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With WonFes approaching and overall the fact that I like to be organized, I wanted to write out and post an actual list for all of my hopes and dreams for this hobby in a format that I can update as needed.

Series are in alphabetical order, but characters are ordered within their series by most wanted to least. Fire Emblem & Pokemon are spoilered to avoid huge page stretch.

Fire Emblem - View spoilerHide spoilerFire Emblem - Roy
Fire Emblem - Owain
Fire Emblem - Anna
Fire Emblem - Robin (Male)
Fire Emblem - Leo
Fire Emblem - Hector
Fire Emblem - Eliwood
Fire Emblem - Alm
Fire Emblem - Celica
Fire Emblem - Corrin (Male)
Fire Emblem - Chrom
Fire Emblem - Azura
Fire Emblem - Lucina
Fire Emblem - Lyn
Fire Emblem - Camilla
Fire Emblem - Xander

League of Legends - Miss Fortune
League of Legends - Ashe
League of Legends - Jinx
League of Legends - Caitlyn
My Hero Academia - Neito Monoma (I can dream ok?)
My Hero Academia - Kyoka Jiro
My Hero Academia - Denki Kaminari
My Hero Academia - Momo Yaoyarozu
Pokemon - View spoilerHide spoilerPokemon - Morty w/ Gengar
Pokemon - Lyra w/ Chikorita
Pokemon - Ethan w/ Cyndaquil
Pokemon - Kris w/ Totodile
Pokemon - Spark w/ Zapdos
Pokemon - Misty w/ Stayu
Pokemon - Leaf (FRLG ver.)
Pokemon - Volkner w/ Electivire
Pokemon - May
Pokemon - Brock w/ Onix
Pokemon - Dawn
Pokemon - Sabrina w/ Alakazam
Pokemon - Brendan
Pokemon - Eirika w/ Vileplum
Pokemon - Lt. Surge w/ Raichu
Pokemon - Blaine w/ Magmar
Pokemon - Lucas
Pokemon - Steven w/ Metagross
Pokemon - Barry
Pokemon - Serena
Pokemon - Nate
Pokemon - Koga w/ Venemoth
Pokemon - Hilbert w/ Zekrom
Pokemon - Elio (Ultra ver.)
Pokemon - Selene (Ultra ver.)
Pokemon - Hilda
Pokemon - Rosa
Pokemon - Callum

Sword Art Online - Fairy Dance Kirito

Attack on Titan - Annie Leonhardt
Attack on Titan - Jean Kirschtien
Code Geass - C.C.
Durarara!! - Mikado Ryugamine
Durarara!! - Masaomi Kida
Durarara!! - Anri Sonohara
Fate/ - Robin Hood (Archer)
Free! - Sousuke Yamazaki
Sword Art Online - Silica w/ Pina
Sword Art Online - Klein
Sword Art Online - Lisbeth
Vocaloid - Akita Neru
Vocaloid - Gumi

Kingdom Hearts: (Nendoroid or Bring Arts)
Kairi (KH1 Nendoroid)
Roxas (Nendoroid)
Aqua (Nendoroid)
Ventus (Nendoroid)
Terra (Nendoroid)
Xion (Nendoroid)
Axel (Nendoroid)

Bring Arts:
Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning
The World Ends With You - Shiki Misaki
The World Ends With You - Joshua
The World Ends With You - Beat
The World Ends With You - Rhyme

Trading Arts Mini:
Final Fantasy VII - Zack
Final Fantasy VII - Aerith
Final Fantasy VII - Yuffie
Final Fantasy VII - Tifa
Final Fantasy VII - Cissnei
Final Fantasy XIII - Hope
Final Fantasy XIII - Vanille
Final Fantasy XIII - Fang
Nier: Automata - Eve
Nier: Automata - Adam
Nier: Automata - Pascal
Nier: Automata - Jackass
Nier: Automata - Devola
Nier: Automata - Popola
Nier: Automata - Emil
The World Ends With You - Neku
The World Ends With You - Shiki
The World Ends With You - Joshua
The World Ends With You - Rhyme
The World Ends With You - Beat
(Truly, pretty much everyone they will make)
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