Big August Loot (AniNite '15)Big August Loot (AniNite '15)Loot

xojasberryxojasberry5 anos atrás
Here is my August loot. I initially wanted to wait for my Free! stuff that I'm waiting on to arrive this coming week, or the week after that, but I just got too impatient.

Most of the things are things that I've bought at AniNite in Vienna at the end of August, but not all of it.

Got him from Nippon Yasan, had him pre-ordered. Arrived here rather fast, slipped right through customs as well! Yay. It's my first P.O.P. and I love him already.

A prize figure. Bought this one at AniNite. I used to side-eye prize figures, but most of them are actually pretty great in quality, so lately I really don't mind them. Plus, I got impatient waiting for ARTFX J's Kaneki figure, lol.

And another prize figure, also bought at AniNite, from One Piece's second Dramatic Showcase line. My first, but surely not my last Nami figure.

Oh my god, this figure. I was hoping and praying that I was gonna catch one at AniNite, and I was lucky enough to get one. Though... the tray. Jesus, was it too much to ask for SOMETHING to hold the damn thing in place on his hand? I've lost count of how many times the damn thing fell off by now.

Aaaaand another prize figure. I've seen a lot of people talking about how they think that these Girls Memories figures are poor quality, but I actually really don't think so. I was rather surprised when I've seen it first-hand. I love her.

Both from AniNite. The purple one is called a "RuNeko" and they're only made and sold by rune-online.de! It's a line made up of plushes that are supposed to portray the seven deadly sins. I got pride! Mostly because I love purple, though, heh.

I got these off of... uh, let me think. CDJapan, I believe? I'm not sure anymore though and too lazy to check right now.

Got these from a second-hand anime/manga group on Facebook since I've missed their initial release :( not sure if I'm gonna bother getting Luna-P, I was mostly after these three.

Nippon-Yasan, both sets. I'm not a big fan of the first set, since they look really, really cheap. BUT! I absolutely love the ones of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus <3 they're my favorites.

Kuroshitsuji pocket watch. I honestly doubt that it's official merchandise, since I got it off of eBay, but I liked the look of it, and it was cheap, so I kind of didn't really care, for once.

I got these cute little guys via blindboxes (also at AniNite) and was lucky enough to get my favorite characters! I've already ordered the second set of bath figures picture/857591&..., but I'm still waiting on those.

Kazé was also present at AniNite and as soon as I saw this complete box set of Death Note... wellllll. We all knew this was gonna happen.

Other mangas that I've bought in August but didn't photograph:

* Acid Town Vol. 1 - 4
* Bloody†Mary Vol. 2
* Citrus Vol. 1 + 2
* Ghost Tower Vol. 1
* Kuroshitsuji Vol. 1 - 4
* Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1 - 9


Phew. I've spent way too much money on animanga related things these past few weeks, and I would like to stop, BUT THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT THINGS BEING RELEASED IN THE COMING WEEKS. I'm still waiting on the Free! bath figures, my Rin Matsuoka Altair 1/8 scale figure ITEM #236127 and the two Taito Makoto ITEM #246479 and Haruka figures ITEM #246478 ;____; why does money not grow on trees?
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Itachi_Uchiha1125 anos atrás#3529186How much did you spend to buy the set of death note?

I've paid €79,95 for the entire collection.
5 anos atrás
How much did you spend to buy the set of death note?
5 anos atrás
Amazing loot! I wish I could come this years aninite too,but I couldn't ;3; I hope I can come there next year :3
5 anos atrás
MalariA Beware of Ghouls
I think everyone gets lucky with the Free! blind boxes. I picked up two from my last con and got Makoto and sousuke the ones I wanted <3
5 anos atrás
yea id recommend putting sticky tac or putty under the tray, it works wonders for loose items or joints.

really great loot! it must have all cost quite a bit tho, but it seems well worth it!
5 anos atrás
Maybe you can put some tiny bits of putty under the tray not to fall?
5 anos atrás
Awesome loot! The Luna plushie is so big and cute. Those Free! sleeping figures are adorable too...Rin<33 The pocket watch looks really nice even if it's not official lol aaaa I'm waiting on the Rin 1/8 too. Can't the booty get here faster DX
Hope you're feeling better with all these great goodies!:)
5 anos atrás