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I got tempted again and decided to buy another grab box! Considering I bought too many boys' boxes, I decided to go for a girls' box this time, hoping for some merchandise from series that I like. So, did this happen? *drum roll*

The box



I got greeted by the usual huge amount of AmiAmi paper and a new card!



Most people reading this blog have probably already seen (or own) this card. I like that this time the design of the back has some more color to it! And the art on the front is so cute!

What's inside?



I was first greeted by a clear file lying flat on top from Sengoku Basara ITEM #263880 . I never played any of these games, anyone reading this that did? It's an hack and slash game with pretty boys, right?


Next up was this persona play mat that I already saw in some other grab boxes ITEM #351188 I was surprised to see nobody added it to the database yet!


Yesss! This item made me really happy as I'm a big fan of Kuroshitsuji! The item itself is a bit weird however. They are book covers, but it's made from a really weird material that I can't describe well...it looks and feels like it's inbetween paper and plastic. According to AmiAmi this is water resistant paper, but I'm pretty sure they won't hold out very long if I were too really use them as covers (water or no water). I got the following designs in my box: ITEM #246951 & ITEM #246959 Now to come up with some sort of way to display them...



Jep you saw that right...


...a tootbrush! I have gotten some weird and random stuff in grab boxes, but a tooth brush? What? I didn't even know AmiAmi sold tootbrushes with anime characters on it! It's a tootbrush from Okita Souji from Hakuouki ITEM #274710


Okay after shaking off the confusion from the toothbrush, here is a multicloth from Daiya no Ace ITEM #235109



Next was a storage box from UtaPri ITEM #191265 It's cardboard and you have to fold it yourself. The material and quality reminded me of ITEM #310860 which I got in an earlier grab box! View spoilerHide spoilerIn case you're reading this, are you still happy with it DAKIMAKURAQUEEN ? :)


Up next I was greeted by notepad + magnet set of Sakamaki Kanato from Diabolik Lovers ITEM #195095 . I have been interested to watch the anime as I like vampires and Kanato looks really cute! But I heard the anime is pretty bad and you're better off playing the VN?


Then there was this bag in the grab box with a lot of smaller items combined.


The first thing from that got my attention from this bag was the completely adorable keychain from a scottish fold cat from the Pic-Lil series! (Not in the database, because it counts as a generic item.)



Then there is this (really heavy!) fastener from Free! ITEM #168875 The top part of the cardboard broke off and it fell down in the packaging, but considering the weight of this item I'm not surprised if that part is broken with a lot of them (maybe that's why it's a grab box item?).


Next was this huge button of Hachisuka Kotetsu from Touken Ranbu ITEM #292902 . Seeing an Touken Ranbu item got me quite excited and I was hoping for more further on! Unfortunately I am not interested in this character.


Now this was an interesting one! Turns out to be what is called a maki-e sticker. A high-quality decal-like sticker made from metal! I got one from the Military Police logo from Attack on Titan ITEM #351208


Then some more Daiya no Ace items, now a magnet bookmark set ITEM #271280 !


This was the first item of the box where I went "huh?" because I never heard/seen about the character or series. Seems like Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! is a series about guys getting transformed into cute magical boys to fight evil??? Did I miss something good recently or is this something cringe-worthy? Anyway the item is ITEM #279789


A cute charm from Wooser ITEM #213038 ! I'm not much into this series View spoilerHide spoiler, but THEYASMINSHOW if you are reading this and missing this item in your Wooser collection, just PM me and I'll send it to you! :)


Hey, I remember the name of this series because I got this weird fish ITEM #208822 in an earlier grab box! I don't understand the type of item this thing is ITEM #285762 , though. It's an strap and a badge/button at the same time?


Next was another item from Daiya no Ace, this time an acrylic sticker set with the Pic-Lil designs ITEM #232277 , I guess you can also use them as decals?


Last from the small bag was an notepad set from Attack on Titan. I like that it has the manga art on it ITEM #313495

I went back to the box and...


...boom! Immideatly found a big item! A plushie from Eren ITEM #186887 I'm amazed at getting such a big item in general, and then it's also from Attack on Titan!


When I opened this one, I thought I got a random cute bird, but it turns out to be from UtaPri ITEM #256227 ! Apparently I also go the secret version. When I saw the packaging I was actually hoping on getting ITEM #196601 or ITEM #196599 , because I find those to be incredibly cute! I'm not sure yet what to think of this one.


Then an Ichiban Kuji from Kuroko no Basuke ITEM #176157 !


