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Yamato 1/6 "Tandem Twin" BrendaYamato 1/6 "Tandem Twin" Brenda

victorvipervictorviper3 anos atrásReview
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Today we'll be reviewing a figure that has some of the coolest accessories I've seen, Yamato's Brenda from their Tandem Twin Line. Brenda is the submissive partner of Yamato's Alma (previously reviewed here BLOG #22092), and in addition to the bondage theme of the figure, she can also be cast off, so it's not too late to turn back...

About the figure: Tandem Twin was a series of finished figures released by Yamato between 2006 and 2008. Generally, all the figures in this line have kemonomimi features, and Brenda's features (particularly her brownish yellow floppy ears) bring to mind a Golden Retriever.


The packaging is similar to other figures in Yamato's Tandem Twin line. The lace sketches on the box channel the fact that Brenda's costume has some features in common with a maid outfit. That little quarter-moon in the bottom right corner of the box serves a purpose, too...


Just like with her dominant partner Alma, Yamato decorates the box sides with a black and white rendering of the figure.


The back of the box features a number of shots of the figure.


The top of the blister is a flat sheet which helps to keep Brenda ne-chan's accessories where they belong.


Unboxed and ready for action!


Brenda has some mass to her, and all those accessories add weight to the package, too. The box measures 22 by 23 by 17 cm and figure plus box weigh just under 800 grams.


Well, Brenda is the submissive partner of the dominant Alma-san ITEM #4400, so her kneeling pose is appropriate enough. One thing I like about this figure is despite its bondage theme, Brenda seems quite happy. It's refreshing to see a figure with such a theme where the submissive seems to be on equal footing with their dominant partner.

Anyway, rambling aside, let's take a look at her.










Generally, the paint and finish on this figure is good for an older figure. However, one of the standout features of this particular is the wide array of interesting accessories she comes packaged with, as that makes for quite the customizable figure experience.

First, I will admit that I prefer Brenda's alternate face, so let's get that in place. The purple peg holding her head in place is a little bit weird, but it's not like it shows.


While we're at it, let's see how Brenda looks with one of her optional accessories, a set of glasses. It took me a minute to figure out how her glasses attach, but you can see that there's a small hole on the underside of her bangs to keep them in place.


I'm not too keen on the glasses, but if you like meganekko, this would be a really cool feature.


I prefer her alternate faceplate as it gives her a subtly-concerned expression. You can almost imagine her saying to herself "what am I getting myself into here?".

I also like the shading on her hair, and that huge gem on the bow really stands out!


The painting on her collar is a little sloppy in spots, but we'll be swapping that out for an alternate part soon enough.


One issue is that I just couldn't get her bangs quite flush with the rest of her head, leaving a bit of a gap there.


On mine, some of the paint on one of her ears was chipped a little bit.


Those are some ample thighs!


Brenda's outfit certainly brings to mind a maid costume with the bows and the garters. I like maids, so there is no doubt that is a big part of the appeal of the figure at least where I'm concerned. The buckles at the top of her stockings reinforce the bondagey motif of the figure.


I like the "flying V" design of Brenda's panties, but one thing that bugs me a little bit is that the top edge of her panties didn't get totally painted. Also, the lavender stripe running down the middle looks strange if you choose not to display her with some of her other accessories. The stripe also tends to draw the eye to that part of her body...


Her outfit definitely allows some major underboob action!


Brenda is not waifish by any stretch of the imagination, and that outfit is obviously skintight the way it's compressing her breasts against her body! The little metal accents are a nice subtle touch, as this brings to mind some similar features on her partner Alma ITEM #4400.


Since her top is skintight, you get a clear suggestion of her nipples. In addition, the design of her gloves is quite elaborate!


The giant bow on the back outfit continues the overall theme of her outfit, but it does hide some of her ample assets.


Her tail can be removed, and it can actually positioned so that the tip of her tail is pointing up or down.


In principle the tail could be completely removed as well. She does have a cute butt, so it's too bad that big bow obscures it...


She has nice calves, and it's kind of neat how her shoes have O-rings built into them, thereby allowing them to be used for bondage purposes. There are no buckles or locks keeping the shoes on (it looks like her shoes just slip on), so this would be more for show, I guess. I wonder if she ever wears these shoes in public?


The design on the bottom of Brenda's shoes is quite elaborate!


The O-rings will swivel, which is handy when using some of her other accessories.


Now, let's get her cast-off. Her outfit is not removable, but she comes with an extra breast piece. If you were paying close attention earlier, you might have noticed that the quarter-moon on the box front PICTURE #1317328 hides the spot in the blister where the extra breast piece was stored.


As you can see, the breast piece just lifts off.


While we're at it, let's also swap in one of the coolest/sexiest figure accessories I've seen, Brenda's blindfold. It attaches in exactly the same way as does her glasses.


