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Note: Updated shots at the bottom***

***Also note that this review has a lot of pictures, so those wary of bandwidth or their system slowing down be wary of this.

Hello everyone!!!
Right now I'm going to be reviewing the freshly released One Piece Portrait Of Pirates [P.O.P.] figure: "Nami" in her Time Skip appearance. This is how she now looks after the two year time skip that has taken place in the main story, after the legendary battle of Marine Ford. Luffy inadvertently told his crew to meet back together not in 3 days, but in 2 years (after they were all sent flying to their respective islands by Bartholomew Kuma). He does this buy purposefully returning to Marineford after the great war and ringing the "Ox Bell" whilst mourning Ace and Whitebeard's passing at their graves while accompanied by the Dark King "Silvers Rayleigh" and the "Sea Knight" fishman and former Shichibukai Jinbei. In doing this he garnered mass attention to himself. This attention included photographs of him in mourning appearing in newspapers everywhere, and in the headline picture he has a tattoo in plain view that reads "3D2Y" with the "3D" crossed out. This message was meant for the rest of his crew. It was stating that they should meet back in the place they agreed (Sabaody Archipelago) in 2 years and not 3 days as originally planned, with the message sent, Luffy went with Rayleigh to commence his training to strengthen himself for the New World while the rest of his crew did the same.

Enter Nami. She is the navigator of the Mugiwara (Strawhat) Pirates, and has an acute sense of weather. These are skills that prove invaluable in the Grand Line, since the climate is sporadic and ever changing. Her ability allows for a sort of precognition to natural weather and climate events that could prove harmful to the ship and or crew. She wears a "log pose" around her left wrist, this "log pose" functions something like a compass, in that it focuses on the magnetic signature of an island and guides the wearer to said island. Once the user reaches an island there is a certain time period required for the magnetic signature to be "set" and recorded into the log pose before it can lock onto another island. Locking onto different island's signatures in a consecutive fashion is how one navigates the Grand Line. There are also items called "eternal" log poses that are permanently fixated on a specific islands magnetic signature. So in case one would want to visit a set island or area multiple times, then they would purchase an eternal log pose for their given destination. This is an invaluable tool in navigation and is used by all who venture out onto the sea. Pirates, Marines, civilians, you name it, they use it.

Example of a log pose:

Example of an eternal pose & an Eternal Pose as explained in the Manga:
Eternal Pose:
- The eternal pose will also have the name of the destination imprinted on it's designated holder.



Of course our wonderful young Navigator has one and wears it on her left wrist, along with a bracelet.

Let's move on to the figure itself though, I'll go over the box and sculpt along with paint, detail and my personal thoughts on her. So here we go!

I must say upon her conception I was extremely excited for this figure. She looks phenomenal. She looked wonderful from prototype images and pretty much stayed true to prototype images upon production. She was one of the most anticipated figures for me and I was not dissapointed upon reception. She cost 4,500 yen under preorder from Ami Ami along with an additional 1,850 yen to ship via EMS. If you're looking to get her now prices are incredibly inflated running at around 10-12000 yen even though she was on preorder for 4500-4800 yen. If anything your best best is to go to an obscure shop or wait for a re-release. She arrived promptly in about a week. The box had some dust on it but other than that was in perfect shape. A really really nice touch.

The Box 10/10

(Nami in her shipment box)

The box for this is wonderful. From vibrant large graphics of the figure displayed prominently on the sides and back to the nice window display in front, on the sides and on top. This is a nice touch for Mint in Box (MIB) collectors that would prefer to keep the figure sealed in box for display as you can still see her full from in the box, and since the top and sides also have windows this allows for ample light to shine through and illuminate the figure in box.

(Don't mind Woody). Here you can see how ample light still reaches the figure even inside the box. The large window on front reinforced by the windows on the sides and top really allow for sufficient light to enter.

(Front profile view, I like the colour scheme on the box as well, really fits with Nami's colours. It's bright colourful and vibrant, very nice stuff.)

(Right profile view of the box), here you can see a prominent graphic of downward left side view of her, complete with another sepia image of the right side of her face in the background)

On the back we have various shots of the figure. A full body shot of her, a frontal shot of her, (starting from her midriff) along with two sepia images in the background. The first has an upwards view of her from the left side, and the second contains a shot of her from the back towards the right. Various other items are placed throughout the background; a log pose, ships steering wheel, rope and gold coins are present as well.

(The left profile view of the box features a nice prominent shot of her from halfway up, as well as a sepia shot of her midriff in the background. The box art is wonderful). This side also features the 3rd window allowing light into the box, and a side view of the figure.

The top of the box features the 4th window, allowing for maximum light to permeate the box.

The box bottom is plain featuring the P.O.P. logo and Nami's name.

