Better late than never: June/July LootBetter late than never: June/July LootLoot

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Warning: picture heavy. I’m also long winded.

Greetings again. Another overdue loot post from e-Bro. I’ve been on vacation for some 30 days or so with a kaput computer, but now I’m back home and online again. It’s time to do some catching up.

If some of you saw my last post you know that I recently moved to another country. That had a big impact on this latest haul with stuff floating in the mail between the US, Korea and Japan. With no furniture or much of anywhere to put the new arrivals, they found a home in the kitchen on one of the open counters.



Most of these were purchased between AmiAmi and Crunchyroll, however I did manage to pick up a few at the local Yorozu Ya’s. By the time I unboxed these, there were a few additional steals I was able to find on AmiAmi as well as the late-July releases that showed up.

I was pretty pleased with everything except the stuff from Crunchyroll. I get the feeling they know who I am by now from all the customer service requests I send looking for status updates on my orders. I don’t feel like they even bothered trying to protect this stuff. And after 5-6 months of waiting past the release date, I can’t be bothered to sending these back to get a replacement from them.


I cringed as soon as I saw the box. There wasn’t nearly enough packaging considering there was only a Nendo in there. Thanks, Crunchyroll.



My expression matched Sinon’s. Thanks, Crunchyroll.

But I ain’t even mad, especially now that I can get next day delivery following the Japanese release date for 500 yen (~$4). Now I just deal directly with Japanese vendors and not worry about shipping costs. Anyways, here’s the gang all assembled.


So as far as hauls go, this one has been by far my most favorite. Most of my hauls have been primarily Nendos and this was the first major scale figure haul. One thing I didn’t appreciate before is how much space these take up, so I’m calling it quits for some of these franchises: ABS, MMPG, SAO, KanColle and BRS.

So I picked up BRS unopend at the local Yorozu Ya while Dead Master I found on AmiAmi A/B and had delivered the next day. I’ve been getting pretty lucky with AmiAmi these days.



These two figures are gorgeous. I can understand why they stay up there in the rankings. Not to mention Dead Master has the best base of any figure I currently own.

View spoilerHide spoiler





Next up are the girls of Ars Nova. Both of these compliment the scale figure and Nendo I already have from the series. Again both of these figures are amazing. I’m in love with Iona’s hair and outfit, while Takao is just as fabulous as can be.





F. A. B. Period.

So next up are few more sea-faring ladies, this time from KanColle. While I do love Shimakaze and Rensohouchan, the Abysmal Fleet is best fleet. I have been dying with anticipation for Wo-Class and Re-Class to show up and I was not disappointed by either. The detail on Wo-Class is amazing and worth every penny imo. This figure is solid and you can definitely tell when you pick it up. Well done GSC.




Re-Class. Oh my goodness, oh my dayum. This is the Nendo of my dreams. No joke. I’m considering buying another one just because I love it so much. Besides being super cute with awesome poses, the accessories in this kit are badass. I kind of want a fleet of Re-Classes to be honest.




And of course let’s not forget the last of the Shimakazes. This is probably the most kawaii purchase of the whole lot.


So in recent months, no haul has been complete without a healthy helping of magical girls. This completes the set for me, so I’m not looking to buy any others. Not really into the Figmas, school uniform Nendos or the yukata scales (although they are lovely) so this will do it for me. All of these were pre-owned on AmiAmi and as far as I could tell, only Mami was actually opened – not a scratch on her though.




Props to Sayaka and Kyoko for being some of the most space consuming scales ever.




So… Sinon. This is the definitive Sinon figure for me. Ideally I would have preferred to have only one, but this was announced after I’d already purchased ITEM #229216. That’s all water under the bridge now. I love this pose. It makes Sinon out to be the badass she is in the series… well at least until Kirito shows up. And that Hakate? *whistles*




So let’s take a minute to take about Michelle K. Davis. While I have my own opinions on TerraFormars’ anime debut, the one thing that kept me coming back was Michelle. This character and figure are pretty dope. The pictures don’t do it justice, but the painting is on point, especially the small details. When I pulled it out of the box, I thought the figure was actually dirty for a second; the weathering effects and the subtlety of the dust on the jacket are impressive. Not to mention the dead lummox at her feet is pretty crafty as well. His antennae are so pointy they almost draw blood.




So last for the figures we have Asuka Langley. Not much can be said about her that hasn’t already been said. Really dig the hat and jacket on this figure, not to mention the patch-job on the plug suit.



Last but not least are Nendos from the haul. First up are Archer and Rider.


Archer was actually the first figure to arrive at the new house and spent an eternity floating in the mail. Seems kind of fitting for the character actually. As for Rider, I really wish she had more screen time in F/sn: UBW, but that’s totally unrelated to this post.

Next up is Yuka Yuni. This is another new favorite Nendo of mine. While people complain about how the super poseable Nendo joints look, it doesn’t really bother me. I think it suits the character and makes for some awesome poses. Speaking of the character, I love the design. Oh and Gyuki is awesome.



Last but not least is Yoko Litner. Super kawaii and feisty, but this Nendo certainly shows its age. Setting her up was a pain. The support her stand provides can be fleeting with a small bump. It’s nice to see how far Nendos have come though from number 52 here.


So with the arrival of all these figures, I was "forced" to buy some risers for my new display. Shelf gangs have been formed.

Team Holy Quintet


Team Blacku Rocku


Team Best Fleet


Team FAB


And I do mean FAB


Team Girl Power


And that’ll do it until later this month.

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I love your loot!*^*
4 anos atrás
Awesome loot and display ^^
4 anos atrás
Wow, everything is amazing and your photos are beautiful!
4 anos atrás
idol4 anos atrás#3460350Damn this was some great loot!
Love your Kancolle collection.
TyjosAzari4 anos atrás#3460351Great loot! I like the Takao Nendo and Sinon figures you got.PotatoLlama4 anos atrás#3460359That is some great loot!
All the Nendos are really cute and you got some epic scale figures :)

Thanks everyone! I was pretty excited to add all of these to the collection.

Dbonn124 anos atrás#3460486I spy Tharja all along. I love her!
Wonderful collection!

Haha, yes! Tharja is the love of my life, so while there's still space she gets a shelf to herself.
4 anos atrás
I spy Tharja all along. I love her!

Wonderful collection!
4 anos atrás
e-Bro4 anos atrás#3460347Thanks! So all of the risers are store bought. They're actually miniature shelves meant to be attached to the wall. I noticed they fit the Detolfs pretty well though and used them there instead. They're all the same thing, just in two different colors.

AWesome :D
Gonna look into this ^^ They are really nice inside the detolf, and a bit different from the standard risers u see everytime.
4 anos atrás
That is some great loot!
All the Nendos are really cute and you got some epic scale figures :)
4 anos atrás
Great loot! I like the Takao Nendo and Sinon figures you got.
4 anos atrás
Damn this was some great loot!
Love your Kancolle collection.
4 anos atrás
Tachikomatic4 anos atrás#3460302Nice Haul :D
Btw, what type of "riser" is there on the blackrock shelf. Also see somw white ones on other shelfs on your collection. Self made? or bought? ^^
Thanks! So all of the risers are store bought. They're actually miniature shelves meant to be attached to the wall. I noticed they fit the Detolfs pretty well though and used them there instead. They're all the same thing, just in two different colors.
4 anos atrás