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October Loot!October Loot!

franjandarfranjandar1 ano atrásLoot
Hello everyone and welcome to this loot!

A little warning before we continue with the loot:

1. The pictures I have taken of the items are of a bad qaulity, I couldn't do anything about it since the light that was of a good qaulity broke.

2. There are a lot of pictures in this article.

Keeping the warnings in mind we shall continue to the figures!



This month I have gotten two nendoroids, Rem and Yoshino.


I pre ordered Rem at Tokyo Otaku Mode around June and she finally arrived! She is very adorable. my only complaint being that the stand she has doesn't fit into her back.

If you want to get her she is still available!


Yoshino is probably my favourite Nendoroid ever! I really recommened getting her! I ordered her at Solaris Japan last month and she arrived at the beginning of this month. She was pretty hard to assemble though, especially her little tail that attaches to her coat was very hard to assemble.

She is still available if you want her!

Scale Figures!


This month I have gotten three scale figures! Makoto Kikuchi 1/8th Scale by Phat! Company, Nagito Komaeda 1/8th Scale by Kotobukiya and last but not least Fukusei no Byakuya Franchir 1/8th Scale by Core Play!

Makoto Kikuchi:

I got Makoto for my birthday that was on the fifth of October from Animere. I didn't plan on getting her, I actaully went to Animere to get Nagito, but then I saw her at Animere and thought fuck it I'll buy her. I'd been wanting to buy her for a little while and it being my birthday and all that I bought her!

I am really happy with how she turned out, her expresion is amazing and her colours are beautifull. The only thing is that the promotional pictures of her look way better then she actaully is.

On the fifth of October I saw another copy of her at Animere (which is an anime store in Almere that sells anime goodies and (100% authentic) figures) so if they still have her you can buy her! I bought her for 126 Euros.

Nagito Komeada

I got Nagito Komeada at Animere and to say that I wasn't dissapointed by the qaulity of the figure would be a lie.

Because of the bad qaulity of the photo you might have not been able to see that there is a very visible seem line right on the front of his hair! It's really obvious too and he is really small, more like a 1/10 scale.

However I am still glad I got him, I love Nagito and I love Danganronpa, so in the end I am glad I could support the thing I love while also getting a figure (even if that figure is off mediocre qaulity).

Animere (a store in Almere that sells (100% authentic) figures and goodies) had one more copy of him, they might have sold out, but they probably still have him if you want to get him!

Fukusei no Byakuya Franchir


I got Francir at Amiami after having wanted her for a pretty long time. I got her in two weeks ago and I can confirm this figure is huge! And freaking heavy! I had to pay 8000 Yen for her (normally she would've costed double that, but she was on sale at Amiami) plus another 8000 Yen for SAL shipping.

And I can see why her shipping was so expensive, the base is made out of solid PVC or Resin (I don't know how to tell them appart). It's freaking heavy! I had to put her on my desk because I was afraid my detolf would break if I put her on the top shelf of my detolf (I don't want to put her on the bottom because then I can't see her).

She herself is very small, I would say she is around the size of a 1/12th or 1/10th figure. However! The base totally makes up for her lack of size and the ammount of detail on her is amazing! Assembly was pretty hard though, I broke on of her fingers trying to put her staff/wand into her hand and also broke a small waffer decoration on her staff, but a little super glue fixed that problem right away!

Sadly she's not available for order on Amiami anymore.


So in this month I have gotten a lot of manga as birthday presents, some arrived way to early (because family members from different countries sent them in a lot earlier), however I am still going to but them in this loot.

Let's start off witha manga that arrived at the beginning of last month!

Manga from my Grandmother!

I got this manga as a present from my grandmother who lives in Romania! She asked my mum if I wanted anything for my birthday and my mum said she would order something for me with Buni's (What I call my grandmother) money.

So she gifted this Death Note manga to me and I am really happy wiht it, though I wanted to complete my set of individual manga and Black edition manga first. I spent a totall of 300 euros on (almost) completing those sets and now they came out with the Death Note All In One Edition manga which costs 20 euros...

