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Thanks again for all the constructive feedback on my reviews so far! To see my past reviews; click here: profiles.php?us...

For my next review I will do something a little different, a non-anime figure review. This will be a Transformers review; a few of which I've already done (AM-34 Jet Vehicon General, AM-14 Car Type Vehicon and AM-19 Gaia Unicron). However, those were from Arms Micron...this is from a different Transformers series: Legends.

I've always been a huge fan of Transformers, ever since Generation 1 (started collecting in Beast Wars, however); and while a lot of them come out in the US, some are Japanese exclusives. Fortunately some of these Japanese exclusives are featured on this site, and therefore subject to review. There are a lot of Japanese exclusive Transformers that aren't listed here as well yet; but this one was.

It should be noted that this figure's mold isn't exclusive to Japan; but this version is. As I have both versions; I will be doing a comparison as well to the US version.

And so from the Japanese version of the US "Transformers: Generations" series, this is "Legends" LG-12 Windblade:

(As with all my reviews, each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display).

In package:


There's a few things to go over first of all with this figure. As stated in the just posted LG-11 Chromia review, in the US there were 3 recently released Autobot girls in the Generations line; all 3 deluxe-sized and at nearly the same time...Windblade; the first of them, and later Arcee and Chromia together. Well, in Japan, they got a later release.

Released together as part of a Valentine's Day promotion in Japan (Feb. 14th), all 3 of the Autobot girls were released at the same time! Unfortunately for me, Arcee sold out right away (although I didn't have much interest in that particular version of her anyway).

That being said, Chromia, Arcee and Windblade all share the same style of packaging. The box is more like traditional Transformers more-so than the newer Generations and other US and Japanese TF series.

Windblade's box is identical to the other two in terms of design, but of course features Windblade's artwork and name on the front.

Back of the box:


Windblade also has the same back of the box style as the other two; featuring the same artwork as the front in the background; her two modes and the little comic preview. There's not a whole lot to say about it...outside of it being a drastic departure from the US's carded style version of her:


Instructions, outside:


Windblade's instructions are impressive, since they feature her artwork (based upon the toy and her US comic book appearance), as well as a complete bio and tech spec. This is just the outside of the instructions; the inside shows step-by-step transformation for the figure.

Comic Book:


For me, one of the real selling points of Windblade's Japanese release is this comic book. It's really adorable and well made! It showcases her Japanese styling well; with her using her fan accessory in a proper manner as well as wearing a kimono (though I'm not sure how she's hiding her wings under that...).

In this comic, you can notice chibi version of Waspinator, Rattrap, Optimus Primal and Megatron from Beast Wars (Rattrap and Optimus are both wearing ties, strangely...). Also they did try for the Japanese anime 'moe' style aspect with Windblade, showing her sitting down with her finger to her lips in one panel.

Vehicle Mode:


It should be noted that Windblade was actually designed by the US Hasbro team mainly; as she's the first ever "fan-built bot"! This means she was "designed" by the US fans...or rather, she was created from the answers given on two different polls related to design elements and characteristics that people wanted to see in a new Transformer. These polls were available to fans to vote on and after the results were in, Windblade was created based upon the winning selections. For a complete list of these, see here.

Windblade transforms into a VTOL Jet. Not only is a jet mode somewhat unusual for an Autobot, it's also very unusual for a female Transformer (the only other instance that comes to mind is Slipstream, actually).

Transformation is fairly simple and easy to do...but once transformed; it's hard to line up her parts right. Because of the way the shoulders/arms attach to the wings, her wings are sometimes hard to properly align and attach to the sides of the jet (they have to hook in on the front and back to be attached right). Also the top tail of the jet is made from the back of her legs/feet, so it doesn't stay together well at all. The red robot legs stick out a good deal out of the top of the jet; even when pushed all the way down.

Back of the vehicle mode:


She has VTOL thruster options in vehicle mode that make it possible for vertical and horizontal take-off and thrust in vehicle mode as well. The rear landing gear are molded in place on the backs of her robot mode legs, but the front one folds into the cockpit of the jet. However it's rendered pretty useless in the back by her sword/sheath storage.

