kitakunkitakun8 anos atrás
It's so hard! ;; I really don't want to sell ANY of them .. But, I don't have a job right now, so I'll have to get rid of a few. Do you guys go through this ?... ;_;


So, please check out my collection! I'd be willing to sell them for a good offer! (except for a few of them. I just can't let go of some..).
There are a couple in my shop, but they're not the only figures I'm selling.

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Plenty of times, I've accumulated so much; I'm actually willing to let go without too much regret. However, I get rid of what pieces with the most market value first. I've sold pieces for double or more than what I paid.
However, I got a credit card debt and cell phone to pay and finding (full time) employment has been a crapshoot. I have no living expenses since moving back with my parents (no kids either. High five) so that gives me financial leverage. Rather have a job than relying on "collectible" brokering, but I have I have no choice and bills don't wait.
8 anos atrás
I was checked on your shop.

only 3 items I interested to buy.
8 anos atrás
Hehe, I'm in the exact same position :3 Parting with them is quite hard, but I take heart in the fact that I can spend the money elsewhere in life that would probably benefit me more :P
8 anos atrás
I try to not buy any figures I don't necessarily need/want unless I see one for a really good deal. Letting go of any seems really hard, maybe part yourself from the ones you like the least first? Or maybe the more expensive ones if you are trying to get back some money? :(
8 anos atrás
My figure will probably be the last thing to be sold, I only cancel orders never had to sell any....because my figure will only cover maybe max 3 months.

Only reason i sell will be I lost my job, no money saved pay forCC

How many did you sell, I only see like 10 nendoroid, (trying not be offensive) why do you need $400~$500? Because it will only save you once unless u.you get job
8 anos atrás
I don't have much space anymore, so I sold some and packed others in carton boxes, I know a bit how you feel :/
8 anos atrás
How come you're selling?
I'd only sell mine, if I really didnt want it anymore and would prefer another
8 anos atrás
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Do you really have to sell anything?
Nendos aren't particularly costly, so you wouldn't earn much...
Is this stress worth the 50 bucks you might earn? If you have a place to live and get regular meals, I see no reason why you should sell anything.

Why not try to try and earn some $$?
8 anos atrás
itsame00Lol, you're just adding more salt to her wounds!

8 anos atrás
KuromiiPoor you, I know how hard it is to sell them ;__; but is your Yoko up for grabs? I would dearly love to have her~♫

bananapandaHow much for Nagi?
I doubt you'd get rid of her, but I might as well askk. :>

Lol, you're just adding more salt to her wounds!
8 anos atrás
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