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wenghan1992wenghan19924 anos atrás
I has been a while since I made a post on MFC. I am glad that everyone enjoy my previous post about summary of my figure collection in 2015 and I have a small update that I am very excited to share with you all.

I have been working on creating background theme for all my figure from time to time since my last post (my post-purchase enjoyment). Since then, I completed most of the framework for my project but not the coloring part (I still deciding on the color).

My current project list:

- Kotobukiya’s Kaneki Ken
- Kotobukiya’s Hestia
- Kotobukiya’s Shiro
- Alter’s Love Live Series

As I work on new project with more experience and idea, I feel that my old K-On! (My Favorite Series) shelf theme have been lacking. The shelf feel empty and lifeless compare to my newer project, and I feel bad about it. So I decided to put aside my current project and upgrade my K-On! set.

Before (v1):


My vision is simple, I want to make this space that will resemble their classroom concert in the movie. (But I will not cover the ‘ceiling’ and the ‘floor’, since this will make this particular space feel separated from my other space)

So instead of a single chalkboard with 2 speakers, I will make a full background + more speakers. Other than that, I also decided to add 3 microphone stand for Yui, Mio and Azusa. After weeks of work (I do slack from time to time), it has been completed. I am quite satisfy with the result and here it is:

After (v2):

The most difficult part for me is the microphone stand, it took me awhile to think and find the material that is suitable and cheap to use. Even though it is made out from cheap material, I think it turn out great. I also made a small upgrade for the new pair of speaker, instead of a simple printed paper stick on the wood, I add some silver corner and mesh metal to make it feel more 3-dimension.

The new background is what made the different. I expand it further and added a few detail to make it better. The white paper on the side chalkboard is some notice for class event, time table and even class schedule with all the name of K-On! 3-2 class student (it is impossible to see tho). I also add few chalk below the chalkboard made of out color paper to make it more realistic.

I guess that is, hope you all enjoy my little update for my shelf. (I might add a miniature shelf behind Mugi in the future, hmmm…) Any recommendation/comment are welcome :D (I aim to make it even better in the future if I have any more idea)

Thanks for reading. Ciao…

(Sorry if my grammar is bad, not my native language)
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ouuu I really like your new setup! ^_^ & Love K-ON!
4 anos atrás
ipwnboyz4 anos atrás#7735666I'm really picky when it comes to displays but I have to admit that I like what you did there.
Good job for impressing me as very few are capable of doing so.

Thanks! I hope you will like my other project in the future as i do believe they will match the standard set by this project.
4 anos atrás
silentwinter914 anos atrás#7732798Yea its better without the petits, realism ftw.
The mini figure is just temporary as i do not have enough space to display them. Since then i purchase another ikea's billy. But ya, realism ftw :D
4 anos atrás
weiwere4 anos atrás#7727419Nice! Now you need a table with tea cup sets and a turtle tank.
Thanks! Nice idea, i will try fit into my another K-On! set. (5th Anniversary version)
4 anos atrás
I like it!
I remember the time when I wanted to buy all the Alter K-On figures too and display them together nicely. My plan never came true and I mostly got other K-On figures instead. Until this day I'm still a big K-On fan and I still regularly buy merchandise.
4 anos atrás
Wow, love the speakers and the chalkboard wall! Great job!
4 anos atrás
That's a really cool display! :)
4 anos atrás
I'm really picky when it comes to displays but I have to admit that I like what you did there.
Good job for impressing me as very few are capable of doing so.
4 anos atrás
Whoa I love the chalkboard! Really nice display. I look forward to seeing your other displays :D
4 anos atrás
Yea its better without the petits, realism ftw.
4 anos atrás