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Second loot of the Year (May to July)Second loot of the Year (May to July)

OmegaWerrierOmegaWerrier1 ano atrásLoot
Hey! What' up everyone.

Hope you're all doing good. I'm back for round 2 of 2017. This might just be one of my biggest loots ever. Without any further ado, let's get right into it.

Obvious heavy picture blog warning is obvious.


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To start things off, I'll show the finished product of the Omnimon model kit I got on my last loot (ITEM #41248) and a couple of keychain from Code Geass.
I think the kit came out alright, though the blue stripes on the chest are a little messy.


Next, I received a long-awaited package. And I say long-awaited not in an "OMG can't wait!", but in an "OMG, my package has been in the mail for 3 months T_T". Anyway, I'm talking about Volume 3 and 4 of Boku Girl (ITEM #250916, ITEM #275203).


Ever since I got into figure collecting, Date a Life figures kept popping up, especially of Kurumi and Yoshino. I watched the show and fell in love with the characters, so I set out to buy one figure of both Yoshino and Kurumi (my favorite characters). I soon came to realize that Kurumi's figures cost a lot in the aftermarket (at that point we didn't have this many Kurumi figures coming out), so it would have to wait until I could get her, and I didn't want to get only one without the other, so I didn't get Yoshino either. In my last loot, I got the re-release of ITEM #225343, meaning it was time to get Yoshino. And alas, I got her from a fellow MFC user, and I'm the proud owner of ITEM #186207.


More model kits! YAY! :D I got ITEM #10838 and ITEM #351891. I really like building model kit if you haven't noticed, sadly I haven't had much time for them ever since I went from part to full- time job. Not that I don't technically have the time, but most of my days off I simply don't want to do anything and relax. I'll show off in detail the finished product of the Graze soon in another blog.


Up next I got some books and the Limited edition of Fire Emblem Echoes: SoV. The books are a booklet of the storyboard for the Soul Eater anime 1º opening and the art book of Drago Age Inquisition.


Really enjoyed Echoes, being a nice change of pace from Fates and Awakening.


Since I got a pay raise, I decided to treat myself in May, so I got one of my grails - ITEM #144366. Oh boy, is she great... I was initially put off by her "daring" pose, but now I feel it goes pretty well with the kind of character that Tharja is.


A few months ago, I found some figures of Spider-Gwen, and I was immediately interested. Towards the end of May I remembered her, so I went ahead and looked them up again to decide which to get, and ended up choosing ITEM #326916, Got her on Ebay for pretty cheap, and she is now a pretty little gem in my collection.



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To start off June on a good note, I got the complete DVD set of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It's my favorite anime series and had been feeling like watching it lately, so I picked up the set to be able to watch it whenever I want. And it's a great addition to my collection of course.


Then at the middle of the month (on the 16th), I received not one, but TWO scales!... It was a good day ^_^
The first one arrived early morning while I was asleep, but my mom received her for me (thanks, mom :> ). It was ITEM #397033. I ordered her through Nippon Yasan with the Trans Logistic Shipping to try it out since I spend so much on customs charges, and I find that it does work well and compensates better to do it this way. After all, I paid around 20€ for the VAT, totaling in around 145€, but if it went through my country's customs it would take much longer and I would likely have to pay anywhere from 35-45€ of customs charges, so yeah...

About the figure itself, I found her on the database last year and she caught my attention, but at that point, the pre-order prices were way too high, so I didn't get her... until May. I checked her page after her release and she had turned out really nice, and the price was back down, so I picked her up. Really happy with her, really beautiful sculpt and painting, love the colors. Added bonus of her being a Limited+Exclusive AND a 1/1 scale :P I mean she isn't like your usual 1/1 scale, but now I can brag that I own one nonetheless :3


Slightly NSFW Figure in spoiler below.

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The second one to arrive was ITEM #396963. Oh how long I've waited for this figure X3 I When I got into Boku Girl, the pre-order time window was gone sadly. But I was able to take a pre-order off someone's hands that didn't want him/her (it's complicated) anymore. The day of release (28th of March) finally came, and I was super excited but as you can see, he/she only got to me 2 months and a half later... Why? Because of customs, that's why. And they charged me 48€ of fees T_T Well whatever, I'm, sadly, already used to it, and I'm happy they didn't pull a "this is porn! it to the trash can it goes!" or something, I was kind of afraid they deem him/her inappropriate and destroy the figure. But I finally have him/her and I'm super in love with it ^^. I also already had happened what I was fearing the most about getting this figure, my mom's reaction... "Oh my, she has her * showing!" I just say "no she's not, she has panties on" while dying on the inside of embarrassment >_<.


Towards the end of the month, I received a Package of my winnings in the Urband Mine auction, namely: ITEM #15835, ITEM #46353, ITEM #46352 and some drinking glasses.



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In July I was to receive 2 more packages than I did, but customs are being a pain, so this will be it for this month.
But what I got, sure was cool.

First thing, a tapestry (ITEM #479295). It was my first order through a proxy. Don't know the origin of it, but I was mesmerized by the beauty of it.


Secondly, I got the DVD set of Steins Gate. I've been feeling like watching it again, so I decided that I might as well pick up the set.


I caved in, and at long last, I got a PS4 bundled with Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn. I really wanted Horizon and even considered getting the PS4 just for that. But after watching this year's E3, I found that I had a decent amount of games to get soon (for those of you curious, I'm looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2, The last of us 2, Metro Exodus, Spider-man and maybe Shadow of the Colossus remastered and Anthem). I also picked up Bloodborne since it was on sale, really enjoying it, dying a bit here and there, but I'm doing alright I think, being my first From Software game and all.

BTW, everyone seems to love Persona 5, I've not played any Persona games (or any JRPG for that matter, not counting Pokemon or Fire Emblem) so I was wondering why people like it? I kinda want to get into JRPGs, but the trailers never really entice me to get the game. Is it the story, characters, gameplay, everything? Your opinion about it would be appreciated.


Lastly, I got ITEM #331724. Got him from Mandarake for 6500 Yen, which I think was pretty cool, though he does have unfortunately a few scratched on the hat.


Thank you for reading this, hope you found it somewhat enjoyable.
Until the next time, OmegaWerrier out.

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Nice collection you have there!

To answer a few of your question:

1. Your tapestry seems to be from the Vita Game Caligula. I think it's an RPG, but I know it is written by the guy who wrote the first 2 Persona games.

2. As for Persona, I like it mainly for everything. The characters are amazing, just enough anime but not too much so they become annoying, the story is good, the music is great and the gameplay is one point. If you enjoy JRPGs with life sim elements you should check it out. You can watch a few let's play if you are curious, but be aware that by JRPG tradition the beginning is very very very slow.
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