblr_inline_mzx8wwBqAg1r8msi5.gif School Madoka has a slight paint-chip on her bangs, that you can see here. Luckily they're cheap.

ITEM #78290 | ITEM #94709

And here's petit Madokami posing with the rest of my Madokami collection. She's trying hard to be noticed but is hard to see among her much larger counterparts. Ganbatte petit Madokami.



My mom put the ribbon on the box :P Since she did pay for it. Thanks mom. We usually wrap stuff but I told her not to waste paper on this, since it wasn't really a surprise :P



A Sailor Moon cup! It's random, but cute. Pretty sure I threw this in to make the order hit 5000 yen, so there'd be no 500 yen handling fee :P



Super Sailor Moon swing...keychain...thing. This actually ended up being one of my favourite items overall. It's just so cuuute. http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n280/ASH-Hikari/MyFigureCollection/May-June-July%20Loot%202014/tumblr_inline_mzx930RsYe1r8msi5.gif I need to get another one, so I can actually use it on one of my bags.

ITEM #191078


Sailor Venus pencil board! My favourite senshi.

ITEM #239070

Madoka clear files! The Mami one is so pretty. (The other 2 aren't listed in the database.)

ITEM #182225

K-ON! clear poster set. A kuji item.


My favourite part is actually the postcard-sized sticker. I love the pops of pink.


And lastly, my second figma, Hiro from Hidamari Sketch! Another character who I don't know at all. But out of every single figma I've seen, I actually think she's the cutest one. Also, you can't go wrong with a price tag of 1200 yen!

ITEM #144332

I really love her. I've played around with her nonstop since I got her XD She also comes with an alternate face to make a different character, Nazuna. (Which is weird. But hey, she's cute too XD)




I only made one Sapporo order, but they sent it in two different boxes.



K-ON! sports towel~ (I think that's what it's called.) Another random item. It's hard when everything is so cheap XD



Some more Cardcaptor Sakura kuji items! I didn't realize there was more than what I got earlier so I was surprised and happy to see these. Didn't open them this time.

ITEM #240392 | ITEM #240403

And the main item, the A Prize from the K-ON 5th anniversary ichiban kuji!

ITEM #220712

I really fell in love with the picture (their outfits!! http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n280/ASH-Hikari/MyFigureCollection/May-June-July%20Loot%202014/tumblr_inline_mzx9194zX61r8msi5.gif) and I like how it comes framed. It was pretty pricey at 4000 yen, but, well, I really liked it :P And I have the perfect place for it. The frame is plastic and overall it's made with cheap materials (it's a prize item after all), but it still looks quite nice and the quality is good. Of course, OF COURSE, they're making figures out of this picture now...so I guess I'll have to pick those up too someday ;)



It's time for the final box. Of course, I saved the best for last! http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n280/ASH-Hikari/MyFigureCollection/May-June-July%20Loot%202014/tumblr_inline_mzx930RsYe1r8msi5.gif




It was torture having this box sitting around and not being able to open it. TORTURE. Especially if you've seen my dramatic story on item: ITEM #166616. ...but I'm happy now :)

First up is GSC's 1/8 Shimamura Uzuki from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls! Another character I do not know. But I fell in love with her cuteness and cheeriness and frillyness and pink-ness and GSC perfect quality-ness.

ITEM #166431


And I have no regrets. She is flawless from top to bottom and her cuteness is unmatched. I just hope I like her character when the anime comes out next year XD





http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n280/ASH-Hikari/MyFigureCollection/May-June-July%20Loot%202014/tumblr_inline_mzx8x6OEBn1r8msi5.gif I really hope you're seeing those frills. (All my scale figures have frills. And I didn't plan it that way.)


I know some people think her open-eye face looks derpy but I don't think so at all. I actually prefer it.



And finally, my pièce de résistance, my baby that I waited so many months to see in person, GSC's 1/8 Gekijouban Kaname Madoka. http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n280/ASH-Hikari/MyFigureCollection/May-June-July%20Loot%202014/tumblr_inline_mzx8the58J1r8msi5.gif (I know, I have problems.)

ITEM #166616


And yes, she's everything I'd hoped for :P



Yes, look at the frills. Don't look away.


I didn't have any problems with her bow and arrow, but the arrow would probably fall off easily if you were to say, bump into the shelf Madoka was on.





And here she is chilling with her doppleganger. I like how the styles are quite different.


AND THAT'S IT! Thank you to anyone who made it through this whole thing! (I don't know how long it actually is, but it certainly took 10 hours to make XD) You can see now why I decided to make this blog post. This is the largest merch haul I've ever had, and it will probably be a long time before such a thing ever happens again! I may make more loot posts in the future though, so I'm open to any suggestions you may have about my format~ Thanks for letting me share my experience with you all! http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n280/ASH-Hikari/MyFigureCollection/May-June-July%20Loot%202014/tumblr_inline_mzx930RsYe1r8msi5.gif


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Nice. I really like how you took the photos.
6 anos atrás
Hoooly moly that was a bunch!! Awesome!! My favorites are definitely the CCS kuji items and that awesome Madoka.. Thanks for sharing!
6 anos atrás
Pomelo6 anos atrás#2301731Eid mubarak! That's some great loot, especially the clear files! Makes me want to start collecting some too.
Thank you! I never really use the clear files for anything, but they sure are lovely to look at :3

PantheraMorag6 anos atrás#2301813Big loot, and hope you had a great Eid!
I like Kanzaki Ranko for the exact same reason you do, not played the game, don't know who she is, but really like the design. She's currently on my Figma wishlist.
Great photography! Really well done, loved looking through all the pics because of this. :)

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed looking :D

ponnie6 anos atrás#2301877To all those who like posting loot posts - this blog is the model loot blog. Nice mixture of interesting text and quality pictures!
It was a pleasure to read it, thanks for sharing!

