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This was pretty much everything I bought on the first day I believe. Everything here was bought from J-world and Namja Town in ikebukuro and some random resale stores along otome road. All the buttons were blind boxes/bags. I had terrible luck that day.


All the Osomatsu-san stuff I bought!!! It was the #1 thing on my to buy list so I'm so glad I was able to buy so much. Literally bought all the Choromatsu stuff that was available. Wish I could've gone during spring though because there's so much Osomatsu-san merch coming out then. If only I didn't have school..


Akashi-sama!!! Didn't buy as much as I should have. I also bought this towel tapestry thingy but forgot to take a pic.


All the buttons I bought. Just combined all the buttons together in one pic. They're all from blind bags btw. Got almost two of all the characters I didn't want before I finally got the character I did want.


I'm actually not sure of when I actually bought these or anything after the first day so I won't be including days anymore. Free! Stuff. The mini drawing board thing was a freebie from when I went to see the High Speed!: Free! Starting Days movie. The Rin button was bought at the movie theatre and the button next to it was a blind bag also bought from the movie theatre. Those were gifts from the friend who went with me.
Everything else was bought from the Free! Cafe.


Here are close-ups. The two on top of black bags are blind bags. I'm actually not too big a fan of Free!(I don't watch it), but my friends obsessed so I just went along with her. I mainly bought for memories and because I was caught up in the mood.


Everything here was bought from One Piece Tower in Tokyo Tower. I spent way too much that day. We had just finished watching the One Piece live show when we to the One Piece store and I was still feeling leftover excitement I guess and went crazy, buying nearly everything.


I bought loads of blind bag buttons for really no reason, just felt like grabbing them, and ended up with a bunch of ones I didn't want.


Stopped at Tokyo Station for souvenirs and while we were there we went to the Jump Shop. Just bought a few things, once again mainly blind bags/boxes. I always end up with Murasakibara and Kuroko for some reason. They're actually really pretty though.


These were bought from resale stores in Akiba and Ikebukuro. I'm obsessed with all characters voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi so I just had to buy these especially since the anime is already over. Other than the Juli pillow, which was I believe only &10-$12, everything else was below $2.


These are just close-ups.


Everything bought in ikebukuro. Mainly resale stores but there are a few bought from Animate.


Glass cup (shot glass?) from Gundam Cafe in Akiba. It comes for free when you order the meal plus drink set. It's also lottery? type though. You draw from a box to see which character you get. It was a Gundam 00 special so Gundam 00 characters only. I wanted Tieria but ended up with Lockon, which is also ok, and Allelujah, who isn't pictured here. The cups are actually very pretty though.

The rest of things I bought were light novels and manga. I bought a few magazines, albums, and DVD but they're related to seiyuu and not really anime so I've decided not to include them here. I'd like to include a warning here though there is BL manga so be aware. Or more like everything is BL. I bought doujins too but forgot to take a pic.


Non-BL manga that I bought. I like Ranpo and there's supposedly a really cool part where he goes against Edgar Allen Poe and so I wanted to buy the volume that had that part. But I can't open the manga and so I kind of just bought by guessing whether he was on the cover or not. If he was then perhaps that scene would be there? And so I ended buying two cause I had assumed that arc? would be long and take up perhaps a volume and a half but...it didn't. It barely took up half the volume and so now I have this one volume that I don't need/want.
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These are the 1-2 volume series that I bought. Most are by Ichikawa Kei because I like her work and I have one series by Ogeretsu Tanaka. Her works are also very nice. She has a very distinct art style. Most of these series except for the one on the left are ones that I've read online but weren't finished, so I went and bought it cause I was so curious of the ending.


They didn't have the sequel to the sequel while I was there so I'll have to buy it later but this is the Doukyuusei series. I mainly bought the manga series because I bought the clear files first while shopping around the first few days and then later in after staring at the files for who knows how long, I went and bought the manga. Mainly bought the clear file because the movie is coming out and since I wouldn't be able to watch it, I figured I could stare at the files instead and pretend as if it were the movie. It's also a plus that the seme is voiced by Kamiya-san.


Light novels that I bought. I bought the first one because I have the drama CDs for that series and I really liked it. The last two..well..I was probably feeling real confident about my non-existent Japanese skill or something. Either way I wasn't thinking. The first ones prob already going to take me more than a year to finish so adding two more to that..I'll prob never finish. I'm not even too sure what those last two are about. It's a series that I know and the art looks pretty so that's a good thing.

Anyway that's about all I bought. Not everything is included here because I stopped taking pic halfway through the trip. I bought quite a few Durarara merch however it's unfortunatly not included here because I'm too lazy to get it out of wherever they're in now. Anyway this was the result of 11 days in Japan. Usually I buy more but I had 20% of my self-control working this trip so was able to hold back. I also didn't do any Kuji this trip cause there wasn't too many near me. I'll definitely do them next time.
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Bearcat4 anos atrás#6255672Very nice loot! I'm amazed at the self control! I'd probably have bought way more...*not so good with any self control*
Really like the Lockon glass actually haha was it for any meal set and drink? I hope something similar will be there when I go in April (how was the food at the Gundam Cafe btw?)

I think it was for any food/drink bought on the Gundam 00 menu. The food I ordered was actually pretty good! I was surprised since normally anime cafe's don't really have nice tasting food...But I think it really depends on what you order because my friend's food wasn't all that great. Have fun when you go in April!! Gundam Cafe is always having events/collabs so I'm sure there's going to be something when you go too!!
4 anos atrás
I can instantly identify a Kamiya Hiroshi fan the moment I look at the loot (LOL). I approve of your taste in merchandise.
4 anos atrás
Ahh you were able to get so many cute things! I'm sure you have enough to start a few ita bags, if that's your thing

Also nice to see some Choro love :)
4 anos atrás
I'm sooo jealous of the Gundam glasses haha. Lockon and Allelujah are my faves
4 anos atrás
Very nice loot! I'm amazed at the self control! I'd probably have bought way more...*not so good with any self control*
Really like the Lockon glass actually haha was it for any meal set and drink? I hope something similar will be there when I go in April (how was the food at the Gundam Cafe btw?)
4 anos atrás
The Gintama badges are cute :) and the Akashi stuff too :D
4 anos atrás
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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