Thanks Shonen Jump, for stealing all my money! The stupid thing is that I am still going to finish those sets anyways.

Eitherway it's a pretty small manga, but it's really high qaulity.

Buni got this for me at Archonia. It's still available so get it if you want to!

Manga from my Mother!

My mum will probably not read this, but I can't really express how happy I am to have a mother like this! She wants to get to know me better so she is also trying to watch anime and manga and she also buys all this manga for me even though I don't really deserve it. I absolutly love me mum.

Eitherway I would advise picking up all of the Assassination Classroom manga, it's absolutly amazing. I haven't watched the anime, but oh my god the manga is absolutly amazing! Same goes for Bakuman. it's a really good manga, though I like Assassination Classroom a little bit better.

I don't know where my mum got all this manga from, however I do advise buying manga and light novels from Book Depository. They have really cheap manga, light novels, art books and books in general, plus they have free shipping!

Order Bonuses

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/franjandar1509394235.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/franjandar1509394257.jpeg

The first photo are bonuses I got from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I bought the Rem Nendoroid from there as well as an item I will show later in this blog.

In the second photo there are bonuses from Amiami and Tokyo Otaku Mode. The Miku card is from Tokyo Otaku Mode to promote their 10th anniversary of Miku Sale and contest and the card with the girl in the Kimono/Yukata (who is called Amico) is from Amiami.


https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/franjandar1509393939.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/franjandar1509393956.jpeg

I bought a magazine from Tokyo Otaku Mode which came with two posters. They're both descent sizes and are of two anime I really enjoy: Durarara!! and Seven Deadly Sins.

The posters are of the illustrations that are shown on the back and front of the magazine which are shown in the photos above.

Tokyo Otaku Mode still has a few magazines in stock if you want them!

The end of the loot is here! This was the first time I wrote a made a loot article and it was pretty fun to do, though it took me quite awhile to finish it (Around half an hour).

I hope you enjoyes this loot article thing and I apologize for the bad qaulity of the photo's. I will hopefully find a way to have better lighting for photo's.

I would say goodbye, however I still have something on my mind which is going to be under the spoiler warning here, just a quick warning that it's about personal stuff and just about what has been happening in my life. It is very serious though, so read at your own risk.

View spoilerHide spoiler So my life has been pretty shit for a pretty long time, aside from my birthday and hanging out with family I didn't enjoy this month. Aside from those moments I have not felt happy.

Basically to explain why not, I have been ill. Very ill. Half a year ago I became sick, I started to sleep for extended ammounts of time. So much so that once I only woke up for 4 hours. I thought it ws no big deal, just some fever maybe, but a big thing for work was coming up so I had to work. I managed to work even with my wierd sleep patern and everything ended up being okay.

Then after a few more weeks of my abnormal sleep patern I ended up going to the local doctor (You know the one that you go to for small check ups and stuff like that). The local doctor then speculated that I had Pfeiffer (it's a Dutch trasnslation of a virus, but I can't seem to find the English word for it). The doctor said I should get my blood checked and so I did, I got my blood "sampled" (basically taken through a needle in a few tubes) and waited another week or so for the results.

It ended up being true, I did have Pfeiffer or at least my body had made up bacteria that would fight the virus Pfeiffer. That was the only way the doctors could tell that I had Pfeiffer, so it was either I had it as a kid or I had it at the time. The doctor then explained what Pfeiffer was: "It's a virus that spreads by either kissing or shaking someones hand who has the vrus but didn't wash their hand. It makes you extremly tired. So much so that you pretty much don't have the energy to do anything. Pfeiffer can stay for long amounts of time, the longest being a few years, the shortest being a few weeks." The doctor also stated that there is no cure for it, no medicine or anything.

Then the summer came up and I went to Spain on vacation with my mum and my dad. It was relaxing to say the least and I felt better for awhile. Then I returned to the Netherlands and I had to work again. So I did and after one week I caught the flu, which then started to develope into a fever since I didn't notice that I had the flu. I stayed home and took care of myself and then I started picking up the bad sleep patern again.

