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UPDATE 04/25/2016 -- Materials

(Pics from my cellphone, sorry)


Spray paints, Matte Coat, Dry Pastel Chalk from Daiso and local art supply store (expesive as hell).

Sooo I had been looking for suitable materials I can buy in Brazil and I found a pretty decent spray paint brand called Montana Colors (It's actually from Spain). Unfortunately they didn't have the plastic primer in stock but at least they had the Matte Coat I had been looking for ages. ^--^ Of course I had to test the paint without primer because I'm a bit impatient now and that's how it looks like after 2 layers of paint and one of matte coat:

That's the cosest I could get from the original color.



Loose ITEM #132201 front hair piece. Didn't remove original paint, didn't use primer. Jian Yi's shade used to check if it covers dark paints as well

I planned using pastels chalk to add shadows on the hair but I totally forgot ¬¬ I'll try again later with another loose piece

I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results! Aside from some small bubbles (my fault), it's pretty even and covered all the dark paint!

I realised I need something to hold pieces while it dries so I bought 50 wired clips on ebay lol If anyone's looking for something similar, here's the link: www.ebay.com/it...
I'll wait until it arrives so it'll take a while to atualize here.

Thanks for reading!!




I really like the 19 Days series and Nendoroids so I'm making Jian Yi and Zhan Zheng Xi customs. :> (I may try making He Tian and the red head guy as well in the future, who knows)


Parts used

-Jian Yi
ITEM #236172 - Hair
ITEM #327170 - Body
ITEM #327169 - Body
ITEM #287717 - Arms
Empty Faceplates sold on GSC Events (They don't have noses)

-Zhan Zheng Xi
ITEM #287717 - Hair
ITEM #364096 - Hair (MAYBE)
ITEM #327170 - Body
ITEM #327169 - Body
ITEM #287717 - Arms and maybe upper body
Empty Faceplates sold on GSC Events (They don't have noses)

-Preview Pic
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/01/1513142.jpeg

I'll be using pants for Jian Yi but this part didn't arrive yet so I just put the sorts to take the picture. :) I drew some dumb faces to have an idea of how it'll look like in the end

Mostly both will have similar bodies because that's the closes I found from their school uniform. I plan on adding white lines on their pants.

For their hair, I'll need to paint both and fill the gap on Jian Yi's forehead because Hoozuki has a huuuge forehead xD I also need to add an Ahoge to make him look cuter. :>

I have to buy some new paints, spray coat and primer before I start painting them. Let's hope I don't procrastinate this time like I did my entire life lol

Sor for any english mistakes :x
Thanks for reading! o/~
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totally want to see these when they're finished <3
2 anos atrás
Cerespam ~Soraname
Kiz-xo3 anos atrás#25571722Did you ever finish these? Id love to see them :o

I'm waiting for a hair piece to finish them ^^ Thank you!!
3 anos atrás
Did you ever finish these? Id love to see them :o
3 anos atrás
Cerespam ~Soraname
kuroorin4 anos atrás#10967980After the latest chapter I just had to come back here and look at some happy 19 Days nendoroids. ;__;

Mah hart, that chapter killed me... but this nendos are making me sad as well because clips did't arrive yet and I'm anxious to paint parts ç__ç

And omg I'm so happy you remembered in such a moment <3
4 anos atrás
After the latest chapter I just had to come back here and look at some happy 19 Days nendoroids. ;__;
4 anos atrás
Cerespam ~Soraname
kuroorin4 anos atrás#836412619 Days is amazing! Looking forward to your posts. :)

Thank you!!! :3
4 anos atrás
19 Days is amazing! Looking forward to your posts. :)
4 anos atrás
Cerespam ~Soraname
garnetfenghuang4 anos atrás#8148277I'll be keeping an eye on this, they're looking really good so far! Thanks for sharing and definitely keep us up-to-date!

Thank you!! :D I'll update as soon as I gather all material I need
4 anos atrás
Cerespam ~Soraname
M-Linfa4 anos atrás#8145375That gap on the head is kinda troublesome I don't think you can fill it without leaving a seamline unless you recast the faceplate entirely and remold your own

Yeah... That's the part I'm more concerned... I have a spare hairpiece so I'll try something like this:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v179/soraname/hair.jpg

It's a shame I can't keep his forehead as big as the original one... =/
4 anos atrás
Cerespam ~Soraname
tohoeshinki4 anos atrás#8133665AAAAHHHHHH I really wanna know the final result! Keep us updated :3

Sure thing! Thank you! ;D
4 anos atrás