Unfortunately this is the only place in vehicle mode to store her sword/sheath, so it sticks out a lot; both out of the back of the jet and the underside of the jet. It can be removed and put on the side, of course, but it won't be a part of the vehicle mode at all and it'll be more like Generation 1 kibble then.

Compared to the US release:


Windblade's vehicle mode is identical to the US release, as one would expect. The transformation is exactly the same, and the mode has the same features as the US release like the tilting VTOL's and under-vehicle storage of her sword.

However, the real selling point of this one is the much better paint scheme. Honestly, the US version is put to shame by this release!

The extra addition of red over most of the jet makes the robot mode legs blend in really well; unlike the US version's which stuck out like a sore thumb. Plus the cockpit is painted to look like a face of sorts; a much better look than the bland US version.

Robot Mode:


The first thing that I noticed about her was her feet: She has a large heel on the back of her leg that helps her stand up...supposedly. She's not quite as unbalanced and top-heavy (due mainly to the wings and sheath) as the US version, but the extra heel doesn't help her stand at all in any position other than standing straight up. Also her knees tend to bend very easily (and they bend backwards a little too); which doesn't help it at all either.


There's a bunch of interesting features with her; balancing issues aside. She has her sword, the 'Stormfall Sword'. It's a very nice looking sword with the blade made out of a semi-clear plastic. It also has a nice hilt with a built-in thruster design element. Probably one of the nicer aspects of the sword is that it comes with a sheath to hold it when not in use. The sheath can be mounted on either of her hips as well as handheld and back-mounted; giving her plenty of options to house the sword when not in use.

The next interesting thing is her wings. The wings have some very nice design features like the ability to bent not only up and down to a great degree, but also backwards as well! This gives a lot of different options for looks with the figure in robot mode.


But also the wings have one other feature: The VTOL thrusters move as well! They can be rotated back and forth and allow for vertical takeoff in both robot and vehicle modes. In conjunction with the other features of the wings, it gives an impressive variety of wing-pose options for her.

The last feature of the robot mode is actually related to her head: It's a fan. The fan is in the back of her head and pulls out (very carefully...it's best to wiggle it out slowly to avoid damaging it) and can be used as a handheld weapon...though what kind of damage it would do is probably very limited. (I supposed it's supposed to be used more like in the comic, where she's wearing a kimono).

Compared to the US version:


Transformation is the same as the US release, with the same range of motion and articulation. However her joints are sturdier than the US version's.

I know I keep saying it, but once again, the major selling point on the Japanese version is the better paint apps. While the plastic is nearly identical to the US version (outside of minor color variations like the color of her sword), the paint is done exponentially better than the US versions!

The red doesn't hinder the robot mode at all; but instead adds a layer of contrast to the otherwise bland black color of the US Windblade. But the biggest selling point is the face:


The face is so well done; probably the closest they can get to the comic book appearance of her with a mass produced figure. The face looks so much more accurate than the US versions...there's no comparison!



While Windblade does have some issues; the Japanese version is far superior to the US one. The issues with Windblade's robot mode are minor compared to the US version's, and the paint job is infinitely better on the Japanese version.

All in all; I'd recommend the Japanese version of Windblade, if you can get her. Recommended for everyone. Lots of play value; great for displaying and for transforming.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the review! If people like this review, I may review more Japanese Transformers in the future! Please check out my other reviews here: profiles.php?us...
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Compared to US


MetalSamamon5 anos atrás#2722274It is! I love how cute it looks! Honestly, that and the kimono picture are really nicely done and look great for Windblade! Thank you for the comment! ^^

It's nice to see some "cute" transformers art without going to the weird side of doujinshi, haha!
5 anos atrás
Maakie5 anos atrás#2722072Her moe pose in the comic book is actually really cute, I have to admit. :P

It is! I love how cute it looks! Honestly, that and the kimono picture are really nicely done and look great for Windblade! Thank you for the comment! ^^
5 anos atrás
Her moe pose in the comic book is actually really cute, I have to admit. :P
5 anos atrás