Death Note - L - Nendoroid Petit (Good Smile Company)Death Note - L - Nendoroid Petit (Good Smile Company)Review

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ILoveWammy with another review! We are going to review the L nendoroid petit from Death Note Files Petit Set #1! For review on Death Note's plot, go to my Mello review. L is the world's greatest detective, who has cracked many of the world's hardest cases. This time, he must face the world's greatest case, when someone learns how to kill people without being by the target. He is not always clear about what he is saying, but his point gets across at some point in time. Now, on with the actual figure! For one, the paint job is really nice. And the sculpting is great too! That is most likely what makes up for not being very posable. He comes with a stand. The nendoroid petit stands kinda confused me at first until I learned how to put it on. He has nice black hair, a nice white shirt, nice jeans, no shoes, huge eyes, and a thinking, maybe slightly dis-trusting look on his face. I suggest this figure for any fans of L, or fans of Death Note! And if you haven't seen Death Note, go read or watch it right now!
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