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    As the comment below said, Surugaya is probably the best place to get it, but it's not always available so you might have to keep checking every now and then. (Other places to look for it is Yahoo Japan Auctions and Mandarake, but I don't think it's very likely you'll find it there, I have seen it much more often at Surugaya)

    Keep in mind that you need a forwarding or proxy service though as Surugaya doesn't ship internationally! I recommend BIJ's forwarding, it's cheap and works fine for me, here's a guide on how to use it: BLOG #16043

    (Btw, I suspect you're a Teto enthusiast, hm? I am, as you might've guessed, a very big fan of her, so I was very surprised and glad to see her and this album on the main page!! We have a Teto fanclub on here if you're interested in joining c: CLUB #1646)
    4 anos atrás
    Went through the usual sites I look through and found nothing, unfortunately. However, I did stumble upon one of CHIYUUN's blog articles BLOG #31564, in which they said in the comments:
    chiyuun5 anos atrás#17263771Fyi, it tends to be sold at Suruga-ya from time to time for pretty cheap (search for Graduation from Lie, 重音テト doesn't work to find it) so you should check there if you want to !!
    So maybe try stalking Suruga-ya for a while. Hopefully it pops up soon!
    4 anos atrás
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