Jan. Loot ~ Yuri!!! On Ice Galore ~Jan. Loot ~ Yuri!!! On Ice Galore ~Loot

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January Loot
~ Yuri!!! On Ice Galore~

Like a lot of us I kicked off the year with more packages arriving!
More specifically I spent it by;
1. Ordering too much YOI merchandise
2. Receiving too much YOI merchandise.
Although I feel like I should mention I don’t intend on buying every piece of YOI merchandise that comes out x’D I’m trying to be picky buy ordering the ones I deem ‘nicest’ or ‘cutest’ etc and not just a frenzy of ‘buy all the things!’ That being said while I didn’t buy every piece of YOI merchandise known to man there is still a pretty massive amount of it here!
Not to worry though, Angela makes an appearance too along with Yasusada! A wild Genos appears too.
Let’s get into it!
(Click on the photos to see them properly! I made some of them too big.)
January started with a find on Mandarake!
The Angela microfiber towel that was exclusive to Comiket 87! I’ve been wanting this for ages and I was so happy to find it on Mandarake.
A few weeks later another package arrived!
The first of a truck load of YOI merchandise.
These were just too cute not to buy~ though I’ve gotta say Yuuri’s is probably my fave.
(They’re actually upside down here but the image was so crisp in colour I had to share!)
Moving on to the clear files (of course; why else would I buy magazines? To read? Pfft-)
Ahh! I was really looking forward to this one it’s so cute~ <3
Gotta say; the art is not the best on these two. The concept is sweet though and I like that they’re reversible.
The only other break away from YOI merch. was a little box from AmiAmi.
Cute ‘New Year’card and of course; finally, Yasusada has arrived!
Aww, he’s so cute! I adore how they sculpted his hair; OR did a great job.
He’s lovely; though his base is pretty large X’D
~More Photos Under The Spoiler~
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2017/01/28/1696162.png

From here on out literally everything is YOI related; so if that’s not your cup of tea I suggest you turn back now.
I would like to say I regret buying all of these Victuri Doujinshi. But I don’t.
Ahem. Leaving that aside; I had another lucky score from Mandarake!
Hmmm. That’s an awfully large box for such tiny pieces of merchandise. This is like the Angela and Sonico rubber straps all over again.
Victor and Yuuri’s acrylic stands from Youme Café~ I adore these, they’re so cute! I was initially trying to find them on Yahoo Japan, but they were WAY too expensive. Especially the Secret Victor; admittedly the prices on Mandarake weren’t exactly the lowest either but they were still cheaper than buying through a proxy.
They’re actually bigger than I thought they’d be so that was a nice surprise. I still can’t get over the fact the secret one was Victor fanboying over Yuuri’s acrylic stand/keyring X’P
On a totally random note I cracked up laughing when I saw the description Mandarake had kindly put on the content description:
Thanks Mandarake. Now the people at the Post Office are going to think I bought some kind of used sex toy. Bloody hell-
I digress; I also received my FromJapan package on the same day!
That was certainly an interesting way of packaging everything; the only other time I’ve received similar was from HLJ.
Finally my C91 YOI merchandise has arrived!! I bid on everything and thankfully won everything as well. I decided to wait until everything arrived so I could get FJ to send it all together.
After I’d opened everything~ Look at the symmetry guys; I was so happy being able to line up Victor and Yuuri’s corresponding merchandise.
Yuuri Side
Victor Side
I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the badges and rubber straps. I don’t know why but I was thinking they’d be smaller than that. They badges are so pretty and sparkly~*
I was rather amused by the packaging on the acrylic keyrings;
Somehow I don’t think they proof read the packaging before printing it XD “JAPANE” lol I love finding little things like that.
The Victuri Shrine has evolved yet again. And the clear files definitely do not all fit anymore.
A few days after these packages arrived, my December AmiAmi order FINALLY arrived!
Yay! Look at all that stuff~! X3
”One of these things is not like the others-“
Okay; so Genos is technically the last non-Yuri On Ice related thing this month X’D
Apart from the fact I think his hair is a bit too dark; he’s a really great Nendoroid! GSC seem to have really improved their ‘super moveable edition’. He doesn’t fall apart at all; unlike another certain Nendoroid (looking at you Archer you pain in the ass!)
I was however pleasantly surprised to find this mixed in with everything. The little scarves; I didn’t order my Genos with them but it seems like they gave them to me anyway XD They’re quite cute; I’m going to try the green one on my Angela Figma/Nendoroid later.
Now! Back to Yuri!!! On Ice!
Of course I had to buy the soundtrack; what kind of fan do you think I am!?
(Personal favourite skating songs are still; In Regards To Love ~Eros~, Anastasis and Duet Stammi vivino, non te ne andare.)
More straps! Of course-
And the big acrylic keychains.
Pillows~~ Yes <3 Even though I shouldn’t have bought them at all considering I’m highly allergic to dust and dust mites; but hey!
I’m excited guys! The Victuri shrine is taking shape!
And then. FINALLY my magazines from CDJapan arrived!
From Animedia this lovely YOI Historical AU illustration
And of course the clear file.
(Though I’m not overly fond of the illustration so I’m thinking about selling it.)
Animage also had 2 clear files which feature some of my favourite illustrations for the show so far.
After a few days I finally found a place to put the poster from the PASH illustration file.
(I love this picture so much you guys don’t even know XD)
Also arriving on the same day were these two adorable keychains. Finally! I ordered them ages ago.
They’re so cute though~! I also completely forgot that ordering them as a set meant you got this cute little postcard as well.
The last of my Victuri doujinshi also arrived.
I won’t be ordering anymore for a while now. Need to put the money towards better things; like more YOI official merchandise.
And then at long last my January AmiAmi order arrived!!
That is one hell of a large box.
The culprits of making the box so large were the 2 massive tapestries of Yuuri and Victor. For some reason it did not occur to me that the tapestries would have rods in them. I have no idea why I thought they wouldn’t.
(See what I did there YOI fans ;p)
No photos of the huge tapestries were taken; in fact I didn’t even open them because I still have NO IDEA where I am going to put them. I didn’t want to unroll them and not be able to roll them back up again neatly.
I did however open the 2 mini tapestries.
In their new home next to my holy grail of tapestries.
Moving on to all the straps and keychains.
Starting with the massive felt guys. They were much bigger than I was expecting. I personally find it both adorable and hilarious that Yuuri’s little postcard has the Victor ‘posters’ in the background XP
These two are some of my personal favourites; I just think they’re adorable!
As cute as these guys are they’ve been awkward to hang. I’m still working on it.
I love how bright these are! They weren’t kidding when they said they were big.
Ditto to these two. Massive and I love them for it.
More stick cushion straps! Still working out a place to hang the Victor + Yuuri one.
And of course; badges.
(Yurio’s not there because I plan on selling him.)
And finally; after all these years of wanting an anime phone case-
YAY~! My phone is a Samsung and I can never find official phone cases that fit it. This one is a bit big but at least my phone fits! I’m way more excited about this than I should be.
The last of my January orders came in thanks to Aitai Kuji!
Ahh! They’re so cute! I love these keychains~ <3
The badges are adorable too! The clip mechanism is making it hard for me to display them since they don’t like to stick to the wall of my Victuri shrine. I’m thinking about just laying them down for now.
(Yurio is once again absent because I plan to sell his and I wanted to put them back immediately so they didn’t get damaged.)http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2017/02/13/1707571.png
(Whoops! That’s a huge photo XD)
Also I just realised the little Victor I had leaning on the big cushion strap as taken a tumblr. gdi Victor be good and behave like Yuuri!
Thus ends another month of collecting. The Victuri shrine is already running out of space and I’m actually thinking about relocating my Angela Balzac figure shrine and just turning my entire to desk into Victuri madness X’D
I guess we’ll find out this February!
Until next loot post guys~!
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Jumblebelle3 anos atrás#21944497Oh my god, that's enormous. haha Thank-you! I think a poster that size with such a good illustration is worth the $25 is would cost me for a magazine I can't read. lol
It's worth it for sure! That illustration is actually one of my favourite pieces of official YOI art. A majority of the magazine is actually just a bunch of illustrations. So not a whole lot to read anyway, just lots of pretty pictures to look at :D
3 anos atrás
Majikaru-Rin3 anos atrás#21943803Sure thing!
Width 59.3cm x Length 84cm
So it's quite large :3

