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My 30 day Figure ChallengeMy 30 day Figure Challenge

OmegaWerrierOmegaWerrier1 ano atrásDiary
[This blog has some broken links and sadly I lost the photos they showed, apologies :( ]

Hey, what's up! I'm back again, this time with my version of the 30-day figure challenge (baby, solves all your problems ;P).

Have in mind that I wrote this during the span of a few weeks, not in one sitting. And I haven't collected for that long (less than a year), so some of the entries will be repeated and other left in blank since I don't have anything to go in them..

Cringe warning: High levels of cringe humor ahead, turn around and save yourselves

1. Your Gateway Figure (figure that got you into figure collecting)

I have 2 actually. When I first saw these, I just knew I had to get them. They are the Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening (ITEM #144318) and Rory Mercury from Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (ITEM #368441).

2. Your most entry-level figure

I'm going to cheat with this one... I don't have anything that could really be considered entry level figures, so I'll mention my FIRST EVER figure here, which is, drum rolls, please... Levi from AoT (ITEM #183924). Kinda of a sucky first figure, since it's so flawed, but it could be worst. That reminds me, Levi wasn't technically my first ever figure... but that'll be a story for another time I guess...

3. Most obscure figure

Even though the popularity option on my collection page says it's ITEM #529207, I'm more inclined to say that it's my Tart from Tears to Tiara(ITEM #183893). I myself don't even know her origins, I mean, I know it's a PS3 game, but I never got around to get it. And she doesn't have many owners in the site, so yeah... Shame really, she's really beautiful, definitely one of my favorites.

4. An impulse buy

Which one shall I mention... ahah... My Fate Testarossa from MSL Nanoha (ITEM #26961), that's a good one. Yeah, I got her on Mandarake while browsing the site aimlessly (have in mind, that I basically NEVER go to Mandarake). I spot her and it catches my attention, mainly due to the price, 16€... "OMG! 16€ for an Alter scale! Add to cart!" The shipping wasn't as cheap has her though (It was over 9000!... I'm soo sorry...).

5. Figure you spent the most on

As of right now, that would be my Maka Albarn scale (ITEM #188424). I spent 140€ on her + 45€ for EMS shipping + 60€ custom charges. My wallet sadly perished that month, rest in pieces oh old wallet. JK, though I DID actually replace my wallet, but not because of that obviously XD
This year I already have THREE close competitors for the title (not quite there though) funnily enough, don't tell wallet-chan though...


6. Best deal you've gotten

My recently ordered Tharja from FE awakening (ITEM #144366). She goes for stupid high prices these days... And I got her for 135€ :3
Can't wait for...

7. Favorite poseable figure

Since I don't want to say Lucina again, I'll say Flauros from Iron-Blooded Orphans (ITEM #459652). I love the design, changing his poses is really fun too. Besides, with those big as canons - sorry, I meant "GALAXY CANON!" - nothing bad could go wrong.


8. Favourite chibi figure

I have to go with my side waifu, Tokisaki Kurumi from Date a live (ITEM #225343). She is so badass, and cute at the same time, by far my favorite Nendo I own.


9. Favorite Prize figure

I'd have to say Hatsune Miku 2016 Racing version (ITEM #440643). She is so lovely and colorful, and of really good quality for the price.

10. First grail owned

And the repeats start here... "Maka Albarn (ITEM #188424) smashes again!" I just realized how wrong that sounds, when I actually meant to reference the Super Smash Bros. meme XD

11. Items or characters you have multiples of

I have 3 characters that I have more than one figure of, being Fate Testarossa (ENCYCLOPEDIA #1891), Takamachi Nanoha (ENCYCLOPEDIA #1762), and the Gundam Barbatos (ENCYCLOPEDIA #87506). You'd think I'm a big fan of Mahou Shoujo Nanoha from that... ironically, I've only watched the first 3 or so episodes XD

12. Figure non-collectors would appreciate

My dad is pretty cool with my collection and actively listens when I talk to him about it. My mom, on the other hand, while she doesn't outright say it, disagrees with me spending money on what for her is a plastic toy. However, she really liked (another repeat in coming) my Hatsune Miku figure (ITEM #440643). I even got a second copy of the figure by mistake, so I placed it in my baby sisters room because they both like her :3

13. Figure you're ashamed to show your family

She hasn't arrived yet, but it'll be without a doubt Suzushiro Mizuki from Boku Girl (ITEM #396963) when she arrives. She is going to be so out of place in my collection, and the more I think of having her exposed in the shelf, the more I get anxious about what people that come into my room (including my parents) would think. Never the less, I'm SO excited for her to arrive :3


14. Fixer-upper or a figure you've had to repair

And we have ITEM #188424 again... Yes, I broke my most expensive fig and Grail *fidget* on the day I got her too *fidget*. I was dumb and stubborn, moving on!


