Mini Proxy Loot: Tales of/ DmmdMini Proxy Loot: Tales of/ DmmdLoot

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Hello Hello!

So my Boy's Love fantasy is ever evolving. This year is like the year of Dramatical Murder and I am in love, IN LOVE!! I was doubtful this kind of fandom would get any attention >w<
Also within this loot I got nice fulfillment of my favorite game from the tales series!

I actually made a video I was so excited to record the moment. Check it out of you have the time or see the pictures I also took below


So first off we have the box this wonderful package. I shall note now that I bought all the merchandise from wonderful, wonderful MFC User BEANI! So total shout out to her for making this possible and her wonderful spouse!

~Hehe, look at the mess, figures, and college books! Exciting, yeah?

Here is the wonderful first thing I saw when opening the package. A nice light cushion to keep my preciousnesses safe ^w^


So the first thing I have that stuck right out was big Tokunaga! This cutie is from Tales of the Abyss, one of my favorite 3DS/PS2 games from the Tales series. And Luke (main protagonist) is my husbando *v*
Now I know Tokunaga is a bit creepy, but I grew to love Tokunaga! Tokunaga is partnered is a girl named Anise and she rides Tokunaga during combat. Tokunaga is pretty badass if you ask me!


Here is the back of Tokunaga! I actually overlooked the cute, cute tail! Ugh, so nice. And the quality of the plush is very wow! The retail price was $30-$35(before proxy fees and shipping)? I thought for that price, and the size, this was a great deal! :3


Tokunaga is like bear shaped, and I thought it was cute to put Gloomy Bear right next to Tokunaga. So cute!!! Mehh! *explodes*


So here comes in my Dramatical Murder fantasy, Noiz... OMG!
Marry me Noiz! TwT
This is Gift's Plush Strap of Noiz! He is much smaller than the regular Gift Plush. I was not fond of Gift's Plushes and man, they can get really expensive ._.
So I settled on the cute mini version. And now that I have it, I absolutely love it. No doubts! I am still unsure if I'd want the bigger version... But I can at least have a better sense of what it's like and I am loving the style. So everything worked out well with this!


So this is a close up of his cute butt. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
I know, shame on me... Where is a Daki when I need one... Cospa or someone make it happen >w<
He has the cutest little pockets as well!
If you take a look at his belt, you will also see a bead hanging off his belt which is a nice material and touch!


This plush is very detailed. I don't think they 'winged' any of the details at all! Super cute, my goodness! Look at that tie. Ugh, so profess right? x'D (Maybe we need a business out fit version, yeah?) One other thing to point out are his snake bites, very realistic! I am still blown by the use of materials TBH.
One last thing to note is to the left you can see a close up of his furry hat! So fluffy! So warm! Umm, Noiz, Boyfriend? Let me wear your hat and KISS ME!


More close ups! Sorry if you're sick of them but I mean, that hat!! I love his little hat! Dx


Next we have Koujaku... Please be my barber and take me into a hot tub? >3<
He is about the equivalent to my Noiz. Ugh, it's really to put one above the other! CAN I HAVE BOTH, YES?
Anyways, Also here is the Aoba clearfile Beani provided me. Thank you again (if you read this Beani).
Aoba is actually my favorite guy from DMMd. Anyways....


Here is his cute booty. I would have undressed him a little for you guys... >///< But I left him in the wrapping. I wanted to leave him mint for... a long time anyways. The material that they used for the little bow on his back is really nice!


I know, I know. Those beads! Holy crap! Well thought out! And his cute little nub hand, Eeep!


Here I noticed his tattoos peering out! I will have to decloth him someday to see all of his tattoos. Might be soon, I can't resist him xF
You can also see his collar here as well!


So that's my loot! Sorry for my thirsty-ness... Did I tell you I love DMMd? LOL! This is all the stuff together! I still can't believe I have it! +O+!


One last pic! This is the beginning of my Boy's Love shelf + Sexy men... ^w^!! Soon Aoba nendoroid(s) will be there, Aoba Plush Strap and Akira (TnC/Koto-1/8) will also accompany my plushes next week! Hype! Hype! Hype! AND the holy grail in December MF's Aoba Scale!


Thanks for reading!!

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Aah the straps look really nice- they seem to be just as detailed as the full sized plushies. I'm looking forward to getting my order from beani!
5 anos atrás
DMMD! <3
5 anos atrás
Beani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
It's so wonderful you are so happy with everything :D

For the record I actually find the little Plush Straps to be at least 40% cuter than the full size versions so going with them was totally the right choice. I almost wanted a Koujaku for myself.
5 anos atrás
Milkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
I love plush loot posts, somehow they fill me with such joy!
5 anos atrás
Dbonn125 anos atrás#2362475I just checked! You can lift his bangs and he even has his little tattoo by his eye. As for the clothing, I am not sure. I haven't removed the plastic xD!!
I assume you can though. >w<

Awesome! They really DO pay attention to alll the details :D DMMD is really killing my wallet recently >.< and all the plushes haven't made their way into my collection yet but the Clear plush is always tempting me since Clear is my favorite.
5 anos atrás
Look at the cuties! <3 I'm a HUGE DMMd fan as well.^w^ Can't wait to receive my package from beani, I ordered an Aoba plush. owo
5 anos atrás
I like everything you got here 8D
5 anos atrás
Nice. Love plushies
5 anos atrás
The dmmd plushies <333
5 anos atrás
Tokunaga is beyond cute! Currently he's the only plush I have displayed in my room. Also, I'm a bit jealous of your Dramatical Murder straps! They're equally as cute as the full-size plush versions.
5 anos atrás