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This is my first Review for this great website and coming from a man from Texas you guys can tell that I love anime.

Stands approx. 25cm tall.

* Shipping Weight: 2.1lbs
* Manufactured by: Medicos Entertainment

It has been a long time since the start of the anime series in 1986 that Saint Seiya has made the spotlight that it had so long ago. Remembering your childhood days when you would wait all day to come home and catch another of the episodes was epic. But Saint Seiya has been kinda forgotten by the modern figure collectors but still remembered dearly by the young adult community. But now we got a model made by Medicos Entertainment for all the old fans out there and to show the new Anime collectors that "Old school still rocks."



This has a 9/10. The box is big but slim and when u take out the figure out of the box it comes with plastic surrounding vital areas like the boots and the heads of the figures. This comes in a 2 layer plastic packaging with instructions to put the figure together. Overall the packaging is well made for the figure with good protection.


Sculpting/Painting/Posing/Base: 9.9/10

Now this model has a beutiful paintjob on the Cloth of Seiya/Aiolos. The shading is just great with the amount of detail they went to make the cloth look as real as they could. With many paints involved in the cloth of light metal, dark brown with gold and white, you can really tell what they were trying to do in the painting of the figure... Perfection. To live up to the Bandai Saint cloth line is a must cause most Saint Seiya fans collect the Saint Myth Cloths more than actual 1/6 scale models. I say they did a very good job bringing Seiya and Aiolos to life. In both of there heads for this figure, the hair and the detail in the face is the points of beauty in this model. As the best shading of a Saint Seiya Hair i have seen in a long time. With the great combination of Blacks, and browns, they really do make it feel like its real.


Overall painting in this figure is great, even the eyes have a great look and feel to it and as u can tell right now the Enjoyment of this figure if your a Saint Seiya fan is really high. The Stand for this figure is a very plane black round with pegs stand. Nothing special for the figure. If the stand would have been made more detailed and less uninteresting, this would have made an epic Saint Seiya model. This Figure comes with 2 heads, Seiya and Aiolos, 2 Wings for the back, and 2 parts of the bow. Overall great figure.


So did this figure live up to the expectations of Saint Seiya Fans? I think it did and when beyond expectations! Even though this line from Medicos can never compete with the everlasting Saint Myth Cloth series of Bandai, I think its a great model for the Fans that don't want to spend 80 dollars on a Myth Cloth that is six inches tall. This model is around 85 dollars but its worth the money.

It will be one of your show points in your collection... I should know... I own one.

My Video Review can be found here www.youtube.com...

Thanks for reading!
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