Feb 2016 Loot (Nitro+CHiRAL Haul)Feb 2016 Loot (Nitro+CHiRAL Haul)Loot

SkyBlueSkyBlue4 anos atrás
Hello MFC! My name is SkyBlue and this will be my second loot post. Note that it will be a very very long post and image heavy. Also a warning for those who dislike yaoi as if it is not obvious enough, I love yaoi. ♡ Yaoi is life~ ♡

This month I may have went overboard however it was an emotional one for me as I have managed to obtain a few of my mini grails (Nitro+CHiRAL related merch). Fans of Nitro+CHiRAL will know that their merchandise are often exclusives and that makes it very hard to get..

There are some which I have always wanted for a long time and others were greatly anticipated so overall it was worth it and the experience was very rewarding. Never have I felt so alive and fulfilled..To be able to achieve my dream collection bit by bit. I am thankful.

Well let's start with my very first loot of February. Koujaku Nendoroid! (My third nendo). I am falling deeper in love with Nendoroids with their cute expressions, accessories and you get to play with them.



The first thing I thought when I saw the box from CDJapan was 'What a weird box..why is it so long?' The box was unnecessarily long which increased the postage cost. They could've just pack Koujaku above the book with some plastic in between them.



It was mentioned previously in last month's loot that after I received Koujaku Nendoroid I accidentally broke his sword when I wanted to pose him (Too shocked to get a picture). Luckily my dad managed to glue it back for me and I held it in place for like one and a half hour. Thank goodness. I also got the DMMd re:code Official Visual Book.


My first three Nendoroids! Now Noiz is not alone anymore. Awaiting Aoba's arrival to join them. Jiji seems a bit lonely though being the only one from Touken Ranbu..

The next few packages are mostly from Yahoo Japan Auctions (dangerous place to overspend as bidding can be so addictive) and it brings home one of my mini grails.





Togainu no Chi Akira Damage version 1/8 scale from Kotobukiya ES Series. I loved this figure ever since I first saw it because Akira is just so sexy with that ripped shirt, traces of blood, exposed underwear and that slender waist. The highlight has to be his greatest asset though if you know what I mean. ;)

I got him as never opened so it is a new old figure? But because it was never opened, the plastic smell immediately attacked my sense of smell and the plastic protection was sticking to Akira like glue. So I wiped him with a clean cloth. I don't know about much about older figures but when I applied a slight pressure, it seems like it could break. Maybe the PVC has become brittle? Idk if it's the right term. At least he's flawless. :D

The other figure that came with Akira was Natsume Takashi from one of the Tribute Gallery prize figures (also unopened). I liked this particular scene of Natsume having lunch at the school rooftop with Nyanko sensei. So peaceful looking.


Next two days there were three more parcels. One of them contains another of my mini grails and the huge one has a significant impact on me (mentally and financially):


Shiki has arrived~~



Shiki is finally home, Akira!
Got him as used and he was a little dusty so I washed him with clear water and wiped him clean. No major damage was found on him and the peg still holds him well. Phew~

I really really love his red eyes and the full black outfit with some tinge of silver. His sword is also very cool. I had so much fun posing him with Akira. Mini grail#1 get!





I also got another Natsume Tribute Gallery prize figure where Natsume is posed returning the yokai's name. Simple yet elegant.


Now for the huge box, this is probably the largest I have ever received and because of that it was detained by the Customs. It was supposed to arrive last month but it was held back for inspection and by the time I settled everything it was already February. Sigh~ at least it arrived safely. Won these five Kuroko no Basuke figures after an intensive and nerve-wrecking bidding war.

They were used and the boxes definitely shows that, so dusty! Again bathing time for all of them. After inspecting, there was no major defects so all in all is great. I am more at ease now buying second-hand figures sealed or opened. Initially I was kinda paranoid about it but now I'm good as long as it has no broken parts or huge paint transfer.

These five figures sold as a set also saves me great trouble of hunting each and every one of them. Now I only need to get Midorima. I actually lost three separate bids of Midorima to the same person! XD Hence I gave up looking for Midorima in the auctions and decided to look elsewhere.




Some box shots above, all figures together and I tried fooling around with the camera settings below. Kise is so cool!! XD




The following day also saw a shower of parcels that surprised my delivery man and shocked my parents (Are you out of your mind? kinda look). But to me it seems like Christmas again or maybe even better. I was really looking forward to this batch of loot especially for Aoba Nendoroid and the DMMd Chimi trading figures. Here is the overall picture for the loot of the day:


There are 3 parcels from CDJapan, 2 from AmiAmi, 2 from Mandarake and 1 from HobbySearch.








