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I finally got around to opening my package from AmiAmi that contained the New Yu Yu Hakusho chibi keychains and pins. I also got to experience first hand AmiAmi's strange practice of using huge packaging for something tiny.

The pins and keychains came in clear little bags which somewhat ticked me off. The blind box straps from 2014 at least came in individual boxes. I was hoping for boxes so I could store them later on but I guess they wanted to be cheap. The fact that these three little packets came in a large box full of paper also weirded me out. A mailing envelope with little padding would have done the trick.


Let's start with Volume 1 for the pins

Each pin is wrapped in foil and slightly reminded me of a condom and have a Pierrot seal on the backs.

While the pins were blind boxed if you ordered the box (10 pins) you got the whole sethttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/12/10/1431325.jpeg

Volume 2 Pins

and finally my favorite set, the keychains. Although to be fair I'm upset that Kurama got three keychains and Kuwabara got zero. As much as I love Kurama I wish Kuwabara wasn't excluded for merchandise. Just because he's the least attractive character to many doesn't mean he should be excluded. Even Yusuke, the main character, is overshadowed by Kurama and Hiei. There is so much power in being the hot character in a show.

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pinefairyEach pin is wrapped in foil and slightly reminded me of a condom and have a Pierrot seal on the backs.


Anyway packaging like this depresses me, but the keychains are really nice! :)
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alluhaman4 anos atrás#5263129WHERE AND HOW AmiAmi had them on pre-order right before November. The keychains are still in stock but both the pin sets are on back-order :)
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Nice haul!! But yeah as per usual Kurama and Hiei get the brunt of the merch attention. Congrats on this purchase though!
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