Q-pot x Sailor Moon: Moon Phase Pocket Watch NecklaceQ-pot x Sailor Moon: Moon Phase Pocket Watch NecklaceReview

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It's been a while since I've written a review! I'm in relocation mode so all of my Sailor Moon items are packed in boxes to be sent home, so I haven't been able to review anything.

Today I'll be reviewing the Moon Phase Pocket Watch Necklace by Q-pot. I wasn't very familiar with Q-pot before this Sailor Moon collaboration, but they produce sweets-inspired collections of jewelry and accessories. It's not my preferred aesthetic but even I found this necklace and some of their other items to be very cute!

I had no plans to purchase this nor the Crystal Star Macaron Pendant for myself. As I live in Japan (though not for much longer), I was requested to try and secure an order for someone who lives overseas. I wasn't confident I'd be able to because the sale would begin on June 30th at 10am, during which I'd be teaching a class. When I got to my computer 40 minutes later, the pendant was listed as sold out, but I kept refreshing the page and the "Add to Cart" button eventually showed up and I was able to complete the order process! As difficult as it was for people to get this pendant on immediate release, I wanted to keep it for myself, and fortunately I was able to because the friend who had asked me to get it was able to get one from another friend. So I got to keep it after all!

This necklace is VERY expensive, at 28,000 yen (or approx. $228 USD). It's very pricey for a necklace modeled after a pocket watch that doesn't ACTUALLY operate as a watch, but that can be attributed to the brand and its overall quality.

Let's start with the packaging. The necklace comes in a round, paper box. It's nothing to say much about, it's cute. Since this is my first Q-pot purchase, I'm not sure what their regular packaging looks like so I can't compare. There is a booklet with handling instructions that's in Japanese and English. The necklace inside comes in a bubble wrap sleeve and a plastic baggy to protect it from damage during shipment.


Upon first looking at the necklace, one may think that the pendant had a production problem, because the face has a "melting" effect which may be mistaken for resin that wasn't set correctly. That's actually what it's supposed to look like, consistent with Q-pot's sugary-sweet style. The gel-type resin for the face is a plus for those who are worried about the pendant knocking into things, because unlike with an actual pocket watch you don't have to worry about shattering glass. The starry sky background is actually smoother than shown in official photos and the gold pieces, pearls, and crystals look gorgeous. The pendant and chain are made of brass with a matte finish, which I really like because it's more subtle compared to shiny brass.


I absolutely love the chain. It's advised that you aren't too rough with it, sometimes the chain gets kinks in it because of its style, and if it does just gently straighten it out.


The chain doesn't feel cheap at all. In watch chain style, the clasp hooks onto the bow of the star-shaped pendant. This clasp unfortunately doesn't have an opening quite large enough to avoid lightly scratching the bow.


Fortunately, the chain is long enough so that you can put the necklace on by pulling it over your head and around your neck, so there's no need to open it.

The pendant and small charm are engraved with "Q-POt. x SAILOR MOON" and "MADE IN JAPAN," which Japan can surely be proud of because this work is beautiful.


If you live in Japan, You can currently pre-order this pendant from Q-Pot's website until July 15th, to be shipped sometime in September or October. You can see my other photos in my Flickr album: www.flickr.com/...

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Ugh, I really wanted that star locket necklace but the price! Totally couldn't justify it. Thanks for the review though, been waiting to see pics of it. ^^
5 anos atrás
Oh I wish I could have gotten some of the items :D Every place I know where I could get it they charge like a $50+ commission, which I think is a bit high considering the cost of the item itself already.
5 anos atrás
This is very beautiful. But for me, it is only worth the price if it also functions as a watch. If it is just for a collectible at this price, I will give it a miss.
5 anos atrás