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gumonshoegumonshoe5 anos atrás
*This article pertains to the US release.http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/02/28/1233164.jpeg

This is a long read, so proceed w/ caution...

The Anticipation
As many Amiibo collectors probably know, Walmart released the exclusive Gold Edition Mario Amiibo yesterday. Unlike stores of previous exclusive releases, Walmart has numerous 24/7 stores, presenting a unique situation: prospective buyers get to wait in line inside the store rather than outside it, and at night instead of early in the morning. 24/7 stores were offering it for sale at midnight, while the other stores upon store opening (6am in my region). This afforded buyers 2 opportunities to stake out the release. Walmart opened pre-orders 4 times--filled up in minutes each time. They further notified customers that they would be stocking 3,000 stores on 3/20, implying (to me) there would be plenty of in-store availability for those having missed out on the pre-orders.

The Decision
I had never waited for doors to open for anything before, but had been contemplating doing so for Gold Mario as I missed out on the pre-orders (I blame my girlfriend =P) and I already had every other Amiibo Exclusive to date, so wanted to especially keep this collection trend going.

For Target's Rosalina exclusive release, I showed up right as the doors opened. Only 6 or so people were there already waiting and a few more trickled in after me. Target had dozens on hand, so there was no problem. On my way home that early afternoon, I stopped by another Target, and they had dozens on the shelf. They eventually all sold out that day, but didn't seem that hard to find in my region.

Based on this, and considering how large Walmart was, how they advertised their availability and how they moderated online pre-orders, I thought they were intending to do a better job of making these available to customers than previous exclusives (oops).

Here was my experience...

The Hunt
My Region
Although there are dozens of Walmarts in my region (~40mi radius), none of them I would consider local (~20 miles to the nearest store).
I called ahead to some stores to confirm the release and had mixed success getting through to someone--Walmart's customer service is notoriously poor, took quite some time to get a hold of anyone who knew anything about the release.

Walmart's Midnight Release
Firstly, I had to watch my hockey team...the game was scheduled to end around 10:30pm...not sure if anyone watches hockey, but comfortable leads are uncommon, and this game was no exception, coming down to the wire. The opponent was threatening overtime...meaning I could have had a difficult time getting to Walmart early enough to get a Gold Mario. But my team pulled through with the win in regulation. =)

So I embarked for a nearby 24/7 store thinking I had ample time.

Store 1
Arrived 45 minutes early. There was a line of about a dozen people. The Walmart staff notified us that only 8 were available. So I left to try another 24/7 store.
Store 2
As I walked in, I heard on the intercom that the store would reopen at 6am...I guess Google didn't know this was no longer a 24/7 store. Since I was already there, I went to the Electronics dept to see if they could tell me of any other 24/7 stores nearby and possible stock at those stores. Nobody could help me though except the Electronics staff, which was supposedly in the Toys aisles. I walked around for a bit, he wasn't anywhere to be found. Meanwhile, checked the Amiibo shelf...nothing there. I decided to stop wasting time, and try another store.
Store 3
When I showed up, there were a dozen or so people already in line--including some of the latecomers from Store 1. Word was that 8 Gold Marios were in stock and another 12 unknown Amiibo. I stuck around for a bit to see what those were. The staff opened the box, and confirmed that only 8 Gold Mario were available. Not sure why others after the first 8 ppl stuck around, but I left and tried another store.
Store 4
When I got there, a few ppl who already got their Gold Mario were waiting in line to pay for a drink they had drank while waiting in line--I could see the Gold Marios through their bags (envy). The police officer on duty there said the Gold Marios were all gone and that the store only had 8, but I stayed to ask the Walmart staff about inventory at other stores. When he finally got around to me, he told me he couldn't look it up w/o a barcode and since he sold them all there was nothing that could be done. -.- My phone was slow/dying and I was beginning to give up, so didn't bother trying to convince him that he could look it up via the code on the website. One last shot in the dark, I decided to try the other somewhat nearby 24/7 store.
Store 5
Did some grocery shopping, then went home and decided to try at the other stores in the morning (a few hours later).

Walmart's Morning Release
Left in the morning, expecting to get to the store 30 minutes early. It was raining when I left...turned to ice/snow by the time I got on the interstate. At least it was early enough to avoid rush hour in the 3rd worst traffic area of the country.

