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Heyoo MFC~! This is my first post,and I haven't posted on any sort of forum in about a bajillion years so I feel super rusty lol.I see most people sort their Loot posts by month,buuut I can't remember exactly what came when,so I'm just grouping it all together for now.So these are the packages I've gotten the past 2/3 months ish!


First off is an AmiAmi pkg ❤


Arrgh! I've had such bad luck with the postcards in my AmiAmi orders lately! Whhhhyyy.I keep slicing them when I open my packages,no matter how careful I am.


Madoka Kaname Maiko Ver. Nendoroid ITEM #158023

My first AmiAmi Preowned purchase! I'd never looked in the preowned section before this,and it was probably a wise decision to stay away,lol. Buh-bye monies~~$$$ I snapped her up for 5280 as A/B,and am so happy I got her! Idk what AmiAmi was talking about rating the box condition a B,becuase it was freaking pristine.


Kero-chan School Uniform & Battle Costume Plush Keychains ITEM #444328 & ITEM #444326

My inner child is soo pleased about these,I always desperately wanted a Kero-chan plush ;3; I'm trying to help my mum get a start on Christmas shopping so I ordered an extra of the Battle Costume Kero to give to one of my siblings who also like Cardcaptor Sakura :3


This Little Twin Stars Dream Tomica car has started a trend you'll see below >w> I just love these little cars,they remind me so much of toys I had when I was little! The Pokemon "Travel" stickers will be going on the storage cubes I use for my makeup.


My Little Fairy Cosme ITEM #553011 & ITEM #553007 & ITEM #553008 & ITEM #553014 & ITEM #553012 & ITEM #553013







These are unbelievably precious,and honestly make me so happy lol.These are teeny little Polly Pocket look-a-likes,the cases all supposed to be the shapes of cosmetics like nail polish,perfume etc,and all have little fairies living inside as the "Polly"s! It was only 2690 for the set,and is one of my favorite recent purchases.I'm thinking of ordering a second set for my sister who also grew up with Polly Pockets,and collects vintage toys now.


Another AmiAmi order~!


Cardcaptor Keychains ~ ITEM #560929 & ITEM #569188 & ITEM #560932

I love the art style of these! One of the Sakuras,and the Syaoran / Sakura pair keychain will be Christmas gifts for my sister & brother.


ITEM #536188 & ITEM #536186 & ITEM #536189

I've always restrained myself from keychain collecting,no matter how cute they were my thought was always,"But what to do with them?".My resolve has crumbled,as you can see (. __.;;)


ITEM #148500 & ITEM #464979

My first Nendoroid Face Case! I've been really grumpy that I missed all the previous ones,so I jumped on the preorder like nobody's business.


Cardcaptor Pillow Case ~ ITEM #583048

This is another thing I ordered to save for a Christmas gift,but it's so pretty I'm regretting not getting one for myself (๑˃ᆺ˂๑) I'm really impressed with how good the print job on it is!


The last item in that order doesn't look like it's in the database here,opps! It's the PreCure Sugar Cake House set.Each box is a separate piece of a little cake shaped house,with little furniture pieces and PreCure character dolls (^▽^人) So,so cute! And it comes with 2 full sets,so I'll be giving the 2nd set to my sister for Christmas.

The unfortunate thing is it was surprisingly heavy,and quite big,so it bumped up my shipping cost by like $20.Ouch.


You can see what the finished house will look like on the boxes here :3


AmiAmi (ꈍ꒳ꈍ)

Madoka Kaname Uniform Version ITEM #74968
My second purchase from AmiAmi preowned,I got her for 1580 A/A. I honestly had never planned on getting her,but she was such a good price and I have always loved the school uniforms in Madoka Magica so I grabbed her.

Nendoroid More After Parts 2 ITEM #143956

I couldn't resist ordering this to use with the Yuri Plisetsky Nendoroid ITEM #549347 in case he didn't end up coming with cat ears of his own lol.Turns out he will,but I'll still make good use of these!

And lastly in this order is the My Sweet Piano Dream Tomica car.It's so teeny and I wuv it XD


This order is mostly odds and ends,I'm such a sucker for these sorts of things lol.Luckily I finally managed to get one of this postcard that wasn't ruined! One I sliced,one my fatty cat stepped on while it was on my bed and it crumpled,and one was bent by way it was packed in the box (ᗒᗨᗕ)


Yuri On Ice Collection Figures ~ ITEM #551409 & ITEM #551408 & ITEM #551407 & ITEM #551411 & ITEM #551410




I love the artwork on the packaging for these little dudes! I wish they'd released stickers or keychains/straps with these designs too.

