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S.H Figuarts Sailor Chibi Moon


Our collection of the main characters is almost complete! I received Chibiusa yesterday and have been very excited to create this review. If only we had Sailor Pluto...but not long now! I can't wait to see her painted. Is anyone hoping for Sailor Starlights? Anyway, lets get started with this review. I'm sure you know if you've read my reviews before, that they are very picture heavy. Enjoy!



Chibiusa's packaging is much smaller than the usual boxing for this line. As usual, Bandai have clearly placed their official sticker on the front of the package. I'm sure it won't be long before bootlegs start popping up...



Just like the other boxes, Bandai have provided some great images on the back of the figure herself.



You can see the noticeable size difference compared to Sailor Moon's packaging. With Chibiusa being so small, there would be no need for a larger box.


It seems that, in this line, the figure's storage in the plastic packaging is always slightly different to the previously released figure. It's good to see the company clearly think about the best way to store the accessories for each individual figure. After opening the figure, if the pieces are stored correctly, there is almost no way that the separate parts can be damaged.


The neck of the stand is hidden underneath the compartment for the faceplate's and hands. This looks nice and clean.



Here we see that Chibi Moon has the same shaped stand as the previous releases. This keeps the line nice and concise if you want to display the figures with their stands. Chibi Moon comes with some cool accessories...her wand, a fringe/bangs with her beautiful hairclips...but I'm so annoyed that they didn't bother to make a Luna P.

Why not?! I can see no reason apart from laziness... unless, Perhaps Sailor Pluto will come with Luna P? Somehow, I doubt it. It also leaves the idea of a Super Sailor Chibi Moon release questionable, and whether she might come with a Luna P.


"I swear Usagi, if I had my gun again..."

Chibi Moon comes with a good variety of hands. Her expressions are very accurate to the character, too.

The Figure Herself


She's so cute and tiny! I love how small the figure is. She does have some very delicate parts, so for Chibi Moon, whilst handling her you must be very gentle.


Chibiusa is the smallest figure we have had so far in this line, and for that reason, sculpt has been adapted to fit her proportions. Overall, apart from her hair, the sculpt is very similar to the previous Senshi. However, there are some noteable differences, including her unique accessories.


Chibiusa's hair can be removed quite easily. It is easily rotatable, like Usagi's. Her hair buns, however, are quite firm in place.


Chibi Moon's wrist joints are unique to her size. As you can see on this picture, one of the wrist joints is pushed further into the arm than the other, but this doesn't seem to affect her appearance when her hands are attached.

All of the other Senshi, including Tuxedo Mask, have moveable wrist joints, as you can see demonstrated with Sailor Moon's in this picture. However, Chibi Moon's won't budge, and this does limit the hand motions she can make. Perhaps it is just because the wrist joints are stiff and one of them is embedded further into the arm than the other, that makes mine unmoveable. Please someone let me know if they can move theirs.


Although I adore her hair (which I shall explain further in a moment) there are some rather visible seam lines.


Look how small her hand is next to Usagi's. So cute.



Nooo Chibiusa! Your dignity!!

Her underwear is sculpted nice and neatly, very similar to Sailor Saturns.


The sculpting of her wand is great...but...mine is definitely slightly wonky. I don't think this is down to sculpt, but I think it's due to how it was stored whilst cooling or setting. Maybe thats why Chibi Moon's 'Pink Sugar Heart attack' tends to fail...


As you can notice in the above picture, the paintwork on Chibi Moon's wand is very neat and precise, which is quite impressive due to its small size. While some painted areas are beautiful, others give the figure a bit of a downfall.


Her heart choker is very neat and quite lovely to look at. Her brooch is also pretty well painted. The bows have a matte finish to them, whilst the light pink elements of her outfit (skirt, boots etc) have a shimmery look to them. This contrast works well together.


Just look at the shading on her hair! I'm in love. The contrasting pink and white highlights look great and give the hair a real sense of depth. It's my favourite element of this figure. Her Odango jewels are also well painted.


The lines on her collar are almost pristine. I really enjoy seeing details on figures looking so well done.

...that does, however, bring me to some not-so-good paint flaws on the figure.


There are some careless white paint splatters on one arm. On the other, there is a slightly dark tinge on the skin. The waist band on her outfit is also painted quite sloppily.


