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MFC + Winter Wonfes 2017MFC + Winter Wonfes 2017

KaneelKaneel1 ano atrásNews
Hi everyone!

So we meet again for another Wonder Festival.

The predictions for this year's menue are a base of idol hell, ship girls and sword boys, flavored with yoi, sprinkled with some fate, a granblue icing and topped with Rem.

Once again it's time for excitement, anticipations, weeping wallets and "but i wanted to take a break from the hobby, now they announce this >.<" .
No matter if you're a veteran or a new collector here are some things you should know about MFC and Wonfes.

  • Winter Wonfes will be on the 19th of February starting at 10:00 am(UTC+9) and lasting until 17:00.
  • Due to all of the activity on the site, MFC used to be really slow in the past, but after the server move last year the past two events went by without any hickupps.
  • Try to tag all photos relevant to this Wonder Festival as WF2017w so people can go through them later! You can do the same to blogs and entries too!
  • Try to avoid uploading non-WF pictures/entries until after the event.
  • Make sure you check for existing entries before adding. Some figures are teased before the event, so they may have been added already.
  • Don't have an entry with just a picture and nothing else. Not only will you annoy staff and the entry be deleted, you may be banned from adding entries in the future.
  • And again, No. MFC is not a race. Really.

Important note: Due to the New York Toy Fair this weekend we'll probably get mixed sneak peeks and reveals from there too since Kotobukiya, Good Smile and Bandai are present.
Please make sure to properly tag entries and uploads with nytf2017.

Muntoe (2 anos atrás) #6464376Photos will be deleted without warning if you are violating any of these rules:

* Incorrect category. Twitter is no longer a valid official source, make sure those photos are in Chan and linked directly to the twitter status.
* Invalid source or a vague source. No www.google.com, www.twitter.com, www.moeyo.com, etc.
* Unlinked photos. All Official and Chan photos must be linked to an item in the database. If you are rushing to be first to upload these photos make sure that you link the item in question. If not too bad, someone else can do it correctly.

Violate these repeatedly and we will be handing out photo bans.

and another note regarding the race for making new entries.

We will keep a closer eye on "repost" entries.
If we found that a repost happened because the first entry was
- lacking essential information or displayed wrong information(major classification missing like Nendoroid for example)
- main picture is a pixel spot of a character where we can only guess who it is

In these cases we'll merge these entries in favor of those who took their time to create an entry with as much info as possible as provided.
Previously it easily happened due to the server timing out but if the last events are repeated you won't notice a difference in how mfc runs.

Again we'll invite the supporters and VIB's to join the chat lurkers right here

Channel 1 will be for general wonfes conversations and channel two kept for questions, helpseeking with info, kanji and character identifying, basically everything regarding new entries.

And last but not least. *drums*

Katto will be live and in flesh at the event and promised to tweet as much signs and other essentials as possible, so you're officially invited to stalk her twitter during the event.

Thanks again everyone for your contributions to the site and keeping it updated. And an extra thanks to Katto for this blog template and Muntoe for the picture comment *-* .

P.S Since we had to deal with several removals of non japanese origin/manufacturer items, please keep in mind that entries of manufacturers Myethos and Hobbymax are only allowed when they are from a japanese origin/ franchise.
Additionally wholesaler Milestone also announced to introduce lots of new manufacturers which we don't know yet so be extra cautious with these www.mile-stone....

-MFC Staff
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My body is ready but my wallet isn't ;;
1 ano atrás
Thanks for the notice.

I'll be hiding under my bed until it's over.
1 ano atrás
Recent Comments
All I want is a new Elin figure from Flare.
1 ano atrás
Any new Fire Emblem figure will be absolutely incredible and welcome (though unlikely, I'm still hoping).
1 ano atrás
Disney/Pixar Nendoroids and Wishing for more Nintendo Nendos as well.
1 ano atrás
all i want are a couple noragami nendoroids. but it's not happening. T.T
1 ano atrás
All i want to see this WonFes is ITEM #468110
Don't mess up Prime one ! i know you won't
1 ano atrás
this is my first WonFes
everyone talking about Alter Rem prototype will be reveal
but thats not what makes me salty, i'm salty about another Kaori figurine from aniplex, why aniplex do this to me...
1 ano atrás
Kaneel on Ice
I'll be updating the post about the new york toy fair.

This went completly under the radar, but Kotobukiya, Good Smile and Bandai have booths there.

Please make sure to tag any uploads from the toy fair with nytf2017 so we don't get mixed up between wonfes and toy fair.
1 ano atrás
Please have a rise of Touhou! :|
1 ano atrás
Maybe she's, but don't looks like the same design of her nendoroid plus, she have little ponytail in the end of her hair :C
some people are saying it's Lyria from Gran Blue Fantasy or can be Jibril of No game no life :D
1 ano atrás
As always, I hope for more Studio Trigger figures and more Parfoms, especially Tamamo~

PoisonCupcake13 (1 ano atrás) #18335144More Re Zero nendoroids please T_T Emilia and Beatrice pleaseeeI'm 90% certain this is Emilia:

We'll know for sure in about 16 hours. \(//∇//)\
I want Beatrice too ;3;
1 ano atrás
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