And of course I totally forgot to take pics of what the figures themselves,opps.This set did come with doubles of Phichit though,so if anyone wants to buy the 2nd off me lmk!


Pink Bunny Omanjuu Case ITEM #526534 I don't have any Omanjuus atm,but I plan to use this for a Victor Nikiforov Omanjuu I have preordered.

And another little car! xD I swear I'm 99.99% sure I got a Hello Kitty Happy Meal toy in the 90s that was basically identical lol.


Two Corocorocoronya sticker sheets,and PreCure PreCoorde Doll of Cure Parfait.


Bananya Magnets I bought to give my sister for Christmas.


My first ever GSC order,and also my first Snow Mikus! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ I have been giddily looking forward to these for months,and am not disappointed in the least.They are absolutely perfect.




I like that they included the original artwork on the packaging for the Nendoroid,but I wish it were bigger.I think it would actually be really fantastic if they included postcards with the artwork with the figures.


The packaging for the Figma isn't super exciting,but I'm not upset about it lol.

So that's most of what I've gotten this summer! I realized how loooong this post was getting,so I'll split it up into 2 posts now I guess lol.I know this probably wasn't anything terribly exciting compared to some people's hauls,but I always enjoy seeing other people's Loot posts so I thought it'd be fun to join in ( ›ω‹ )

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SylveonPrincess3 anos atrás#25071831I'm in looove with that pillow case!!! I've never seen it before, but the art they chose is so pretty for it ;w;
And I'm glad you like the Fairy Cosme stuff! I need to get some myself since I'm a sucker for that kind of toy, and your photos were great!

Isn't it gorgeous?? It turned out much prettier than I'd expected!! It's on backorder right now,but still available to order from AmiAmi if you're interested ~ www.amiami.com/... And they have 2 other designs as well :3

And thank you dear! I'm glad you liked my pictures,I love making them cute (^▽^人) I really couldn't be happier with the Fairy Cosme set,I'd really recommend it! I was impressed with the quality of them,and the level of detail.Totally worth every penny imo ❤❤❤

Ciciely3 anos atrás#25071560Adorable stuff!

Thank you!! ❤
3 anos atrás
Daichukiyo3 anos atrás#25059166Amazing loot! I love the way you edited your pictures, they look extra cute! ♡

Thank you! I'm glad you like it,I have such fun making them cute lol.I use Line Camera App to decorate them ( * ॑꒳ ॑* )

SuzukiLina3 anos atrás#25060889The Bananya magnets are soooo cute! I didn't know about it! I would've ordered them </3

Oh no,I'm sorry you missed them!! I just double checked,and they're not taking any more orders for them at AmiAmi (。•́︿•̀。) They were actually something that didn't show up on the front page when they were put up for preorder.I just happened to stumble on them by browsing through random categories when I was bored one day.

Jess-chan3 anos atrás#25062621Very nice loot! I love all the cute goodies!

Thank you! I'm really happy with everything ٩(。•ω•。)و ❤

ptitange233 anos atrás#25057779Very cool ! I'm jealous !! ;)

Haha,thank you! ❤

willyg19823 anos atrás#25063713The cake house is very cool.

Yeah,I'm really happy about it! I haven't put it together yet because I'm moving soon and thought it'd be best to leave it 'til I've settled into my new place.It's really hard to resist,though! >w<
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I'm in looove with that pillow case!!! I've never seen it before, but the art they chose is so pretty for it ;w;

And I'm glad you like the Fairy Cosme stuff! I need to get some myself since I'm a sucker for that kind of toy, and your photos were great!
3 anos atrás
I'm in looove with that pillow case!!! I've never seen it before, but the art they chose is so pretty for it ;w;

And I'm glad you like the Fairy Cosme stuff! I need to get some myself since I'm a sucker for that kind of toy, and your photos were great!
3 anos atrás
Adorable stuff!
3 anos atrás
The cake house is very cool.
3 anos atrás
Very nice loot! I love all the cute goodies!
3 anos atrás
The Bananya magnets are soooo cute! I didn't know about it! I would've ordered them </3
3 anos atrás
Amazing loot! I love the way you edited your pictures, they look extra cute! ♡
3 anos atrás
Very cool ! I'm jealous !! ;)
3 anos atrás
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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