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Hello Otaku Brothers and Sisters!
This is a YouTube Video from our Channel DanteMagica.
The TOP 10 MALE FIGURES is the 3RD in our FigureFacts series. Based on your votes, and statistics on each figure's profile from MFC, we created a list of the Top scale Male Figures that have been released that collectors love the most.
We have had an enormous amount of positive and constructive feedback, and although it took some time to sort through and make certain our choices were based on votes and statistics, your involvement gave us motivation to try to make something entertaining.
Thank you all once again for the comments and links to which Male Figure (scale and released) you wanted in the list! Remember, we will make a separate video for Top 10 Male Nendoroids. Also, since there are so many great male figures, we will eventually make another Top Male figures as well as Top Upcoming Male Figures videos.
Below is the end product of our previous blog: pt.myfigurecoll...
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That aoba and ren!
4 anos atrás
Being more detailed dose not mean better!!!! I own Benten, Shizuo, and Undertaker. Shizuo is significantly better the the more detailed undertaker and I would say the only thing stopping him being better than Benten is his detatchable arm joint! Bentens body actually dose not look as (natural / snooth flowing/ idk the word..languidly realistic?)as Shizuos really is just shiney wings, flowing hair and the joint on Shizuos arm that stop him from being the same level IMO...
4 anos atrás
Should be titled "Top 10 Winners of Male Character Popularity Contest (That Actually Have Figures of Themselves)" But I guess that'd be too long.
4 anos atrás
Karumi Bishie Enthusiast
The lack of Atobe, despite being the in thumbnail, was pretty shocking. Kakashi and Izaya as well. Some of the figures on there, even high-ranked ones, were extremely basic.
4 anos atrás
Haruka and Shizuo being in top 3 was kinda jarring to me. They are NICE figures, but being sandwiched between Benten and Aoba really shows how plain their sculpts are. I also remember Haruka getting a lot of complaints when it released, so... idk. Depends on what kind of "top" list this is I guess. Popularity-wise Haru & Shizuo are definitely up there, but sculpt-wise I would put them way below Levi.
4 anos atrás
Lies. the best male figure is ITEM #1029
praise be to the beer belly
4 anos atrás
Ummn popularity contest, in term of The best sculpt and detail to be honest benten need to be at least on the top 3.
4 anos atrás
Character popularity is probably huge. I didn't vote for any figures I don't have, including Benten. I was just glad Shizuo made the list. He's simple, but he's one of my top 3 favorite figures easily.
4 anos atrás
Yanderechii4 anos atrás#14402599-oups- edited lel Anyhow, I think some of The lower figured are far more detailed than per say, Haruka.. Like benten, levi, ren but that's IMO
Yeah I don't get why Benten is not in the top 3 XD
Ok, sure, character popularity but were talking figures and details here.
Imo, the current top 3 male figures in therms of detail, quality and complexity are Aoba, Ren and Benten.
4 anos atrás
-oups- edited lel Anyhow, I think some of The lower figured are far more detailed than per say, Haruka.. Like benten, levi, ren but that's IMO
4 anos atrás
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