Amiami posting sold out items?Amiami posting sold out items?Ask MFC

angardiaangardia5 anos atrás
as the title said.

does anyone also noticed?
amiami update preowned section at around 8 am my time.
so from 7:30 to 9 am i refresh.

and mostly i see the update of the section live.
from page 1 to 5 i see many items are added and auto status "sold out"

i have this feeling no one bought them, they were posted in sold out state.

or maybe im wrong?
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amy616 Let's DANCE
Same with me!
A lot, and I mean A LOT of the preowned items are marked sold out
Amiami just never seems to get rid of them after they're sold,
Its frustrating because I click on it all happy and see "sold out".... Urgh
5 anos atrás
i dont like trolling.
my blog did answer me, my friend and many more people who actually noticed this.
so all the trolls who for some reason have nothing better to do than mention that i did stop ordering , waste your power on helping people than just keep trying to offend\insult
5 anos atrás
Steven5 anos atrás#2655160I was gonna make a similar post like yours. Now a day Amiami pre-owned section looks worst than before. Used to when an item sold, it took it out automatically.

i also agree.
my friend asked me to post.
because she was kinda scared everything was sold out like uber fast!
5 anos atrás
I was gonna make a similar post like yours. Now a day Amiami pre-owned section looks worst than before. Used to when an item sold, it took it out automatically.
5 anos atrás
the pre-owned sold out items are as is--sold out. the prices are not always accurate though. they were recently available but sold--you were late to the punch. seems like these are the ones that sell very quickly.

this doesn't happen w/ all items. some items, when sold out, just disappear forever until another one becomes available for sale again. i believe it happens w/ the ones (for whatever reason) amiami keeps an archived page published for. but here is what happens in some cases which is what you are seeing:

amiami posts a newly available pre-owned item (sometimes the add to cart button will be replaced by an available shortly).

once it becomes available and is purchased by someone and sold-out it will show as 0 JPY on the thumbnail page/index, and the individual item page will be removed.
eventually the item will no longer show up in the thumbnail page/index.

at a later time (usually hours later) the item will reappear in the pre-owned thumbnail page/index as sold-out, and the individual item page will be republished as well--sometimes the posted price will not be what the recent pre-owned item sold for, but i believe what it originally sold for upon initial release when it was brand new.

eventually the pre-owned tag will be removed from the item and it will no longer show up in the pre-owned section.
5 anos atrás
Yeah that's generally how it has always been.

Just keep refreshing and eventually it will go up.
5 anos atrás
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
Oof yeah I see that too really often and it's just so annoying LOOOOL. At first I'd be clicking on really awkward figures saying "nobody would buy that right away.. it's not even rare.." AND SOLD OUT. Everything is sold out sold out sold out. So yep, I just think they're just setting up their preowned section before they actually let us buy the stuff ^^ It gets really random, but I figured out to just refresh on their page and luckily enough I snagged my Asuna nendoroid for 2.6k that way.
5 anos atrás
Don't worry, you're not crazy (yet)! I've noticed this, too.

It makes me grumpy sometimes because I'll see figures that I really want, only to see that little "sold out" under the title. Bah. For example, I see it happen with Ultimate Madoka ITEM #98665 a lot.
5 anos atrás
quileh5 anos atrás#2654703If I'm not mistaken, sometimes they add a whole bunch of items up before they open and then shortly before or after their official opening time they put all the preowns in stock so people can purchase them.
I've started going into the section 15-20 mins early, scoping out what I want to order, and then refreshing the pages to see if I can snag them. The employees must have a different way of doing it though because it isn't consistent.

12 pm japan is 5 am my time. but only around 8-9 i see this sold out items appear
5 anos atrás
sarunamirabu5 anos atrás#2654702I've been seeing this happen quite often lately too and I think it is exactly what you are thinking :'/ I keep wondering if it is a glitch in their system or something. There was one time that they were off for the day even, and their preowned section updated with a ton of items that were all sold out. (It might have started happening after that day I think...)

it started like 2 months ago or so.
they didnt do such thing before.
full lists of preowned sold out items O.O
i thought im crazy
5 anos atrás
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