Haul of the day! :D

In my defence I bought five Aoba Nendos which explains the number of boxes arrived. Initially I only pre-ordered two as I want to display the half-naked version as well as the standard pose. Then one day after I just woke up, I suddenly decided to get three more Aoba. One for each partner. :) One can never have too many Aoba ya?

I also took the opportunity to assemble the perfect Aoba since I have more spare parts to choose from and I get to compare how different shops pack when packing the exact same item too. Imho HobbySearch has the best packaging then AmiAmi. However, CDJapan packaging is not very consistent. Postage cost wise AmiAmi and HobbySearch wins against CDJapan as they only cost half as much.


And one of Aoba's outer box from CDJapan was damaged, most probably during packaging as the outer box was fine. Got the DMMd re:code PSVita game too. Maybe they tried to squeeze the game inside and damaged the box when packing for shipment? Idk I was feeling kinda sad but then I decided to move on to unboxing the next loot.

Up next is from AmiAmi where I ordered the Nitro+CHiRAL 10th Anniversary microfiber towel and the DMMd Chimi trading figures.




The microfiber towel was larger than expected (great quality too) and it has the main cast on it from all four games (Togainu no Chi, Lamento BEYOND THE VOID, Sweet Pool and DRAMAtical Murder). Definitely worth it if you are a fan!



This was the first time I bought trading figures boxset and it was so exciting to open each box to see which character is inside. It was so much fun! I was lucky to get all the characters including the secret character Ren in Sei's body. I even have extra Noiz and Clear!! XD They look so adorable~~



The Mandarake boxes are Nendoroids of Kuroshitsuji Ciel and Sebastian. I decided to get them as I could not resist their cuteness anymore!




You can really see the difference between the older nendos and the newer ones. GSC has improved so much and has continued doing so with their latest line-up. Their Haikyuu!! nendos looked very impressive.

Both Ciel and Sebastian were a little dirty (well they are old) so I decided to wash them with water and a few drops of dish washer soap. Cleaned them with a towel and let them air dry. Voila~ just like new!




I really like Ciel with his cute little chair and Sebastian with his silverware. :)

Speaking of Sebastian...


Look who showed up over the weekend.



Sebastian Michaelis 1/8 scale figure from Kotobukiya ARTFX J series!! I saw him popped up one day in YJA so I bidded for him and luckily I won the bid easily without competition. The same cannot be said for Ciel though. I lost two bids already for Ciel..guess I just have to keep looking and trying.


Look at the detail of that frame and roses! Amazing. One complaint though was the damned tray. So wobbly that if you breathe it will fall right off his hands.



I found Midorima in Mandarake by pure luck and coincidence. I checked every website I know every day to see if he is available and finally he decided to pop up in the Akihabara Complex for 10k yen. I jumped on it immediately. Not gonna missed out on Midorima again.



And now my Kuroko no Basuke figure collection is complete! Oh it feels so good after all the hard work~

After the basketball boys, here comes the swimming boys~♡



Thank goodness Alter re-released both of them as I have missed out previously during their first run. After I got Haru, I waited for Makoto to arrive as well before unboxing Haru as I wanted to unbox and display them together. Ah, how I long for these two.



Honestly when I opened Makoto, I was extremely shocked that it was empty inside. No padding, no cushion, no protection nothing! Just a piece of plastic glued to the bottom. Not even newspapers or air bubble packs. Thank goodness the box was intact. If it was crushed...



Nevertheless, they are gorgeous together. At first I thought Makoto looked kinda puffy in the face but I kinda got used to it. He definitely looks different from the prototype though. Haru on the other hand looks spot on. Haru's sculpt is really good with the toned abs and he has one of the most beautiful feet ever in figure history imho. :D

The next parcel is my mini grail#2 which is the highly sought after Lamento figures among fans. Although it is only 1/10 in scale, they are just as detailed. Even for a 10 year old figure (it was released way back in 2006) Konoe is really beautiful while Rai is really really hot. ♡.♡



Never knew blister packs opened in such a way back then. Kinda cool though.



Although it was described as used, it doesn't seem that way at all. Looks like it was just opened for a while and placed right back in. Only thing I found was a small paint chipped at the tree branch where Konoe rests his right hand. Still looks perfect to me. The drama CD was short but entertaining. :) I never knew Konoe's tail was supposed to coil around the branch until I saw the official photos here on MFC. Haha oh my..




Rai looks so smashing and bad ass!! His emerald green eyes are so mesmerizing..like he is seeing right through your soul...piercing deep into your heart.


Got a bunch of my favourite yaoi series from CDJapan along with the Shounen Jump Ryu of Eiichiro Oda sensei and Tite Kubo sensei. Love those illustrations and manuscripts given! I also love Zaria Ranmaru sensei works. This person draws the best XXX scenes ever..if it weren't for those censors.