Another wonderful touch I found was the small size of the box itself. Upon her inception I was worried that the figure would come in a large oversized box that took up too much space, but to my pleasant surprise the box is in a slim rectangle shape and does not take up too much space at all, it is an ideal size. I actually wish all subsequent P.O.P. boxes would come as sleek and slender and form fitted as this one, but that remains to be seen. The box itself is also very light so shipping shouldn't be that rough at all. As you can see EMS ran me 1,850 yen, roughly $24.

The Packaging 10/10

As you can see there is not much to the packaging as there are zero accessories included with this figure. Therefore the packaging is as straightforward as possible. The figure comes in a plastic shell separated into two halves. The inner shell features small sheets of plastic wrapped on the torso, legs, and head of the figure to ensure minimal damage to the paint. The base is situated behind the figure and does not come with it's own wrap or anything. The shell is hollowed out to fit the shape of the figure, everything is as clear as possible to allow for maximum view of the figure. The orange base blends in with the box interior which is also orange so it allows for their to be seemingly no base within the box unless you look very closely. All in all, it's tight, compact, sleek and to the the point; just the way I like it.



From these shots you can see she is encased pretty snugly.

The Base10/10

The base is your standard Portrait of Pirates base: it's about 3 cm thick, features the Logo "Portrait of Pirates" and the Name/Theme (in this case Nami "Sailing Again".) It has a nice graphic with a ships steering wheel behind the name. Again since it's pretty much standard and to the point you can't really criticize it or anything seeing as how the entire line has bases like this. I like it, it's compact and gets the job done.

I held the base up to a bright light so that you can see the graphics printed into it.

This is how the base looks standard.


Nami and Robin can stand free base perfectly fine. Nami especially is very solid on her feet, this is a plus if you don't want her to take up extra space with her base. Here you can see the similarities between the bases and the characters themselves, note that the bases will be specific to the character in terms of colour and what is printed on it.

Just a picture showing the similarity of the bases. The pegs in the older bases are an opaque white while the new Sailing Again bases seems to have clear pegs for the feet.

The Sculpt 10/10

The sculpt on Nami is wonderful. Very appealing to males for obvious reasons. Let's look at her sculpt from the bottom up, starting with her shoes and her feet. Her feet are sculpted nicely. They are not as large as in the original artwork that Oda presented, but they are still somewhat long. Her heeled sandals are sculpted very nicely, very alluring.


Moving on to her legs, they are encased in a pair of tight fitting, low riding blue jeans. I personally love this look as it really shows off her sexy figure without even showing it off (if you get what I mean :P). What I mean to say is that without showing any skin on her legs she still shows off her sexy figure with these tight, form-fitting jeans which is great. Something leads me to think they are either tight skinny jeans or a form of jeggings. Case in point, it looks great, again very appealing to the eyes, along with realistic creases near her ankles, knees, crotch, and butt.


Moving upwards, you can also see her trademark "buttons" included right alongside her upper right and left thigh respectively. Her right hand is sculpted to rest on her right thigh, while her left hand is situated on her hip.




Moving on to her waist, you can see that these are really LOW RIDING jeans, from the front to the back these scream "risque". Now while I as a male enjoy this, females may not like it as much, but it is what it is. The jeans ride low in the front almost starting to show the top of her navel, but not quite. The back however prominently features her butt, which is half encased in jeans with the top part beginning to become visible. Again this is another provocative feature of the figure. Her back is arched in a way that makes her breasts and butt stick out, becuase our sexy little navigator likes to show off her well toned body. Personally I think if you looked like her, you would too. Hell I know I would if I was a girl ;).






Moving right along to her midriff we can see a nice sculpt there with her bellybutton and abdomen area shaped very nicely. She's not overtly muscular or anything, but you can see that she is toned and in shape.


Moving upward we come to her major pair of assets in her breasts. First off, yeah they are huge, some like it, and some don't. You have to realize Nami was already busty BEFORE the timeskip, so her bra size could have only gone up with age. Her bikini top seems to be a little too small for her though since there is prominent "underboob" showing (which I have heard is apparently very uncomfortable), however it's what Nami has chosen to wear so who's going to stop her really. The breasts are overall sculpted very nicely for what it's worth: round, perky and symmetrical. Her bikini top is also sculpted nicely with the string realistically tying in the back. Her arms are sculpted nicely as well, long and slender with appropriate contours and grooves where necessary.










