Nendoroid #430 & #431 - Kitakami & Ooi // ReviewNendoroid #430 & #431 - Kitakami & Ooi // ReviewReview

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Nendoroid Kitakami's review!


I’m back with my second nendoroid review! This nendoroid’s been out for a little while actually, but I just got her in my mail!! =D It’s none other than Kitakami from the Kantai Collection anime! Honestly, I had much trouble posing her, due to her many parts and me being lazy and not bothering to read the instruction booklet that came with her…. Lazy me! ><

Anyways, let’s start with her box!


Her box size is roughly 7.75” (length) x 8.25” (height) x 3” (deep), the same size as all the other Kantai Collection nendoroid boxes (except for Wo-Class from what I know). This size is actually around an inch larger than the standard nendoroid box.


This is the usual box design for all the nendoroids #300 and after that. It shows quite a few different poses that you can display her with. Honestly, her charm is already showing from these pictures!! Couldn’t wait to open her up!


This is how the inner cardboard looks like, nothing much on it, only Kitakami’s nendoroid number and the light green color to it.


Now, this is the inside of the box! Kitakami-san comes with quite a few accessories and expression!! Adorable!


Hm…. Looks like there’s something at the back as well…. Lemme take the pieces out!


This is what was in the first blister! There’s her three facial expressions (I totally fell in love with the last one!!!) , two arm parts, a mini foot stand thing, her torpedoes with smoke and her equipments! Coming together as an extra is a little pink flower!


And…. At the back of the first blister, there was actually a second one! It contained her alternate lower body with her legs equipments


The stand was placed with the second blister as well, and it came in four parts. I changed the background since it seemed easier to see with a black background…


I wasn’t very familiar with this four pieces stand, but quickly found my way to it… So basically, this is how you use the pieces, in case you didn’t know (I’m sure a lot of people would’ve found this out anywyas haha). The little piece at the top is the one that you will have to push into Kitakami’s back to hold her up.


There! The main event! This is the standard pose that Kitakami comes in. A very basic nendoroid pose, with a normal expression. This simplicity actually matches so well with her outfit, we can see all the details clearly on her hair, face and clothings!


And then once again, this time I had fun dismantling her (a bit too much that I totally forgot to take off her hands, but yes, her hands can be removed, of course). The small brown piece that comes with her left arm is actually plastic and not very flexible, so it can easily damage her arm if you don’t remove it carefully. Like, VERY carefully!

And on another note, I was surprised to find her that the little part of her front hair (circled in red) could be removed… But it was only that one, not the other parts. And even though her ponytail seems to be removeable, it is NOT. So don’t try to pull it off, well, I don’t suggest it =P


Aights, back to our little nendoroid’s standard pose… Let’s do a mini 360 to see her all around!





I think one of my favorite part of her is her hair, it’s so carefully sculpted and detailed! On the sad part, it’s not exactly laying against her shoulder (noooooo!), but I suppose it’s not THAT noticeable… I think. Other than that, I found the paint job on this one was nicely done.



Her face up close! It was less noticeable in the previous pictures, but her eyes are a little bit purple’ish, just like in the anime. Omg… Such an innocent look!!! Adorable <3


Her battleship uniform! So nicely done! I like the use of the green in her uniform (even though I’m not a big green color fan x3). I’m glad I haven’t spotted any problems with the paint job on her, the only disappointement about it was the same with Kurumi; the overlapping paint. If you look closely on her right arm, the white lines on her sleeves are overlapping, and it’s actually kind of annoying to see sometimes.


A little lower, we can see her legs, which is covered in a matte finish, but differently, her shoe were made with a glossy finish, which makes them stand out more, it actually brings out the shoe more without affecting the overall look (like, catching your attention at first sight), since it’s quite small and barely noticeable. Even though it’s the only part that doesn’t have a matte finish to it, I don’t feel like it doesn’t fit in…


A look at her back! There you can also see how the stand pieces where used! On a side note, there is a bit of gray bleeding paint on her back… Otherwise, everything is okay.


A little side look!


Ohhh! Another pose finally! And no stand too! It took me quite a while to find out her how to pose her legs with the mini torpedoes…




Ooops… I forgot one of her torpedoes set… OR did Kitakami-san remove it?! O_O


A little note on her battle gear, it comes with four pieces already fixed together, but you can remove them one by one, first, you can remove the joint (like all other joints). Second, she has an extra antenna part (in the first blister), so it you want to change it, I would suggest you to pull out the little box thing (that it’s set one) from the main body, and then pull out the antenna after.


This is a picture of how her leg torpedoes are actually fixed to her. But it isn’t the same for the alternate legs. On this one, the circle is fixed to the bottom of the joint, and the other one…


This one is fixed on the top part of the joint that connects to her hip, but it only applies to the torpedo attached to her right thigh. The left one is actually attached to her skirt with the extra part that came in the second blister. All you have to do is only remove the torpedoes from the brown attachment and put it on the extra one and then fix it to her dress (ba careful it might be a bit lose, though mine was fine).


Another paint overlay D= I guess I’ll never be able to get away from this, sadly… I guess this nice job on the skirt will make up for it..


Nyaaaaah! =3 My favorite pose! She looks too adorable!! Though I shouldn’t be thinking this way… She wants to attack me! T_T

A little note : Be very careful when handling her little fire blast and trying to put it into the stick of her “watering can”, it looks very frail and easy to break.


From this angle, you can see how her battle gear is fixed to her back and the stand. The stand’s arm is actually stuck between her battle gear and her back.




The smokes of torpedoes are actually attached to either her arm or the stand.


