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hello, welcome to my review! this is my first review, and unfortunately i don't have a proper camera, so the images might be a really bad as they were taken by a phone, apologies for that. i tried to clean them up the best i could. i will be reviewing based on sculpt, paint, base, and pose & expression. however, my overall enjoyment will be based on my personal opinion, with factors like how much i like the character affecting it.

first, a little detail on the character- nanami chiaki is a character from Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, a murder mystery, investigation, and puzzle trial videogame. she is the super duper highschool level gamer. nanami is often very lost in her own thoughts and, at times, sleepy, making her occasionally distant and unresponsive. when she is playing a game she is especially focused, and you should expect incredibly delayed responses or none at all. her incredible ability to focus on games applies to the real world, as well, and she is very good at noticing small details, making her very handy in investigations. she is kind and compassionate of others and knows how to talk well to people and calm them down when needed, often being very encouraging and helpful to the others in tough times.

SUPER DUPER HIGHSCHOOL LEVEL spoiler information for people not interested in playing/watching the game but still in more details involving nanami:
View spoilerHide spoilernanami chiaki is executed in chapter 5 of the game for komaeda's murder. she did not intentionally murder komaeda, but instead sacrificed herself as the culprit so she could take the execution penalty for the sake of the group. the murder was set up by komaeda so someone would ultimately accidentally murder him, but who did it would be left unknown, making it an impossible trial- he had set this up as an attempt to make them lose the trial, killing everyone in the process.

nanami had sacrificed herself after revealing she was the traitor that monokuma had told the group about at the beginning of the mutual killings. she was a part of the Future Foundation, a foundation created to help fight Junko Enoshima's despair and restore hope for the world. the group in the game was actually in a virtual reality created to overwrite their memories of despair (as they had been afflicted with Junko's despair) with hope created in the game. nanami was an AI (artificial intelligence) created by chihiro fujisaki, the shsl programmer from the first game. she was put in the virtual reality by the Future Foundation in order to monitor the group in their progress- monomi was also an AI put in the virtual reality to pose as the teacher. this is why they are always depicted together, because they are sisters.

at the end of the game remnants of nanami's AI left in the game (or perhaps just from hinata's memory, i was assuming it was remnants of her left after her execution that was still in the programming) comes to hinata and convinces hinata to force shutdown the game- though they would lose all memories of the game and nanami would be deleted from existence, she still convinced him it was the right way to go and not to fall under junkos despair yet again.

so basically she was a videogame character within a videogame that took place in a videogame where she was the shsl videogamer and was revealed to be a videogame character within the videogame that the videogame took place in. hilarious.

alright, onto the review! ive left it in a spoiler for convenience.
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i was very glad to find they had put art of her as depicted from the game on the box! its not the same pose as the figure, but its still a nice touch. it has pixel art patterns on it representing some infamous games like space invader, several pixels of her hairclip, and her pixel from the game. its standard otherwise- they put some extra detail into its design though, and because id consider a 6/10 a "standard box" rating, ill give it a 7/10.

her base has the text "GAMER NANAMI CHIAKI with MONOMI" on it, monomi and nanamis pixels from the game, two pixels of the ship on her hairclip, the academys symbol, and pictures of the A, B, and the D-pad buttons you would find on a gaming controller. her front white peg isn't entirely concealed in the base, and i wonder why they chose to make the one that wasn't entirely hidden white instead of black. i forgot to take a picture, but monomi's peg is concealed- monomi can swivel around as she pleases in the base, though, and it sort of makes her difficult to angle properly since there isnt a fixed angle you have to set her on on the base. i suppose to some monomi's swiveling would be a plus. nanami has two pegs and cannot swivel. its pretty average, but it's better than a flatcolor base, so i'll give it a 7/10.

and obligatory panty shot:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/nnFhA7Nl.jpg
she's on the rougher side of prize figures- keep in mind, she was sealed when i got her, so all of these flaws are factory ones. lots of rough edges and visible seams. paint is mostly clean besides a few scratches. there's a bad chunk off her foot. monomi is especially rough when it comes to the sculpt, but her paint is pretty clean, though its really flat. also a panty shot just to show the paint up there- its a cute detail they didn't have to do. her hands are very cute and delicate, and i like the way her skirt folds up a bit. the transfer from her stockings to thighs and the way they pinch them is really cute. her bust is accurately big to the character. hair is cute, especially in the back, but unfortunately it is very rough. there are white rings in her eye decals for shine, and i think its a nice detail even though it isnt a detail they put in her actual game depiction. it doesnt take away from her design but adds more detail to her face and expression.

i give the sculpt a 5/10- flaws should be expected in a prize figure, but i feel it could have been much cleaner than this. definitely on the lower side of prize figure quality. i give the paint a 6/10 because a flat paint job is to be expected of a prize figure, but it's still cleanly applied for the most part. it's a rather standard paintjob.

here's her pose viewed from all angles- sorry the image is a bit dark, but it gets the basics of the pose across. her left leg is just slightly not touching the base, with all support put on her right. she holds her backpack strap with her left hand and leans a bit to the left. she is looking towards the right with her mouth slightly open to indicate interest, and it's actually an expression she commonly does, so the expression is just fine. her right arm is extended a bit with her fist curled. it looks as though she is in mid-movement and is stepping forwards while noticing something to the right.

monomi is basically mimicking her pose, she just doesn't have a backpack. her pose is simple, but it does represent the character well. i like how her body curves slightly to the left, she has a fluid motion to her. i give the pose and expression an 8/10 because they are both things i could see the character doing, it represents mid-motion well, and it also flaunts her thick and curvy body type well with how she is curving her torso.

even if she was on the rougher size of prizes, she's still absolutely adorable- i LOVE nanami, especially so after finishing the game, and im happy to have any figures of her at all. if youre a nanami fan this figure is still a pleasure to have- she looks better irl than in pictures, too. i can honestly say i wasnt disappointed at all when i got her. i was expecting some rough edges, and i was actually surprised with how good she looked in real life. my overall enjoyment is 9/10 and im sure if youre a big nanami fan and you cant easily afford scale figures you will probably be just as happy with her. if you can afford scales i'd say this is a figure you can skip out on and just get one of her scales instead. it isnt something you HAVE to have but as a big nanami lover i was ecstatic when i got her and im still really happy about owning her, so that's that.

i hope you enjoyed my review!! sorry for the picture quality, again. ill try to get my hands on a real camera at some point.

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thank you! yeah, shes a real cutie.
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Nice review and figure! :)
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