Moving towards her face... her face is wonderful. Nami is very pretty and beautiful and it really shows in this figure. She doesn't look as childish as her Neo version which I deem appropriate since she is supposed to have aged two years. She really seems to be coming into a more mature feminine beauty. Her smile is neutral, and her eyes are still large and brown but with a more mature air. Her face is not as round as her pre timeskip versions, but it still retains a slight roundness in the cheeks. Her tattoo on her left arm is sculpted nicely, accurately shaped and sized. Her hair it is sculpted in a manner to seem as if it was blowing in the wind. I do appreciate the effects, however as her bangs retain the small curls and waves that she had before the timeskip. In addition her hair has now grown to almost her waist, so she has a lot of flowing happening in the back. The hair was also sculpted to go translucent towards the tips and while some may not like this touch, I however find it a nice little addition.




The Pose 7/10

If this figure is going to lose points anywhere it's going to be in two areas, one for lack of accessories (no climatact) and the other would be her pose. Her pose is very... static and unnatural. Boring and unimaginative. She also seems to be forcing the pose that she is currently in. The unnatural way her back arches and the way her chest and butt are pushed out make the pose seem very artificial. Now I understand she is posed this way to showcase her sexual merits, but I wouldn't have minded a more natural pose for her. Don't get me wrong though I am fine with this pose the way it is, but I can fully understand and see where others are coming from when they point out dislike in the pose. It's not a deal breaker for me, but it's something that is there to point out. Again I don't think this matters to males much, but that's just my own point of view. Hopefully on the next release she is seen in a more natural pose whilst holding her climatact... something like her Colosseum version, but without the straight face.

Sailing Again Ver:



Banpresto Colosseum Ver:
(Always a fan of her Skypiea outfit, simply the best):




Let's bring some life and mischief back into Nami, becuase she is mischievous by nature. I want more coy tongue sticking out, winking and smiling from Nami.

The Paint 10/10

The paint-job on Nami is fantastic, literally zero flaws. In fact the only painting flaw I found on her was a small white mark on her inner right thigh, barely a millimeter stroke in size. Other than that I dare say her paint-job is near perfect. Her sandals are painted wonderfully, a nice vibrant orange. Her finger and toe nails are painted in a glossy pink, reminiscent of nail-polish, a very nice small subtle touch that could have been avoided but wasn't. Her tight fitting skinny jeans look almost painted on to her legs. Her bikini top is very well done too, no paint splotches or errors to be found. The white stripes and circles patterning on her bikini as well as the strings are painted properly all the way through into the back as well. Her eyes are wonderful, deep brown with some slight lighter brown in the iris' towards the right and left. Her hair is painted a vivid orange, really nicely done, with some lighter orange highlights towards the top of her scalp, flowing into a strong orange around the mid section and then finally ending off in a translucent orange/white finish near the end. Her lips are also painted with a pale pinkish soft white gloss that sort of gives off a semi-small luster in direct light.



Most noticeably her skin is a pale white, very nicely done. Her skin is like ivory cream, very soft, smooth and pure. No ripples or errors in the skin paint-job either, I really like her skin a lot. It's nice to look at. Her tattoo is very nicely done as well. She doesn't have an extravagant tattoo but the necessary details are there including the orange/windmill hybrid. Her buttons are painted on correctly and placed in the appropriate areas. One of the most beautiful things I noticed about her is on her left wrist, her golden bracelet that she wears can actually move up and down her forearm a bit, it's painted in a dull gold/bronze and looks realistic. Her log pose is perhaps one of her most beautiful yet important subtle paint features in that the log pose is opaque and translucent at the same time. It gives off a dull green luster which makes it hard to verify if Megahouse went to the extent of painting in a Needle inside the translucent ball (Like Banpresto went to the extent of including the needle inside the log pose of the Super DX Ace), other than that flaw in the pose itself (not being clear enough to see inside) it is very nicely made. Her wooden bracelet that houses the log pose is also painted in very realistically, all in all completing the subtle touch of the pose itself. Very spectacular paint-job on Nami, almost flawless I must say.



Final Thoughts
All in all this Nami is very nicely done, the things that work against her in the forms of lack of accessories and a strained unnatural pose don't deter too much from the appeal of the figure itself.(Which is what I think Megahouse was getting at). Although I do believe they were a bit cocky to release Nami based on sexual appeal and merit alone. (It's a well known fact female figures do sell better though anyway). I do agree with other collectors when they say that this Nami should have come with a climatact and the pose should have been more natural, that I can whole-heartedly agree with since these are beneficial changes I would have liked to see in the figure myself. However I do not think that this detracts from the figures value or phenotypical appeal too much. On the contrary, with less to fret about... we are sort of inadvertently forced to focus on Nami's natural merits in that she is a young slender and sexy woman just freshly coming into adulthood at the age of 20. She has a wonderful mature yet sexy allure about her and it really shines in this figure. Although she doesn't look fully matured she looks more mature than before. I think to emphasize the point that she's "grown" physically, her art saw an up-size in her breast size. And while some like it and some hate it, it is what her design currently is and should be noted as such. She is obviously going to have a bigger chest than her previous selves, that was inevitable to see.