Wow, I couldn't ask for a better compliment than that! I really appreciate it, especially considering the hours I spent on trying to make it good :P I thought maybe I was wasting my time, but now I feel like it was totally worth it. (And it was fun, anyways.)
6 anos atrás
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
To all those who like posting loot posts - this blog is the model loot blog. Nice mixture of interesting text and quality pictures!

It was a pleasure to read it, thanks for sharing!
6 anos atrás
Big loot, and hope you had a great Eid!

I like Kanzaki Ranko for the exact same reason you do, not played the game, don't know who she is, but really like the design. She's currently on my Figma wishlist.

Great photography! Really well done, loved looking through all the pics because of this. :)
6 anos atrás
Eid mubarak! That's some great loot, especially the clear files! Makes me want to start collecting some too.
6 anos atrás
ComplexCRUSH6 anos atrás#2301679Belated Eid Mubarak! Its nice to know that there are some active users here that observe Ramadan as well! ^.^ Congratulations on your loot! I've been eyeing that sailor moon swing, shes just precious!
Thank you, Eid Mubarak! I figured if I mentioned it, I'd find some other Muslims hanging around :D And the swing is definitely adorable, I want the other characters now!
6 anos atrás
ComplexCRUSH ☩Knight's of the Blood☩
Belated Eid Mubarak! Its nice to know that there are some active users here that observe Ramadan as well! ^.^ Congratulations on your loot! I've been eyeing that sailor moon swing, shes just precious!
6 anos atrás
Update: I added the Cardcaptor Sakura kuji items to the database, for anyone who was looking for them.
6 anos atrás
Thanks for all the comments everyone! It's probably unnecessary to reply to everyone, but when someone says something nice it's hard not to say thank you back... :P

AkibaMelon6 anos atrás#2300873 -snip-
Thank you! I used a Canon T2i with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. Yeah, the changes to Ranko were unfortunate! Her pouty face was my favourite in the prototype, but it's not as cute anymore. Still, I don't regret the purchase :)

Moro6 anos atrás#2300945So many frills and so much pink!
I know right :P That's why I went with a pink-y font. Hopefully I can make my next loot post less bubblegum-y (although personally, I never tire of pink or frills! :P)

Tiamat266 anos atrás#2301061I see you are in Canada as well I was trying to see which provice you were in but I could not see.
I'm in Ontario!

ZoroZoldyck6 anos atrás#2301208Wow quite a lovely loot! I loved everything :D
And it looks like you had quite a Eid! I also ordered 8 figures after Eid and I can't wait until they arrive!! :D
Really enjoyed reading your article

Thanks, and a belated Eid Mubarak! It really was an amazing Eid, loot-wise :P That's awesome you got yourself a gift as well; I hope you enjoy it! (Especially that Sakura Miku *_*)

Lady-Megatron6 anos atrás#2301223Thanks for sharing! Very interesting and funny to read XD.
Really, it was funny!? That makes me happy XD Thanks!

comVocaloid6 anos atrás#2301264Awesome stuff, seeing the pic of several stacked boxes got me excited. I love seeing a ton of phat lewt like that! Super jealous haha
I myself have a few unopened boxes with several figures - just waiting until I move out and get some shelf space to unbox in the next few months. So seeing your unpacking gets me all jumpy inside :D!

Ahh, the loot tower was such a beautiful thing~ It actually took me 3 nights to open it all XD Sounds exciting! Perhaps you'll make a loot post when the time comes? ;)

VioMariner6 anos atrás#2301350Amaaaazing loot haul! It must have been torture to not open that all but wow, what fun to have it all at once! Everything's very cute, much pink, yessss.
Yes yes and yesss! :P Thank you!

pacificrimming6 anos atrás#2301446i absolutely adore those cardcaptor stationary items. sooooo gorgeous!
They really are! And I actually just added them to the database :)

DarkNeo6 anos atrás#2301457Woah! What a fantastic haul!! <33 I especially love the Madoka Magica and Sailor Moon merch <3 (I m soo jealous of that Sailor Moon / Chibi Moon mug!) I actually got those Sailor Moon trading figures, though I ended up with version 2's ;D Aren't they just precious?
Thanks so much sharing your fantastic mega haul :D

Thank *you* so much! I have no clue what to do with the cup for now, but I really have a thing for Super Sailor Moon's outfit, I wanna buy everything I see like that XD Yes, they are adorable! I wouldn't have minded having a few winky faces thrown into the mix, but both sets are cute :)
6 anos atrás