Whilst I adore her hair, there are some white and dark marks on this area. The paint looks pretty messy on the back of her bangs but luckily this isn't an area you're likely to see whilst displaying the figure.


Now this isn't to do with the paint or sculpt, but again I think this is something that happened whilst the figure was 'setting' - you can see a dint on her inner leg by the knee. There are several of these on the arms too. This seems to be a continuing problem that all of the figures in this line have suffered, to some degree.

And now, for fun shots!


The current Sailor Moon section of my cabinet.






I made my own Luna P with Polymer Clay. Definitely give it a try if you want a Luna P to display with Chibiusa too, it's fun and easy to make!



Chibi Moon is definitely the cutest edition so far. She is fantastic fun to pose with Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. For any Sailor Moon fan, shes a must have. The flaws that come with the figure are very usual of Figuarts quality, I must say, as much as I love this line.

I don't think I'll be purchasing Sailor V or Sailor Zoisite...Zoisite to me is just a way for the company to grab more money, and I'd rather have a PVC figure of Sailor V. Since I already have Sailor Venus, I don't really want another version of her. What do you guys think? Are you going to buy them?

Thanks for looking!


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Thanks a lot for another amazing SM review! I like them very much. (^_^)/\(^0^) I'm a bit disappointed about Chibiusa painting (still waiting for mine to arrive), but I hope, it's not so terrible if not to look closer. XD I think, I won't buy Sailor V, because I'll be quite satisfied with Sailor Venus. It's so... money wasting. (=_=)'' But I ordered Super Sailor Moon and won't mind Sailor Moon Sailor Star ver. (^///^) And OF COURSE I'm looking forward to Sailor Starlights. ♥ I hope, they'll be announced after Sailor Pluto gets her release.
5 anos atrás
Ah~ awesome review!! Very informative and detailled! Good job ^o^ And your photos are so fab ♡ The backgrounds and all of the posings are amazing ^_^ Oh and thanks for the advice for Luna-P!! I guess I'll give it a shot as long as she's not possibly included with a future Chibimoon release ^_~
5 anos atrás
Thanks for the review! I'm looking forward to her even more! I too am disappointed in the lack of Luna-P but moreso with the lack of Diana. I want the magical cat family!
5 anos atrás
Good review and awesome fun photo =)
Sadly that Chibi Moon doesn't have Luna P and Diana, maybe if Bandai do ''Plain/Uniform clothes version'' they will be included in it.
5 anos atrás
Nice review! I want to get her because I ordered Super Sailor Moon but I want to wait for them to release a Super Sailor Chibi Moon. People seem mixed about the SH Figuarts line huh? My first SH Figuarts is actually Kamen Rider Drive Speed Type and he is amazingly detailed! Then again, Kamen Rider is a lucrative franchise for Bandai but so is Sailor Moon.
5 anos atrás
Thanks for the superbly detailed review! But as much as I love Sailor Moon, I wouldn't touch this figure series with a ten-foot pole. After having gotten to handle a friend's Venus, I was less than thrilled. The over-all quality was pretty bad, which is an outright shame considering how much these go for.
5 anos atrás
Nice pictures as always! I especially love the one of Chibimoon being pulled away from a crying Sailor Moon; Tuxedo Mask's expression really seals the deal on that one!

The slimmer box looks much better; I wish they were all that size. It's really odd that she didn't come with Luna P, maybe because it's associated with her civilian form? It would be a good idea to include it with Pluto but I doubt it as she's already coming with her Garnet Rod. Hopefully they'll release a Super Sailor Chibimoon with a Diana to make up for it.

I'm only getting my favorites from the line, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto (please be released soon) because I was really only interested in those characters. I really appreciate that they all look so true to character though.
5 anos atrás
She's adorable! (*´◡`​*) Her base is so cute too.
Really great review and I love your photos! I can't stop laughing at this one XD PICTURE #1294130
Initially I stayed away from s.h. figuarts because the figure quality isn't "amazing" and top notch like *ehem* figmas, but they're still cute and fun to play/look at (especially Chibi Moon).
I don't plan to buy them because I don't think I should start collecting Sailor Moon items this late in the game XD
5 anos atrás
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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