And last but definitely not least, part of the mini grail#3..





The Nitro+CHiRAL Special Kuji Gothic version plush Youji!! I managed to get him for 5500 yen in YJA and I have to say Youji is very detailed for a plush. The hat with the purple roses, his jacket, his shiny boots and his eyes. However Youji is just the beginning of my quest for mini grail#3. After all my parcels arrive, I will make a special blog post about my newly acquired mini grails. I decided to just take the plunge and get these special kujis before I regret it for the rest of my life.

Another month has passed but it was an eventful month for me as Wonder Festival 2016 announced and revealed a whole lot of new figures. Native Aoba's painted prototype was revealed, new scales and nendos for Touken Ranbu were announced (the fangirl in me rejoices while my wallet cries in despair), Gangsta was confirmed to have scale figures of their two main leads and so much more.

Pre-orders for Izaya and Nakigitsune were opened last week as well so Feb 2016 was a happy one. I still have orders from Feb that are not delivered yet so that will have to wait until March 2016. Here's to hoping for more great news for male figures. Hopefully details for Native Aoba will be revealed soon enough. And more information regarding the new game from Nitro+CHiRAL, Slow Damage.
Till next time, MFC! Take care :D

29 Feb 2016
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Sekhmet Killing Stalking
SkyBlue4 anos atrás#6988566
Thank you for your compliments. You are my inspiration so I feel really happy to hear that from you. You have an amazing collection! :) Yes indeed it feels so nice to come home to my boys after a hard day at work and I feel motivated again.
It was so huge I could not carry it alone. Haha just a word of caution for those who dislike / is not comfortable with yaoi stuff. Better safe than sorry. :D

You're collection is great too! Congrats on all the cute boys added to your collection <3
4 anos atrás
Bearcat4 anos atrás#6988722Fantastic loot *____* so many pretty boys! Congrats on your grails :)

ptitange234 anos atrás#6988799Amazing collection, congratulations !!!

Thank you. Thank you. :)

Kimm134Saya4 anos atrás#6988848Finally! Someone who shares the same love for feet as I do! Haru's feet are definitely my best pair right now among the figures I own. Then again, I only have a few barefoot figures.

The moment I opened Haru the first thing that caught my eye was his feet. His toes are so beautifully crafted and each nails are painted. Haha I think the only barefoot figures I own are Natsume Takashi and Free! Mako and Haru. Btw I love LOVE your Persona and Shin Megami Tensei collections. Their merch are so hard to find. You're very impressive to find them. :D

rumichuu4 anos atrás#7010472holy shit. i am so impressed right now.

fauntoast4 anos atrás#7012865Awesome haul!

Thank you for your compliments! :)

Halcione4 anos atrás#7013745Lord allmighty, that's a lot of loot *_*
I specially love the KNB figures, I'm personally a bit too scared of leaning (which they look like they'd do) to get them myself, but they do look absolutely fantastic together.
Good show :D

I hesitated at first due to the same fear as you. I worry about them leaning but then I saw them selling reasonably as a set of five so I decided to get them and worry later. Haha but they look great together so no regrets there. ;)

Jess-chan4 anos atrás#7013952Oh my god this has to be one of the biggest loots I've seen here! Amazing adds! I love the Black Butler nendos!

Couldn't resist the Kuroshitsuji nendos no more. Too cute! XD
4 anos atrás
Oh my god this has to be one of the biggest loots I've seen here! Amazing adds! I love the Black Butler nendos!
4 anos atrás
Lord allmighty, that's a lot of loot *_*

I specially love the KNB figures, I'm personally a bit too scared of leaning (which they look like they'd do) to get them myself, but they do look absolutely fantastic together.

Good show :D
4 anos atrás
Awesome haul!
4 anos atrás
holy shit. i am so impressed right now.
4 anos atrás
Finally! Someone who shares the same love for feet as I do! Haru's feet are definitely my best pair right now among the figures I own. Then again, I only have a few barefoot figures.
4 anos atrás
Amazing collection, congratulations !!!
4 anos atrás
Fantastic loot *____* so many pretty boys! Congrats on your grails :)
4 anos atrás
Ahh~~ I see! Thank you ^^SkyBlue4 anos atrás#6988594Thank you. Love that gif! I got Shiki from Yahoo Auctions Japan for 8903 yen. He was used but still looks great. You can stalk Manda, AmiAmi pre-owned section, Amazon JP and YAJ, sometimes great deals do pop up from time to time. I saw someone won Lamento figures for below 1000 yen before. T.T lucky them..
4 anos atrás
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