July 2017: Last display case shelf filled.

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The last shelf of available display space in the small display case has been filled and that means I won't be getting anymore figures for a while since I don't have anymore room.

Managed to find shelf space to display the huge Titans Return Titan Class Trypticon who was a lot bigger than I expected and after ITEM #259963 arrived that figure found a space on my swimsuit figure shelf in the small display case.


I'm happy that I managed to stick to collecting the series I like the most, and this is a lot easier to manage now so I don't feel as if things are over crowded even if it looks crowded.


I don't have any plans for the coming month to get anything else since there is no room to display things and I'm happy to keep this collection to where it's just under 100 figures total.

I am tempted to reorganize again to be able to have ITEM #75578 on display but with the way she is she's difficult to dust so she's remaining in her box for now.

Nothing on order, nothing on the wish list right now and I'm hoping that nothing gets my interest from the upcoming Won Fes since I just don't have the space for anything new anymore.

Managed to resist the urge to splurge on Fate Series figures and I'm managing to resist the urge to preorder things so it feels good to not be fixated on things so I can just relax. As usual working on fending off the urges to buy Transformers G1 figures so the current plan to take a break from things is working out well.

Trypticon is awesome, he fits perfectly with the other large things and at first glance he makes me think it's a Zoid but it's a Transformer so I'm happy I didn't get sucked into collecting Zoids since I'd love to get some vintage ones or new ones into the collection but I just don't have the room.

That's it for a while, just going to give my brain a rest from looking at anything new for a while if I can since the new stuff that I want will be around for a while and I don't need to drive myself to a frenzied state to get it as soon as it comes out when I can wait till later and get it at a lower price.
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darkfader (3 meses atrás) #23549739You can just buy more shelves. You can even stack them from the looks of it.
I need some couple more too, but no space xD

Right now the objective for collecting is to be satisfied and happy with what I have, I would be super tempted to buy another large glass display case like the one here and squeeze it in where the Voltron/Fortmax is between that case and the large entertainment center but I don't feel like getting another display case right now.

I have a feeling that if I were to be able to get rid of that large entertainment center I could put 2 more display cases in that corner.
3 meses atrás
You can just buy more shelves. You can even stack them from the looks of it.
I need some couple more too, but no space xD
3 meses atrás
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