15. Item with an interesting story

Normally I'd say ITEM #188424 again, because of the whole breaking story thing. But I guess I'll tell the story of my FIRST EVER figure. The actual first... I don't talk about it too much... It was Mikasa Ackerman from Aot ITEM #163658. Got her from amazon in 2015... and she was a bootleg... I know, I know... but I wasn't into collecting per se at the time, so I didn't know about bootlegs and all this figure collecting knowledge. That's why I have all of these 1 thousand books about figures now, I read a book a day, that way I'll have a Lamborghini one day and I'll move to Hollywood hills and install more bookshelves. Because you know what I like more than all that? KNOWLEDGE!

16. Most nostalgic item

Though not a figure, I'll mention my Pikachu plushie. I've had him ever since I remember, so he was always there, and reminds me of simpler times. I can't quite determine the exact item he is in the database since I cut the tag when I was a kid. And he's quite the famous one in my blogs, he always gets compliments when he appears ahah.

17. Most annoying item

Why oh why must Lelouch of Code Geass (ITEM #342817) be so annoying T_T He looks cool and all, the problem is that if you move him, even just a tiny bit, he falls apart. The head is WAY to heavy for the weak supports he got.

18. Gaudiest/tackiest item

I don't have anything that fits in this entry...


19. Biggest figure

In terms of body proportions, I'd say Asuka Langley from Eva (ITEM #72684). I was very pleasantly surprised when I received her and saw how big and heavy she is. While she is a prize figure and doesn't have a scale, I'd say she is close to being a 1/6 scale.

20. Smallest figure

Definitely my Kanzaki Ranko from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (ITEM #280865). Honestly, an impulse buy, as I don't know the character and show, but the character had a cute enough design, so yeah...

21. Favorite figure received as a gift

Never received a figure as a gift, and doubt I'll receive one anytime soon. :/

22. Favorite pair of figures to display together

I like Fate and Nanoha going together, but I'd say my favorite pair is Marth + Sheeda from Fire Emblem (ITEM #287727 + ITEM #287814). The hero-king and his magnificent lover go together amazingly.


23. Cutest figure

It's gotta be my girl, Elise from Fire Emblem Fates (ITEM #396886). She is super adorable, capturing perfectly her personality from the games.

24. Edgiest figure

I don't have anything very edgy... maybe my Graze Ein from Iron-blooded orphan (ITEM #410838)if I stretch it. That color scheme and stature definitely sets a sense of power and uneasiness. And those axes, they definitely are... EDGY.


25. Series you wish was complete

Got to go with other repeats here, both Elise and Lucina from Fire Emblem, because I REALLY WANT more figures of the series (give me a Xander, oh please figure gods, I beg of you... JUST TAKE MY MONEY!).


26. Completed series

None... I don't collect series, just figures I like.

27. Oldest item

It's my Gouf Flight Type(ITEM #10838). It's TEN years older than me...

28. Most recent acquisition

The last I received was Spider Gwen (ITEM #326916) and the last I ordered was Red from Pokémon (ITEM #331724).

29. Your display


30. Favourite item(s)

Link for easiness sake: profile/OmegaWe...
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I was going to originally ask y'all if I was cringy, but after reading it myself... Yeah... But was I able to entertain you?

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Kirenisa I am a collector!
First of all I LOVE the video I love LOTR <3 but this was a great post very fun read. :)
1 ano atrás
OmegaWerrier (1 ano atrás) #21839806I wrote the article, and even I selected that option XD

Can't lose hope in humanity when you have none to begin with amirightboys? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
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MajesticCow (1 ano atrás) #21839673Man that third option.I wrote the article, and even I selected that option XD
1 ano atrás
Man that third option.
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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