I still deem P.O.P. Neo Skypiea Nami as the best for a few reasons. She has her climatact, her face and art style are true to Oda's art AND I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE the Skypiea outfit! A fellow friend and collector named Balcksm1th, posted a picture comparing the various P.O.P. Nami's released to date (minus the bikini ver.).

Here the major comparison (at least for me) falls between Sailing Again Nami and her Neo Skypiea version. While I must say I do really cherish the SA Nami, the Neo Nami is ultimately something I hope to acquire in the near future, as I truly think she is the best P.O.P. representation of Nami to date.

Blacksm1th's photo:

Regardless I'd give this figure a solid 8/10. She loses a point for boring, static unnatural pose, and another point for lack of any accessories in her climatact. Other than that this figure is superb and I highly recommend you get her. She stands at about 23cm tall with base and 22cm without it.
Hope you liked my review on this wonderful piece and stay tuned for some more coming down the pipeline in the very near future!

Extra Shots

View spoilerHide spoiler"Mugiwara's Angels"















"Woody's delight"






Figuarts Zero/P.O.P. Comparison










"Nami Incarnate"








Extra Shots, ***UPDATED***



















































-Beautiful paint-job
-Accurate inclusion of all minor details
-This figure LOOKS like Nami, and she is beautiful

-Unnatural, static, boring, forced pose
-Lack of accessories in her most important item apart from her log pose, the "climatact"

And there's my review! Hope you enjoyed it!
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I know this review is almost 9 years old, but great job. I'm currently considering buying her, since I really like this particular design of Nami and the figure's surprisingly cheap, almost the original price, so your review did help me. :-)
5 meses atrás
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Updated with beach photos!
9 anos atrás
Raithos Stagnant
I'm adding updated pictures, that will really make her shine.
9 anos atrás
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tetsumakiThis was a hilarious review, and that Woody...and standing on top of Boa xDDD

This makes me want to open and take my Nami out.

XD, lol! Thank you! Woody is definitely a gem, he can pretty much make anything funny :P
I want to update this review with the better pics I have on hand since these were taken with an inferior camera...

Oh yes do it! She's lovely! I actually take mine out from time to time to display her. I just wish she had a climatactttt, but that's what the Neo Nami is for, if I could just find the damn thing >.<
9 anos atrás
This was a hilarious review, and that Woody...and standing on top of Boa xDDD

This makes me want to open and take my Nami out.
9 anos atrás
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syunriiNami's pose doesn't really seem all that unnatural and forced to me. Girls takes pictures in a pose like that all the time, and a lot of us already have a bit of a natural curve back there, so just sticking your butt out a bit more would give you Nami's pose. That being said, it probably helps that she's in heels. Doing it flat foot is harder.

Her lack of accessories is a bit of a letdown, but Nami never really had anything anyway, besides the Climatact..which would be very hard to incorporate into this pose, I think.
Great review, I really enjoyed it :') Super exicted for future SA POPs!! (Robin omg can't wait)

Hmm, I tried to cover all the pros and cons I could think of and had been made aware of by others. Still I definitely see what you mean, thanks for your input, and thank you! ^^
9 anos atrás
Nami's pose doesn't really seem all that unnatural and forced to me. Girls takes pictures in a pose like that all the time, and a lot of us already have a bit of a natural curve back there, so just sticking your butt out a bit more would give you Nami's pose. That being said, it probably helps that she's in heels. Doing it flat foot is harder.

Her lack of accessories is a bit of a letdown, but Nami never really had anything anyway, besides the Climatact..which would be very hard to incorporate into this pose, I think.
Great review, I really enjoyed it :') Super exicted for future SA POPs!! (Robin omg can't wait)
9 anos atrás
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levithianVery nice review!
It is very informing and done in professional way.
and of course it shows how much love you have for Nami ;)

I always like your pics especially the Woody-less :P

Thank you very much Levi ^^
I really try to be as detailed as possible, just need a better camera and to figure out how to make the photos a smaller size so I can fit a bunch together in a row, lol.
Oh yes you KNEW Woody was going to appear! lol!
9 anos atrás
Very nice review!
It is very informing and done in professional way.
and of course it shows how much love you have for Nami ;)

I always like your pics especially the Woody-less :P
9 anos atrás
Raithos Stagnant

I have never laughed so hard. That Woody is the greatest figure of all time. You're so bad, Rathios XDDDD

Nice review :3

Omg there's so many more shots I want to do lol Woody is extremely photogenic I love him to bits XD

Thanks a lot :D
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