Help! My Yamato is missing a cannon!Help! My Yamato is missing a cannon!Ask MFC

KakuKaku5 anos atrás
I recently brought a new Yamato Heavy Armament from a member, and two days after setting it up I noticed that one of the smaller cannon is missing, from what I can tell its a factory defect ;_;.

I'm currently contacting both the seller from this site and the goodsmile company regarding this matter, but mean while I'm looking for a way to have a makeshift over it up.

Does anyone know a way to make a mini plastic cannon barrel around 0.8mm?
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I'd just leave it. GSC is pretty much guaranteed to send you the part since it was bought new and unopened, and by EMS shipping. So you won't be missing the part for more than a week.
5 anos atrás
A toothpick might be around that size, if you can cut and smooth an end, then paint it gray.
5 anos atrás
Maybe sprew parts such as from model kit plates? It's late for me but I'm sure there are some bits you can buy which will be that size
5 anos atrás
Import from Japan

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