Her breasts are nicely shaped and they're consistent with her body design.


The zipper on the blindfold is pretty damn sexy.


Additionally, her collar can be swapped out for a stricter model.


As you can see, the lead on there is quite long which makes for some interesting posing possibilities. The chain is actually made of metal as well.


If you want to up the bondage ante, she also comes with a pair of cuffs attached to a spreader bar.


The tops of her gloves and her hands come apart to get the cuffs on.


It was a little tricky to get the cuffs on; that bar means that you have to put the entire piece on and get both of her hands reattached before the cuffs come tumbling off!


She has a pair of balls-and-chains that can be attached to the O-rings in her shoes. I had to do a Google search to figure out the proper plural of ball and chain, but I figure it's good to throw the occasional curveball to Google Analytics :).



The base is a little disappointing, but given Brenda's kneeling pose, it's not really needed. I would have preferred a black base to match that of her partner Alma PICTURE #1306147 .


Scale Comparison

With her kneeling pose, Brenda is about 6.75 inches in height (17 cm), and I estimate that if she was standing, she'd be about 10.75 inches (27.5 cm) tall. She's listed as 1/6 scale, that would make her about 5'4", and this seems reasonable.

Here she is with her mistress Alma-sama.


If you prefer, Alma's whip can be removed, allowing her to hold the lead on Brenda's collar.


Flonne is pretty naive, and she seems bewildered by this scene!


Retia ITEM #79114 is 1/8 scale. Unlike some kneeling figures, Brenda won't just disappear on the shelf!


I might have to use this angle more often...


Silfietta ITEM #1202 and Brenda complement each other nicely. Silfiella, like Brenda, is listed as 1/6 scale.


I think Brenda and Etna ITEM #153 also complement each other nicely. Etna is 1/7 scale, for comparison, and she's much more petite presumably than is Brenda.


Tira ITEM #6512 is 1/8 scale for comparison.


One fun thing about this figure is that Brenda's accessories can be used to customize other figures.

Sonico ITEM #198576 was the first natural choice to model Brenda's collar.


Mikuru ITEM #790 seems a bit perplexed by this situation.


Elyse ITEM #5864 seems happy to be wearing someone's collar...


Sonico is often portrayed as being a little bit submissive, so I guess she's switching it up today!


Alma, demon hunter? The other figure is Shamsiel Shahal ITEM #144626 .


I could probably do this all day, but let's get to the final wrap-up.

Overall verdict and enjoyment----------10/10

Arguments for: Many. Large scale, many cool accessories (that blindfold!), her maid-esque outfit has some interesting features, overall good quality, and she looks great cast-off or not. In fact, Brenda is one of the few figures I actually prefer to display in her cast-off state.

Arguments against: Her default faceplate is not particularly flattering, it's a little tricky to get her cuffs attached properly, and if you buy this figure, you might have to track down her mistress Alma to go with her!

Overall, I'm really happy to have added Brenda to my collection, and both Brenda and Alma are sufficiently neat that now the rest of the Tandem Twin line is on my radar. I like the playful take that Brenda and Alma give to the dominant/submissive dynamic, as Brenda's bondage accessories are more for aesthetics than anything else. While there are plenty of bondage-themed figures out there, with Brenda and Alma you don't get the impression that anything non-consensual is going on, and that's kind of refreshing!

Availability (as of this writing)

Not too hard too find, but not exactly common.

I see her sporadically on the various preowned channels, but she might take some deliberate searching for. I was able to find an unopened one for 6800 yen, and I'd guess that somewhere in that 5500-7000 yen range is what you'll pay.


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victorviper (3 anos atrás) #3708683The purple peg was just one of those small WTF figure moments :).
The glasses solution is pretty clever, though. With figures with glasses, I'm always mortified that the frames will bend or break when trying squeeze to the earpieces into some tiny spot.

Like with my ITEM #2136 which snapped in half after too much putting them on and off her face. :(

My ITEM #1595 however came with glasses made from some kind of metal. They were really hard to shape and place on her face, but won't come off now for sure!
3 anos atrás
Maakie (3 anos atrás) #3708276I burst out laughing when I saw the purple neck peg, just why lol.
Also that is a really smart way to attach the glasses. I only have a few figures with glasses, but all of them are squished behind the ears or pressed against their cheeks.
Nice details on the shoes too and good review again, Victor! ^^

The purple peg was just one of those small WTF figure moments :).

The glasses solution is pretty clever, though. With figures with glasses, I'm always mortified that the frames will bend or break when trying squeeze to the earpieces into some tiny spot.
3 anos atrás
I burst out laughing when I saw the purple neck peg, just why lol.

Also that is a really smart way to attach the glasses. I only have a few figures with glasses, but all of them are squished behind the ears or pressed against their cheeks.

Nice details on the shoes too and good review again, Victor! ^^
3 anos atrás
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