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✧ AX2016 Loot! ✧✧ AX2016 Loot! ✧

milkycafemilkycafe2 anos atrásLoot
Hey guys, I'd love to share with you guys the loot I was so happy to get at Anime Expo 2016! ^^ This year, I decided to focus more on quality and reduce my spending.

Atlus and Capcom both had nothing for sale this year which made the spending very minimal, indeed.

The only thing I regret not being able to get in is the Miku Ribbon Girl Outfit ITEM #343697 from Volks since I didn't win their lottery... I hope they'll release more of them in the future but I was happy for the people that got the outfit... they seemed really happy! I wonder if they'll ever make a figurine of Miku in this outfit? It's one of my favorites~ ♥

Onto the looooooot~!♫

Artist Alley

First up are some lovely artist alley stuff. This year, there was a lot of competition for the rupees in my pouch but these came out to be the winners.


Large Prints: It's lovely to see some new artworks by Kyuriin, they've always had a lovely style but really worked on refining their technique in the recent years!


Small Prints: I've never seen this artist before but their style is simply Exquisite! I just had to get a few, my favorite is the Fran and Balthier one for sure~ More of their works here www.trungles.co...



More Artist Alley loot~


The little cat coin purse is a gift for my coworker that isn't really into Anime stuff but really loves cute things. I already packed away the purse with the business card inside so I don't remember who the artist is, but I'll update this when I get home!

The Journey earrings by PaperJellies were originally being sold as pairs of only reds and whites but the artist was kind enough to let me mix and match them since I really dislike wearing symmetry. I'm so glad they were made with surgical steel posts because I'm pretty much allergic to anything that's not steel and silver. :)


The Neosynthesis art book is by Finni Chang . I've seen her at many cons and have bought various items from her, all are awesome quality! Finally took the plunge today and got the art book, Link Sketchbook, and Link Bunny Headband Strap from her... no regrets~ ♥

As for "The Demon Mages" Sourcebook II: 2423A.D. by Crybringer...



We were both so stoked to meet that he drew me this awesome picture and note! So much hugs and laughs and good times... it's like it never mattered that we never met before. Please please please check out his awesomeness at his deviantart!! Our first meeting was literally a cry-bringer.


These two sparkly necklaces are made from Swarovski elements crystals and sterling silver chains. I bought them because I bought one from her two years ago and wore it every day and it is still in like-new condition! It's not often I find quality and affordability in jewelry! They make great presents for yourself or your significant other(s)~ Check out SparkleSand store here!


Exhibition Hall (Dealers)


My NISA stash. They had a promotion going on with getting bonus items for buying certain amounts. They had three tiers, I only hit the bottom tier at $30 and the top tier is at $100. If I had waited to get the Grand King Grand Edition here instead of online, I would have gotten the top tier bonuses and avoided state tax but we can't really guess these things ahead of time!

The bonus items I got from NISA were the Meruru Art Book (scoreeeee!) and the Danganronpa eyepatch (meeeeh, but free!). I've been really getting into the Aterlier series again recently so Meruru was the perfect little addition to my collection! Actually became the favorite thing I got from their booth, hehe. ♥

The Danganronpa buttons were $7 and only 1 of 6 sets (3 from 1 and 3 from 2) but this one had Sonia and Chiaki in it so I had to get it. :3 The prinny iron-on patches are super cute and I have no idea what to do with them (had to get them!)~ Also got a Monokuma & Monomi Sibling Rivalry shirt for a friend of mine~ It's a lovely shirt with Monokuma's red eye in the back. Sorry I didn't get a picture of it before giving it away. ><


This one is kind of off the anime path but I had to get one!


XP Pen was the first tablet I used to learn to draw when I was in high school. My parents bought it for me when I first started to get "serious" in drawing. The pen feel a lot softer on the tip than Wacom tablets do (Compared to Cintiq and Bamboo, I don't have an Intuos) and works exceptionally well with SAI. XP Pen tablets are also really affordable and the first one lasted for many years! The pen eventually cracked after years of my crazy-hard grip but a replacement is only $16 for the pen. They're currently having an Independence Day sale on Amazon for 5% off or 12% off at the con. They also have Cintiq-like tablets now but I'm not convinced I need another monitor-tablet~



Good Smile had a lot of figurines for sale! The lines were crazy long on Saturday morning so I opt in to line up when it was short again after the Love Live Sunshine concert~ I even got to meet the owner of fullOanime, Kennth, while I was there. What a special treat! You should totally check out his figurine reviews if you haven't, they're something special! It's also what convinced me to get the Snow Owl Miku figurines~ I have a tragic story on how this got unsealed against my will but I will save that for my next blog entry about my journey through AX2016.


