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  • I wonder if this series can beat Utapuri lol.

    I want to watch this so badly, hopefully they will announced the Seiyuus ASAP >w<
    4 anos atrás
    Oh my goodness!
    Why?! Who thought this was necessary? xD
    Ngl the videos did make me LOL though
    4 anos atrás
    ?????? WTF ?????? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!.
    4 anos atrás
    they say its an anime but like they have said in anime in moments of lack of movement ~
    its not anime if you dont move

    also do they really expect statue heads to sell enough in todays anime industry? if they think that ridicolous stuff can sell they should go for the safe route (like how gakuen handsome gets adapted by some unknown studio you could do the same with hatoful boyfriend turning it into something like hetalia)
    unless thats what they already planned to do
    4 anos atrás
    Leosach Born this way
    M-Linfa4 anos atrás#3462839what s the title of the anime ?

    Sekkou Boys, But I guess its not exactly an animation and instead is a series with actors at least is What I got through the trailers
    4 anos atrás
    what s the title of the anime ?
    4 anos atrás
    Leosach Born this way
    purinbun4 anos atrás#3462654R-ridiculous. I love it
    The song is stuck in my head now.

    Exactly My thoughts
    4 anos atrás
    Move the hell outta the way love live I'm coming fOR YOU STATUE BOYS


    (slightly worried faced Giorgio for best girl)
    4 anos atrás
    I watched Gintama, so no anime can surprise me anymore.
    Another one of those wtf moments would be Thermae Romae, which is actually great. I mean, how could anime about time travelling public bath architect from ancient Rome, who keeps ending up in modern Japan be anything but awesome.
    Will watch idol statue anime, I expect great things from this.
    4 anos atrás
    So a series about a bunch of statues being idols? And it's getting music and a series? There is only one thing I can say to this...

    Where can I sign up and how long will I need to wait until the official "husbando" wars start? Cause right now Mars is totally best boy!
    Least it's something original in the Idol genera for once
    4 anos atrás
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