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October 2016 Loot - Care package <3October 2016 Loot - Care package <3

snowfeisnowfei2 anos atrásLoot
I've been wanting to do a loot type post for a while but I always buy just 1 or 2 things and it's never made sense to do so. Good news for me, a really good friend of mine sent me a care package with some goodies. <3 It's the perfect excuse to finally make a blog post.

I apologize in advance for the crappy phone pictures. I recently downgraded my phone and I didn't realize how much I actually use my camera until now. OTL

For my package I received:
  • Lots of loose leaf tea
  • Two types of Moon Cakes, one was red bean paste and dates, the second is a lotus seed one.
  • Overwatch postcards from the collector's edition. (Not pictured)
  • Hanekawa button
  • Kizumonogatari Book
  • Shinbou Keychain
  • FixFIX Madogatari Shinobu with Kyubey
  • Madogatari Shinobu & Mami prize figures
  • Madogatari Clear File
  • Persona 3 Artbook

...can you see the theme?

Here is everything out of the box.

Group shot of everything!

I'll put individual pictures under a cut so I don't kill people. D:

View spoilerHide spoilerMooncake!

Hanekawa & Kizumonogatari

Shinobu Keychain

FixFIX Madogatari Shinobu with Kyubey

Madogatari Shinobu & Mami prize figures

Persona 3 Artbook

Bonus picture of my cat being "helpful"

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/snowfei1478273084.jpeg
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Mami and Shinobu are so adorable!
They're two of my favorite Shaft girls!
2 anos atrás
It's always such a pleasure to see Monogatari Series loots <3
2 anos atrás
snowfei snack expert
Kyrieleiison (2 anos atrás) #15875933Madogatari Shinobu & Mami prize figure it's so cute!
Nice loot. n_n

Thank you!! And yeah :D They're much cuter in person, originally I didn't know if I liked the photos enough to get them.
2 anos atrás
Madogatari Shinobu & Mami prize figure it's so cute!

Nice loot. n_n
2 anos atrás