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...with HTML5 and a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera).

1. Go to the upload page.

2. Click on the HTML5 β link or add &beta=1 to the page URL.


3. Click on Choose File or equivalent.


4. Select your files (press control to select multiple files, press shift to select a range of files).


5. If the selected files match your limitations (5 pictures for RGBs and 10 pictures for VIBs and supporters) a green counter appears and you can click on Upload after having selected the right category. Also make sure the total size of your files is lower than 20MB.


Else, a red counter appears. Try again from step 4. by selecting the correct number of files.

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Your fav. browser?

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don know why i cant upload the pictures ... its like taking an hour to upload just one picture== "
8 anos atrás
I haven't uploaded any pictures yet, so I'll find this very useful for when I upload my first pictures, thank you ^-^!
8 anos atrás
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
Firefox is love.
8 anos atrás
Just tried it out and I love it. Thanks, kuma!
8 anos atrás
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Saw this while uploading a photo last night, but missed this blog entry, so I was wondering what it was. Looks really neat! I'll have to try it out sometime.
8 anos atrás
Thank you!
8 anos atrás
I've been using Opera for a very long time but had to uninstall it because of some system errors (not sure if Opera was to blame) but using IE after so user-friendly Opera was annoying so I installed Chrome just to have a nice browser. And I still use Chrome after I reinstalled Windows.
8 anos atrás
Strife212 Original Blue
8 anos atrás
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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