I started sleeping for large amounts of times and became tired after everytime I had to work. I want to the doctor again who appointed me to the Hospital for further investigation if it actaully was Pfeiffer or not. The doctor that was assigned to me speculated that it wasn't Pfeiffer and something else, so I did a bunch of tests again. I did an MRI-scan of my brain, I let my blood be sampled again, I gave a sample of my spit and I gave a urine sample. All of which turned out to be normal.

The thing is that the treatment the doctor thinks they should give to me is treatment for depression.

And I don't know what to do, because I don't want the treatment they are lickely to give me, which is: staying in the hospital untill I get better. I would not be able to go on the internet, I would not be around my family and they would only be able to visit me during visiting hours. I wouldn't be allowed to bring my figures nor would I be able to go to work.

The treatment I had for Asperger Syndrome (a type of Autism) as a kid I would have to do again. I would have to go through the whole process of learning how to communicate again. I would have to take pills for depression.

I just don't know what to do and frankly if that is the treatment I am going to get then I don't want that.

I just don't know what to do anymore, I am asleep more then I am awake and I don't go outside anymore, my mum now lives with me to take care of me and I am depressed. I don't feel alive anymore, I don't know what to do anymore.

Eitherway thank you for reading through this and I apreciate that you sat through me being a "debby downer".

I'm sorry that I wasted you're time.

Eitherway goodbye! Have a good day or evening and I hope you enjoyed reading/looking at the pictures of this Loot.

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asuramaru (1 ano atrás) #27957403nice loot! this made me message my friend whether she wanted to come to Almere with me tomorrow, lol.
Thank you! You should really go, it's a nice store. Last time I went there they even had a few 1/4th scales.
The prices are a little more expensive then the original prices of a figure, but of course they have to pay customs so it's only fair.
Sometimes you can find pretty rare figures there for a good price.
1 ano atrás
nice loot! this made me message my friend whether she wanted to come to Almere with me tomorrow, lol.
1 ano atrás
hugtower (1 ano atrás) #27938629Nice loot! I hope you get well soon! I've never had it but I know it went around my high school one year... it's called mono in America (or at least where I live); short for mononucleosis, if you wanted to know... it sounds terrible ;;
Thank you very much.
1 ano atrás
Nice loot! I hope you get well soon! I've never had it but I know it went around my high school one year... it's called mono in America (or at least where I live); short for mononucleosis, if you wanted to know... it sounds terrible ;;
1 ano atrás
rain_drops (1 ano atrás) #27888720That's some neat stuff! It also warms my heart that your mom has taken an interest in your interests. (^‿^) I haven't read the manga, but Assassination Classroom the anime was bomb.
Thanks, October was a good month for loot :D
Yeah me mum is awesome.

It's great to know that Assassination Classroom was a good anime, since I've only read the manga (which I really do advice picking up) I was worried that the anime wouldn't be a good adaptation of it.

That rescently happened to me with the Black Clover anime, I absolutly adore the manga, it's amazing, but the anime (I've heard) is terrible. I haven't watched it though since I am waiting untill the anime finishes and I can binge watch it.
1 ano atrás
Solarstormflare (1 ano atrás) #27887185nice! I didn't know the death note had an all in one book, i might get it too.
Great to know that I was the one that introduced you to the all in one manga :D
1 ano atrás
clampotaku (1 ano atrás) #27915368Wow your mom bought ya Ten Count....awesome I guess lol
Yeah, she said that the cover looked cool so she bought it for me...

I don't think she knows it's a BL manga XD
1 ano atrás
Wow your mom bought ya Ten Count....awesome I guess lol
1 ano atrás
That's some neat stuff! It also warms my heart that your mom has taken an interest in your interests. (^‿^) I haven't read the manga, but Assassination Classroom the anime was bomb.
1 ano atrás
nice! I didn't know the death note had an all in one book, i might get it too.
1 ano atrás
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