Oh my god, that's enormous. haha Thank-you! I think a poster that size with such a good illustration is worth the $25 is would cost me for a magazine I can't read. lol
3 anos atrás
Jumblebelle3 anos atrás#21898376Would you be able to tell me the size of the PASH Illustration file poster please? :)
Sure thing!

Width 59.3cm x Length 84cm

So it's quite large :3
3 anos atrás
Would you be able to tell me the size of the PASH Illustration file poster please? :)
3 anos atrás
Kirenisa3 anos atrás#18218773Awesome loot! haha :D
Thanks!! :3
3 anos atrás
cocosole3 anos atrás#18218641All the YOI! It's glorious!!! >w<) Your Victuri shrine is really nice and visually pleasing~
I was drowning in YoI merch this month and I regret nothing~! X'D haha~ And thank you! I'm glad you like it, I definitely wanted to make it nice to look at and not just randomly throw everything at the shelf :3
3 anos atrás
StarFruit3 anos atrás#18218559Love all the YOI stuff you got! <3
Thanks! Me too~! > w <
3 anos atrás
starlightshine3 anos atrás#18218551Holy shit, that's a massive loot. You created a shrine from just one month's loot alone! That's hella impressive O_O
Some really cute stuff. Also, Yasu is beautiful!

Ahaha~ it was crazy! The delay of the AmiAmi December order made it seem even more nuts XD Thanks~! I'm very happy with everything :3 And Yasusada is precious~ OR did a great job on him.
3 anos atrás
heroizumi3 anos atrás#18218547Man and I thought I was ordering a lot of YoI stuff XDDD
Though I'm mostly buying anything Otabek and the poor guy doesn't get nearly as much merch as he deserves. I got the Youme Cafe stand and Animate Cafe stands of him and you're right, the Youme Cafe ones are bigger than expected! Not that I'm complaining, hahaha.
Anyway, nice haul and nice set up!! Looks really nice!!

haha~ the funny thing is I've seen some people who have ordered even more stuff than me! XD
He really doesn't get a lot, thus is the side fate of minor/side characters I guess TuT And I know right? They're great, I was expecting them to be fairly small so it was a pleasant surprise.
And thanks! It's fun adding all the new merchandise to the shrine :3
3 anos atrás
Lien3 anos atrás#18218501I bought the same phone case and I'm so happy with it! They should make more of these universal phone cases, it's really clever how they work. And I bought the same mini tapestry!
I wish I could spend so much on yoi merch but my wallet just isn't allowing it :< but it's really nice to see all these pictures of the final product!

They do! There are always a heap of cases I want but can't buy because I don't have an iPhone :< The mechanism that allows the phone to move is a great idea!
Ahaha~ Yeah my wallet isn't happy with my spending. I'll have to cut back soon TuT But thank you! I'm having a lot of fun putting the shrine together xD
3 anos atrás
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