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Hello all!

It's been a while since I've made an entry here. I usually ponder certain topics from time-to-time in an attempt to think of what might be most interesting for people to read, and I think I have a pretty good topic today! What is it, you ask? Problematic faves, the figures you love to hate, but hate to love. The figure in question for myself is: ITEM #287758 ! There's a bit of controversy surrounding her for a couple reasons: 1) She's Wonderful Hobby Selection and 2) She's WHS and quite a few of her arrived with a broken peg for many collectors. Ridiculous, right? That's what I initially though.

In all actuality, I ended up missing her preorder deadline like a doofus. She was one of the figures I truly needed in my collection, the perfect representation of the Sorceress character from Dragon's Crown! Annnnd I missed her. Shoot. She released and, well, had some... issues. The peg that is supposed to connect Sorceress to the base seemed to have snapped off for many collectors. Some were able to fix it, which was great! Considering the price of the figure, though... well, I felt a little relieved that I had missed the deadline after all. And that was that! Or was it? I'm going to sound like I'm beating a dead horse here, but I'm one of the many collectors who have been trying to cut back their spending habits. I won't go into any rigamarole about my collection-splosion the first year I entered into this hobby, but it was quite insane. I've been better about it, though!

I find that when I don't browse the preowned sections of Amiami and Mandarake, I have a better handle on my appetite for figures. Sometimes, I like to take a peek, but I squash any and all desire to just fling money at the screen. That was until a few days ago when I saw Sorceress on Mandarake: unopened and for a fairer price than other shops. I guess in the end, I had a subtle regret in not getting her the first time around, but that cursed snapped peg was such a turn off. The more I thought about it, though, the more I just wanted to slap the buy button. She is Wonderful Hobby Selection after all, and that could only mean she'd get more expensive as time went on. I mean, just look at ITEM #198336 for example. Sure, she's a ship girl and popular by default, but I digress. Anyways, long story short, I debated for an hour or two and ended up purchasing her anyway.

Do I regret it? Nah. I haven't checked if her peg is intact or not - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a wee bit nervous - but I already told myself that I would fix her if needed. The peg is a hidden part of her setup, so it wouldn't be blatantly obvious if I did have to fix her. She's absolutely gorgeous otherwise, though. I love everything about her, from box to base to figure. Max Factory did a bang-up job (now if only manufacturers could use metal pegs)! Anyways, I'm pretty hyped to have her in my collection, for better or for worse!

So MFC, I leave you with this question: do you have a problematic fave? Is there a certain figure or figures that you collect, even if you don't like something about it? Or perhaps you've purchased a figure and it was or wasn't to your liking in the end? Maybe it's a figure that you hate for a certain reason but still love deep down in the end? I'm interested in hearing your answers!
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'the perfect representation of the Sorceress character from Dragon's Crown!'

nope... the perfect one is 1/4.5 A+ sorceress. Everyone knows that! haha

Though for a 1/7 the max factory is a good close second.

Collect enough figures and quite a few of your favourites will have issues (paint transfer, broken pegs etc). It's just extra frustrating and depressing to have your favourite figures come out of the box with issues :(
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Owned: Native's Mahou Shoujo girls and those damned mini-wings. Oh, and Sasaki's joke of a cast-off panty. I think to keep from breaking or losing it, I taped it to her body.

Not owned: Black Rock Shooter Animation version. I'm smitten with that figure but I sold it anyway. So many horror stories about her breaking, either her hair or her base or the fine pegs that hold her together... I decided I don't want her to break on me so I sold her.
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I've never actually played Guilty Gear, but I always thought this dude had a pretty neat character design. That figure does look pretty nice... picture/1259015... this angle doesn't look too bad, if you ask me! But hey, always trust your instincts. If you really need him, you'll get him. (;

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I understand the pain of skipping over a figure, only to want it later and find out that it costs an arm and a leg...
( ཀ͝ ∧ ཀ͝ )

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Six? It's like they know people want to build armies with soldiers... Tsk tsk.

Magusfigures4 anos atrás#14002663-snip-
Understandable. There's so many characters that I want represented in figure form, yet no one ever makes figures of them... ;-;

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I love me some Shizuo and Izaya... those do look great, though. I can't preorder them right now but I had planned getting them into my collection at some point. <:
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I absolutely adore ITEM #331505 but I'm on the fence about ordering him because of his leg. He looks great from the front but his leg is so wonky. picture/1589843...
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I don't have this figure (yet?), but I stare at it often: ITEM #198530

I absolutely love all the details on this Sol Badguy, from the way his inner-gloves grip his muscles, to the rough texture of his pants, to the general distressed, tough-guy aesthetic they've given him all around. Everything about him screams bad ass, and Heaven (or Hell!) knows I love me some Guilty Gear.

