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\(o´罒`o) Yoo! (o´罒`o)/

This is my first post to the site and, while I don't regularly extend myself too much with what I receive, this time I got something special and so really felt like sharing.
Hope I don't end up boring you to death and... dundundun let's carry on!


As it is exam period right now, I got to come home from uni and was received with a few orders I placed in December.
Considering I always use SAL UNREG it was a small relieve to see these arrived safe and sound with no major setback.

I also had a very special treat...............



sdvnfjzlkfvd ;h; ! Such an amazing surprise. More than the gifts themselves, was touched to see he put so much thought behind everything he got me. Truly the sweetest of buns ~
The package arrived in the beginning of December, however it was retained at Customs for well over a month (+ those damn high taxes). Still, very much worth the wait.

First up is AKARIIIIN, HAAAAI ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧


Waah, such a cutie, coming full geared with her two ultimate signature moves: bun bazooka and traumatized for life, yey!


No baby, don't, please stay away from the big coconut headed man.

Thought honestly, I got my first nendoroid a long time ago and really changed opinions on them.
L has a huge, baseball like head that constantly compels me to throw it against a wall (always resist the urge!). He also wasn't much fun to play.... on the other hand, while being smaller, Akari is ultra cute and very poseable in comparison. I spent most of the afternoon playing with her, wasting precious sunlight time and altogether wishing I had more bodies to put her on.
Just kinda sucked I had to apply a lot of pressure to get some of the "connection" to pop in, namely the transparent piece that connects her to the base.


You saying I'm not the protagonist? Teehee, think again!


Next comes Tony Tony Chopper, my current big - successful - obsession. Unlike all my previous 2D spouses, which were simply impossible to buy anything of (besides doujin), Chopper is a ray of sunshine, hope and bankru-- merchandise.
Started watching One Piece this Xmas at request of my bf ( since the last anime we watched, WataMote, was picked by me). I was weary to comply seeing as there are well over 600 episodes but he reaaaally wanted me to and I already knew Chopper for his interesting design and back-story, thus just gave in... Nearly passing episode 200 now!

He is very light and bigger than what I expected. While that sad face of his pulls my heartstrings every time I look at him, very grateful for this little piece of depression heaven.


No matter how many times you cry, I'll always cry with you too.


Sad bby in a sad bby base, fitting.


The more common pose, showing the nakama mark from Alabasta Arc.


Next up are Threesome and GAGAGA from Fujino Akitsugu.
Woah, these... They were the very last pieces remaining to finish the Inugata part of my Gunji doujin collection, which I put off for years due to economic issues. Thus he decided to adventure in Mandarake and voilá ~ Small achievement completed :>

Lets go now to my own gets


What does this adorable carton bring? It's Nano from Nichijou! Saw the show a little while after Yuru Yuri and it was a blast! Had already seen part in the past but never the whole episodes. They were quite amusing and the OST was addicting as well.


She is medium sized: not the biggest for a trading figure but still chunky and noticeable. The quality is much nicer than expected and she's very sweet looking, with some nice pastel-y colours going on. Having the full set is now a definite must.
Not pictured are her mech key in the back and her flying back skirt part with revealing panties.


Making a dramatic entry, Sheryl Nome. While I never saw Macross Frontier and don't really kind eeh care for the show nor her, after eyeing this baby immediately purchased her on spot.
While obviously not as majestic and towering as the Max Factory version , hot damn she's awesome!
Never expected her to turn out this fab looking, especially at the price tag of a little less than 10 euros.
Her hair is huge and lush, flying everywhere along with her cape thingy. The face has a captivating expression with no wonky placement going on, while the outfit has a nice glossy shine to it. No scratches detected as far as I can see.
The only thing to take into account is that the way her pegs and hair are placed, she does jiggle a bit on base ;h;


Those mangled fingers though, wickes


Not pictured, cute rabbit bootie bun.

Sucks that I'm not good with a camera and couldn't convey how truly big her big arse hair is.


Starry Sky posters. Although I did purchase them with the intention of decorating my apartment back at uni, yeaaaaah... Not gonna do it :<
Their paper is a bit on the thin side, nothing troublesome nor anything BUT, unlike the clear posters I have there, I'd be afraid of ripping them apart when time comes to move out.


Some random purchases to take to the apartment. Main goals: cheap stuff I won't mind placing around and having my flatmates drop and possibly break. Phat Company Shinsengumi trading figure, Banpresto flying Levi and a Little Busters' Noumi I forgot to snap a picture of. Small bonus for self: micro Natsuki charm for keychain.


Well, thanks for sticking around! Hope that wasn't -too- bad, eeh.

Alas, we now bitterly say goodbye, as me and Akari begin the dreaded wait until 2nd February. That is the chosen day to ravel in candy, as I promised my boyfriend we wouldn't eat a single piece until he could come over to share everything.

Akariiiiiiiiiiiin, forgive me 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。
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I've always wanted to do one of these but I was too shy haha I think after reading your adorable loot post I will try :D
4 anos atrás
pervert_BF5 anos atrás#2631412Best loot post ever //kissu

Lool mo, fu ٩(*❛⊰❛)~ Thanks.
5 anos atrás
Best loot post ever //kissu
5 anos atrás
Rychi5 anos atrás#2625549Great loot!legalebastardo5 anos atrás#2625467So many cute things! Awesome loot :)

Thanks for reading! Here's to a year full of more cuties :>
5 anos atrás
Great loot!
5 anos atrás
So many cute things! Awesome loot :)
5 anos atrás