And another Attack on Titan item ITEM #267654 ! It's a coaster than can also double as an way too oversized strap. Is this a new thing with giving items 2 functions at once? I never even saw items like this before I got this box!


And for another strap, this one from Tiger and Bunny ITEM #77787 I still need to watch this series...



A mini mug from Shirokuma Cafe. I heard quite some stuff about this series, but I'm not sure yet if I will watch it. The mug is really small, but made from real Ceramic ITEM #242320 !


Quite a big figure, where my first thought was "this looks like an old Final Fantasy character", to then look at the bottom of the base and see "Square Enix". My guess was right ITEM #39055 !



Then another Diablok Lovers item, this time a strap ITEM #178563 View spoilerHide spoilerUnfff, this looks so good! I should really watch this series! >.<


Then, a small case from Mekaku City Actors ITEM #255303 I hear a lot of mixed things about this series, I didn't try to watch it myself (yet).



Aww, such a cute strap ITEM #82596 ! I own multiple "Tales of..." games, but have to shamefully admit that I haven't played any of them yet!

And we have gotten to the final item in the grab box!


A Nendoroid Petit from Archer ITEM #75594 !

Final Thoughts

First of all, I'm incredibly impressed with the amount of items in this grab box! It's true that a lot of items are low in value, but there are just so much! Wow! After that I started thinking that this box was not that much pre-owned? Everything except for the Final Fantasy and Archer figure was sealed and the only item with damages is the packaging of the Free! fastener (but that damage could have also happened during shipping).

For me personally, the box was a bit of a letdown, as there was only one item I went crazy about (the Kuroshitsuji bookcovers) and a lot of the others are interesting to me, but don't let me have such an reaction. The box did remind me of a lot of series I still need to watch View spoilerHide spoiler, but I have a crazy backlog on anime watching in general. Overall I defenitely got great items for what I paid and I hope I can make a lot of trades! I don't regret this box and for sure will be tempted the next time again when I see one up on AmiAmi!

I hope to see you guys also at my next blog, where I will do a food review from the Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger set! :)
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GunnerMutt5 anos atrás#3891378I'm interested in the Rita Mordio strap. Are you thinking of selling it? (didn't look through all the comments to see if it was taken or not.)

I send you an PM!
5 anos atrás
I'm interested in the Rita Mordio strap. Are you thinking of selling it? (didn't look through all the comments to see if it was taken or not.)
5 anos atrás
CeliathePikachu5 anos atrás#3890975Sooooooo.... Is that Tiger and Bunny keychain taken? I'd love to buy from you. :3

I send you a PM! :)
5 anos atrás
Sooooooo.... Is that Tiger and Bunny keychain taken? I'd love to buy from you. :3
5 anos atrás
Naelyth5 anos atrás#3887962Nice loot box!! I've always been wary since the other boxes didn't have anything I enjoyed, but I would've been happy with yours! I should keep a look out! :D That toothbrush is so cute, I don't know if I could ever bring myself to use it. xD
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! is a pretty funny series and I would recommend it! It doesn't take itself seriously and it has a real twist of an ending! I'm not a big fan of the series or anything--I don't even remember most of the characters' names, oops--but I don't regret watching it. :D

Well, I think I'm going to use that toothbrush if nobody ends up wanting to buy or trade it with me. It would be a waste otherwise, no? xD

Haha, I'm going to watch it now that I've read multiple opinions about it! Thanks! ^^

cereza5 anos atrás#3887989that's a pretty nice box!

Thanks! :D
5 anos atrás
that's a pretty nice box!
5 anos atrás
Nice loot box!! I've always been wary since the other boxes didn't have anything I enjoyed, but I would've been happy with yours! I should keep a look out! :D That toothbrush is so cute, I don't know if I could ever bring myself to use it. xD

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! is a pretty funny series and I would recommend it! It doesn't take itself seriously and it has a real twist of an ending! I'm not a big fan of the series or anything--I don't even remember most of the characters' names, oops--but I don't regret watching it. :D
5 anos atrás
MobiusX5 anos atrás#3873434Ahhhhh you were able to get Archer's petit, *jealous*

He's cute, huh? :) I guess AmiAmi has a hard time to seperately sell Nendo Petits and that's why they show up in grab boxes so much!
5 anos atrás
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
Ahhhhh you were able to get Archer's petit, *jealous*
5 anos atrás
buntaichou5 anos atrás#3873416is there any chance you're thinking of selling that hanji coaster-strap? i love it *.*

I send you a PM! ^^
5 anos atrás
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