So that’s how the bottom torpedo is attached to the stand, there’s a little joint on it that allows you to fix it on the stand, you only have to rearrange the position of Kitakami’s leg torpedoes and the smoke to get the right angle/effect!


That’s how the top smoke looks like.


That’s how you’re supposed to fix the parts together, first you fix the smoke on the hole of her brown arm bend, angling the entire thing so the green thing is aligned with her wrist hole, and at last, you fix her hand to the holes.


Such a flawless face plate! <3 Adorable!!! (How many time have I said that already?!)


Such a lovely pose <3 This gives me such a warm summer feeling (while I’m freezing in this winter weather…)


As you’ve probably noticed, I couldn’t fix the bottom of the flower entirely into the stand’s hole. It was actually pretty tight, so I rather not force it in, this was the most that I could’ve done. I will just hope the other ones aren’t like this.


At the end, I think I spend more time trying to find out how to pose her with her torpedoes, but it was fun to do.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with this figure, she’s really fun to look at and has quite a few options of posing with her different leg and arm parts. Although I have quite a few disappointment from this figure (aka the “floating” ponytail, overlapping paint and bleeding paint on her back), all the parts looked great. I was especially satisfied with her hair and skirt’s sculpting, it was very simple, but something kept me hooked onto the simple and well done details.

Nendoroid Ooi's review!

View spoilerHide spoiler

A little extra… Since I didn’t have the heart to separate Ooi-san and Kitakami-san =P (or she would have sent me flying with her torpedoes!).

In general, Ooi-san’s nendoroid has a lot in common with Kitakami’s, so this will be a short one! The box is practically the same, except for different picture of poses…


Instead of double green, Ooi’s theme color is dark orange/brown and green!


As you can see, some poses as similar to Kitakami’s, and some poses are unique to her! Op! I think I’ve spotted something! Is that Kitakami with Ooi I see on the far right? They actually created a pose for them together!! Well thought, Goodsmile!


This is the inside of her box, which is orange colored, with the number 431 written on it.


Unlike Kitakami, nendoroid Ooi only has three faceplates in total, but she comes with many more arm parts!


Her leg torpedoes like Kitakami’s… only that Ooi has only one bottom part, so no alternate skirt or hip!


That’s all her parts in the first blister! Try to spot the part that is both her’s and Kitakami-san’s!! I seriously can’t wait to pose them together!


The parts in the second blister, very similar to her sister ship’s.


Now, let’s take a look at Ooichi’s standard pose. Exactly the same as Kitakami’s! Simple!


A little look on how Ooi looks with all her pieces taken apart.



Her separated in two hair eases the job to fix her to the stand so much!


Closer look to her face, same concept as Kitakami’s, with a light blush on both cheeks and a white dot on side of her eyes.


The uniform is exactly the same as Kitakami’s, so I will save the explanation and detailing for another nendoroid. Though there was actually a remark I wanted to show you. There was actually a paint scratch on the edge of her top, which is hard to see without proper lighting. This wasn’t this first figure that I got that had this on it, which is kind of disappointing to see. It’s quite the mess up of the entire top uniform that was so nicely made…


Ooi in action! As you see/remember, this pose is very very similar to Kitakami’s! At least from this distance, we can’t notice the scratch of paint (I really had to focus on it on the previous picture while taking the picture).



Her soft expression make it seems like she’s thinking about Kitakami-san!


Well, someone’s not happy. xD Just wait a bit Ooi! I’ll pose you with Kitakami soon!

Even though it wasn’t on Kitakami’s box, you can pose her like this too!


O_O What is she thinking, holding onto this humongous torpedo?! Is she preoparing to attack anyone getting close to her Kitakami?!

The torpedo actually has nothing to keep it standing, so you have to balance it between her hands.


I was actually surprised to find out the torpedo fits perfectly between her arm and waist, and it’s pretty stable too!

Seems like she’s going to threaten someone… Not me, please T_T



That’s all for Ooichi!

For the verdict, I was more satisfied with Kitakami than Ooi, because of the paint scratch on her shirt, if not, she would’ve been perfect. Well, more like same verdict as Kitakami (because of the paint overlay that happened again). Though I am very glad she came with more arm parts, which gave me more option for posing for her, as well as for Kitakami, since they both have the same uniform so I can switch their parts around.


Thanks for reading my review(s)! Feel free to post a comment if you have any questions, if I’m missing something or anything else!
Now I can leave both of them wander off somewhere in private… (So don’t hate me, Ooi-chan!)
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secretly-otaku5 anos atrás#2792508I'm avoiding Kan Colle nendos since, well, there are lots of them and surely a lot more will come, so getting all would be just too expensive. Also, I don't like the "damaged" versions to be included; however, these 2 look so cute I actually feel very tempted!

They are indeed very adorable (especially when you put them together!!), I actually have to agree with you, if I knew they'd come out with so many KanColle nendos, I would totally be reluctant on getting them, but I had already bought Akagi and Shimakaze, and honestly, both of them were so adorable, and now, I can't even skip one of them, partly because they are all so cute, and also because I want to have all the collection ><" but I can't say I regret, because I totally love the anime and all their battleship girls' design are all so unique!! (Tho my wallet is probably cursing at me right now haha)
5 anos atrás
I'm avoiding Kan Colle nendos since, well, there are lots of them and surely a lot more will come, so getting all would be just too expensive. Also, I don't like the "damaged" versions to be included; however, these 2 look so cute I actually feel very tempted!
5 anos atrás
I wasn't sure I wanted them but since seeing their connected arm part like that... Now I really have to have these two! ;w; Great photos!
5 anos atrás