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10th Birthday YAY !!! :P
One of the most important days of the year. Everyone should have it marked in their calendars.
Time to bake a cake, and watch Miku's concerts all day long.
Of course remember to place your wallet/credit card/Checkbook on the altar. You know, the usual sacrifice.

Current status
60 figures
- 19 nendoroids
- 8 figma
- 2 Dollfie Dream
- 31 scale figures
- more ordered
2 plushies
8 dakimakuras (each with her own filling)
Every game for ps3/4/vita
3 concerts on BD
4 CD's
and walls covered with posters :P

I'm switching jobs next year, then I'll start buying without limits again >_<
At the end, I'll be able to swim in Miku's merchindises.

Honestly I could post a wall of text, I'm really restraining myself >_<
For example, I could talk endlessly how beutifull, cute and wonderfull she is. Or describe EVERYTHING about her, in general.
But let's not waste time ! It's time to celebrate !

Once again - Happy Birthday Princess ! Love You :D

Oh, and remember to order the 10th anniversary Miku nendoroid
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Happy Birthday! I know I'm late!

Exact what I did the wole day. Watching videos of her Concerts. ^^
Some Day I'll visit Japan and then I'll visit one of her concerts too.

Congratulations for your great collection!
That's really awesome!
3 anos atrás
I was going to wear my Miku rubber bracelet to work today and I forgot. But I wore it in my heart.
Happy Birthday Miku, it's been a good 10 years with you. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
3 anos atrás
Happy birthday Miku! I thought you were just another stupid fad, but you manage to stay 10 years. Just started Project Mirai DX and it's fun!. So many figures that I wished owned. :D But so little place to put them. :(
3 anos atrás
piyochan aka xenetes
I love miku and haven't started to collect her yet. I'm really trying to limit myself with her and be really picky. It's too soon to die (ノдヽ)
3 anos atrás
I'm happy with just ITEM #12053 but yes, happy birthday miku!!
3 anos atrás
you own so much miku

I'm so jealous LOLOL
3 anos atrás
Happy birthday little twin-tail diva of green cuteness! I'll admit my interest in Miku is almost 99% just the Figmas and Nendoroids, but they sure are cute and so much fun to play with. x3
3 anos atrás
Yes! Happy Birthday Miku. I've been counting down for a year until the 10th anniversary! I'm sad that I'm out of town and away from my Miku shrine, but I did bring my favorite Miku threads to throw on whenever we're done with business today. Time to celebrate!
3 anos atrás
I started listening to Miku soon after she came out and I haven't stopped ever since <3 Besides her being cute, her songs are also just so good :D
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