Unfortunately, they ran out of two things I wanted. The Cardcaptor Sakura poster was sold out by the time I checked out...


But I was really glad I was able to see the new prototype of this figurine in the flesh! There was no photography allowed but it is ✧ enormous, beautiful, and grand ✧... I can't wait until it will be released!

The other thing that sold out was the Kirby Nendoroid (anyone got one for sale?) which I just happened to missed cause they had to refund me on the spot. For funsies, I also got one of the Angelic Angel nendo petits and got Nozomi! How lucky am I~ ✧

The Cardcaptor Sakura Animate Cafe clear file and rubber straps were from Kinokuniya, I feel so happy I was able to find them here! I've been scouring the internet for the Cafe items but has been pretty unlucky with it. The shikishis I've gotten both got wrinkled in the corners by the time it got to me in the States even with extra padding, but at least I have these clear files now!


Next up is some Sekai Project loot~


No visit to a con would be complete without some NekoPara love. They happened to have their $40 vol. 2 Limited Edition set that includes a 18+ art book, a mini shikishi, a cd, and the game. I had to get it the moment I saw it, the quality is amazing in the full-color book!


There was also this wallscroll that I've been eyeing for several cons but there was finally a price drop on this one for only $15! Got it right away with the rest of the NekoPara stuff. Just have to get my steamer to get the wrinklies out...:3


She is so freaking CUTE!


Lastly, I've got a few more things left!


A very adorable daki of Shiro from No Game No Life by Lollipop Channel, another 18+ book from Sekai Project, and some shades and t-shirt swag from Funimation for being a subscriber.

Glad I got to find this Shiro daki, I wanted to get the Animate one but seems to be sold out from all the retailers around. Should have gotten it at Fanime when I saw it there at the Kinokuniya booth! But this one is ultra cute too... :D

http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p714/missnekopon/loot-12_zpsws7mbnmd.jpg http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p714/missnekopon/shiro-back_zpsodizhp9p.jpg


Overall, I'm very happy with the loot I got from AX! It was a great time, can't wait for next year!
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skii65 (2 anos atrás) #12486932OMG your Large prints looks so beautiful!!!! Thank yooou, i can't wait to put them up! Thinking about putting Inori into a float frame. ^^
2 anos atrás
OMG your Large prints looks so beautiful!!!!
2 anos atrás
Halcione (2 anos atrás) #12440416Those large prints are beautiful, and I REALLY love those Journey earrings.
Very nice loot overall, grats :D

Thank you! Can't wait to wear them to work or something. xD
2 anos atrás
Those large prints are beautiful, and I REALLY love those Journey earrings.

Very nice loot overall, grats :D
2 anos atrás
milkycafe (2 anos atrás) #12428629They were so affordably $5 for both~ The NISA booth lady had it taped to her convention lanyard. ^^ Uhh thats a really good price! I didnt go this year cause the ticket cost is so high, plus gas, parking, etc.,
2 anos atrás
harukaa (2 anos atrás) #12419252Really like the things that you got especially the Nekopara set! Nice loot overall (^^).

Yes! The cute NekoPara set was definitely one of the highlights of my loot~ <3
2 anos atrás
bambipie (2 anos atrás) #12409421uhhhh i want prinny psthess

They were so affordably $5 for both~ The NISA booth lady had it taped to her convention lanyard. ^^
2 anos atrás
solluxcaptor (2 anos atrás) #12393999Wow, really nice loot! I wish I could get that Nekopara set myself

Ah, I wonder if they will ever end up selling them online? Looks like they had multiple copies left!
2 anos atrás
SkyBlue (2 anos atrás) #12393955Nice~ Balthier looks very sexy! Love your CCS merch too! ^^

Thank you! I really liked the artist's style~ haven't seen much like it. :D CCS stuff was such a treat!
2 anos atrás
Really like the things that you got especially the Nekopara set! Nice loot overall (^^).
2 anos atrás
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