Store 6
Arrived 30 minutes early, was first at the door. A couple was waiting in their car, likely because it was cold out--it was snowing but there was cover from it at the doors. I guess once they saw me arrive, they became concerned a large line would form, so joined me at the door. One more person joined us before the doors opened. Went back to the electronics section, it was vacant. Nothing on the shelves, and no staff around to help. Some assistant manager came by to ask us what we were waiting for. She said she had no idea what we were talking about and that nothing was there if it wasn't out on the shelves, but she'd go and check in the back. After 30 minutes she came back and told us they had it on order, but they checked everywhere it could possibly be and it wasn't there. She said since it was on order it could come at any day in the future, but they couldn't know for sure. I told her that made no sense, the store told me over the phone they would be here, and it was clearly advertised/scheduled for release today. She then told us the Electronics staff didn't get in until another 30min, so to call/come back then. I decided to try my luck at the store I mistakenly thought was 24/7 the night before.
Store 2
No line, no Gold Mario. They had some new Super Mario Series amiibo (all except Toad). Asked a staff member, who told me they did have Gold Mario, 12 of them...he stocked the shelf himself the night before! He said he bought one for himself the night before, but someone else must have swiped all of them earlier in the morning. I told him I was there right before close last night looking for him (it was the mystery guy in the Toys section), he said he decided to take a break right before he got off. Whatever, it was about 7am, maybe I'd go back to the last store to see what was happening w/ the odd missing box of Amiibo. At this point the snow and roads were really bad, and rush hour traffic was starting...ugh.
Store 6
The couple who waited with me initially was there again talking--rather angrily--to the Electronics staff and two new faces looking for Gold Mario. Apparently there was some problem...they were supposed to have them in stock, but they weren't. They took our names/numbers and said they'd call us back when they located/received the missing shipment of Amiibo. One of the customers said someone reportedly got an Amiibo from this store the night before. Doubtful I'll be hearing a call from them. Decided to try another store, despite the weather--took a detour due to rush hour traffic on the main roads.
Store 7
Staff member told me they just sold the last one to someone else who came from another store where they got there before doors opened but were not far ahead enough in line to get one. At this point I was about to give up, but decided to try calling ahead this time instead of driving around.
Store 8, 9, 10, etc.
Frustrating holds, hang ups, call backs, waiting, and staff members having no idea what I was talking about, but I managed to get through to about 3 or 4 stores in 30 minutes only to be told that they were all sold out. Really about to give up...tried calling one last store.
Store 11
After getting cut off and calling back, someone picked up and told me they had it in stock! I tried to explain how the first store I arrived early at screwed me over, and asked if they could possibly hold it for me? No. As expected...so then I asked how many there were so I wouldn't waste 30-40 minutes driving through the snow in traffic to get there and find out again that they just sold the last one--actually I probably would have at that point anyways. He stated policy was not to give out inventory over the phone. So on I went. I finally get to the store--hastily jogging to the doors (because of the ice/snow of course...), and per usual nobody was on staff in the electronics department...I waited briefly before deciding to check the shelves...where I found 6 Gold Marios. I must say, the feeling was spectacular!

I also picked up a couple of Toad Amiibo during this time--which was also released on the same day.

The Day After
In hindsight, I feel a sense of fulfillment and adventure, yet simultaneously I feel ridiculous and ashamed of myself for going so far for something so little. I'm seemingly certifiable, it was a waste of time, but the more time I wasted, the more determined I became--obsessive behavior. I don't think I would do this again; regrettably this may mean caring less about collecting. =X

Please tell me I'm not the only one who would go this far to get a figure... Anyone else want to share their epic hunts? I'm also curious about others' experience w/ getting Gold Mario...if anyone else was bold enough to try.

In response to those pollers saying I ought to reevaluate my life--I did imply this in the blog, but to reiterate, it did make me reconsider my collecting. I actually already had been feeling down on collecting for some time now--I've been buying less and selling more--but this made it even more clear to me that I shouldn't really care so much for these material goods, really even at all. I'd like to be more like I was when all I did was work, exercise, and music. Maybe this will propel me back in that direction.

I never staked out for Black Friday, game releases, movie tickets, sports events, concerts, etc. Typically, I don't show up early to anything, not even to get a good seat at an event--if it's that much trouble that I have to wait for something adequate, I usually don't even bother going at all. At a restaurant I might wait 15 minutes for a table, and only out of courtesy for my date--if it were up to me I wouldn't even be there in the first place. I can be a bit of a paradox, I am impatient, yet at times I am very patient; I'm uninspired, yet at times very determined. I suppose I've shown similar determination when trying to put together or make gifts for girlfriends on various anniversaries/holidays; otherwise, like I said, it was my first time doing something like this, and I probably won't do it again.
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Envatta The Skint One
Congrats on getting him. That overwhelming joy you feel when you finally get something so sought after... it can't be beat.

Unluckily, I live in the UK. So if I want him, I need to pay £300 to a scalper on Amazon UK. I'd rather buy some gold spray paint and masking tape.
5 anos atrás
omg that read was an adventure tbh

great job! not only did u get the figure, but u also got a story to tell.
5 anos atrás
I really hope that they'll release him for the EU soon as I don't want to pay more than $100 on eBay. :/ I managed to get all Amiibo up to now so I definitely don't want to miss out on him.
5 anos atrás
I was on the edge of my seat for the entire read through and by the end I was cheering for you to get your mario! I've personally never had to wait in line for a figure, not that I could anyway I'm pretty house bound, so it was fun to read about your experience.

Though I hope you don't have to do all that running again around any time soon!
5 anos atrás
I'm quite honestly damn impressed by your determination, and I think it's awesome you managed to snag something so rare and exclusive. It's like you now own something that only a very small portion of the population does and you put in effort to get it.

Personally, I'm really lazy and probably would've given up after the second store, lol.
5 anos atrás
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
Gold Amiibo... $12 +... how much on gas? lol
I don't have a car so I could never pull this off. My hunts are tricky, maybe a little intense, but never so epic.
5 anos atrás
neL on ice
this is a figure website... y'all need to chill with your bitterness and enjoy this hunt or just ignore it. congrats on getting him.
5 anos atrás
You have been very persistent. Imagine if you stayed out of town or places where the Walmarts are 1 hour drive or more, would you still be that persistent to hunt for it?

Btw, how could your girlfriend impacted your from missing the POs for 4 times?
5 anos atrás
I'm just glad that there's a good ending and your hard work hunting paid off, lol.
5 anos atrás
The poll results should be made public so everyone can see who the assholes are on this site.
5 anos atrás
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