But ... his face from some angles ... picture/1250385... ... It's totally strange? His upper lip is crooked and juts out like a beak! It probably wouldn't be too noticeable if he wasn't displayed facing straight forward, but still, it makes me hesitate ... Which is also nerve-wracking, because his price is creeping up!
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Hi Nepgear! ITEM #196272

I love Neptunia and most of its cast, but ended up passing on both her and Uni (ITEM #196273) when they were up for order as their likeness was not quite to my liking, especially Nepgear... The shape of her face was driving me nuts! I'm not fundamentally against artistic variations and do quite enjoy them sometimes, but in this case it just seemed off to me. Tsunako is also one of my favorite artists so I'm probably much pickier in this case...

A few months back both of them started haunting me yet again so I decided to hunt them, aka wait patiently for them to pop up for a less inflated (but still pretty inflated) price somewhere.

After a few months, I found Uni. Then after a few more months (and at this point I had been growing rather impatient), I stumbled across an opened Nepgear. For an even higher price than the sealed Uni I had gotten, obviously -_-
I debated if I wanted to risk getting an opened one (at this price, I reaaaally didn't want scuffs on her) and ended up pulling the trigger.

She got to me in a timely manner... with a 60$ customs fee. Urgh. Adding this to the hefty price and the bad exchange rate, I ended up paying way more than I was comfortable with for a simple 1/8...

Thankfully she doesn't have any significant flaws or scuffs! And the fact that she was already opened means I'm not afraid to unbox her despite the price I paid XD
Also she looks better in person than in photos, so the face doesn't bug me that much (but it still does a bit haha)

All in all, I'm still very very happy I finally got her, and I like her and don't have any big issues with the figure itself. However getting her was just so tedious and expensive that it did sour things a bit for me XD


TL;DR Passed on preorders cause the face bugged me, stalked her for months just for the chance to pay a less hefty aftermarket price that was still a hefty aftermarket price, gambled and stressed about condition because she was opened, got hit by customs pretty hard. Face still bugs me a bit but looks nicer than expected and I'm still very happy to have added her to my Neptunia collection.
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jazzylin4 anos atrás#14000534Another user told me its because of people like me that they get away with prices like this, which actually weighted on me for quite a while.
That's silly. Yes, that's a higher price than normal, but that's a larger piece than most figures; there's more work involved. People like you (and me, and a lot of the rest of us here) are helping keep those artists and manufacturers employed. If not for us, many would have to other things to make a living... perhaps terrible things... they could become mimes! Imagine, all of Japan, filled to overflowing with mimes!!! Nay, we must save them from such a hideous fate. Buy, my friends, buy!
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jazzylin4 anos atrás#14000534ITEM #236240... Another user told me its because of people like me that they get away with prices like this, which actually weighted on me for quite a while. She may be a bad life choice but shes still an alltime favorite. So i guess you could call her a problematic fave lol!
I'm joining you on that one. She's my favorite abyssal ship and those sculpted eyelashes are to die for.
I have no shame in admitting I've ordered her even if her price is indeed problematic. Buy what makes you happy and be proud that you can afford her.
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Sheesh, looking at that soldier, he really is expensive... even more so than Lucina. Does he come with a lot of accessories, at least?

A knife, rifle, dirty magazine, two little pop-up things, and glaring eyes. So more then a usual figure but not at all enough to justify the price. The best insult? You know how typically you're limited to three items PO'd per household? You can preorder six of him. That's right, for that price Max Factoryand GSC apparently screwed up the concept of "troop builder".
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ITEM #145214 is definitely a problematic fave of mine. The sculpt of his legs is super weird and janky-looking, and he has no shading at all on his hair, but damn if I'm not glad to have him! I didn't think N would ever get a figure, so I felt lucky to have this much. (now of course, there's the nendoroid, which is way better quality). Banpresto N was a present from a good friend of mine who also loves the character, too, so I'm definitely not going to get rid of him anytime soon.

My other problematic fav is ITEM #27208; and arguably so is every other figure I have from that set. The paintwork on his face looks really awkward from some angles; since he's a trading figure I guess you get what you pay for. But, again, this is the only figure we have of this character (or, this iteration of him, anyway) and with TTGL's popularity waning I don't have high hopes for anything better. He's still one of my favorite figures in my collection, and you couldn't get me to part with him for anything.
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