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Max Factory Mikan Yuuki

victorvipervictorviper1 mês atrásReview
Today, we'll be reviewing a much-anticipated figure of one of my favorite characters, Max Factory's Mikan Yuuki. There may be a few shots below that could be considered somewhat NSFW...

About the character: Mikan Yuuki is a character from the To Love Ru media franchise. Mikan is the younger sister of series protagonist and resident harem-attractor Rito Yuuki. She is very smart, independent, and reliable, and once Yami ENCYCLOPEDIA #1875 bails on her mission and decides she's not really going to eliminate Rito (probably not, anyway), she and Mikan become good friends. Further, Mikan shows a little bit of a brother complex every now and then and so this coupled with her independent nature makes her what I would consider an archetype of what might be called the modern imouto character type.


Max Factory goes with a very eye-catching yellow package!


I wonder if this photograph on the side panel is a shot of an early prototype of the figure? If so, that prototype had her way too made up (either that or they just got carried away with enhancing the colors when post-processing the photo!). However, the actual figure gives Mikan much more of a natural look, which is a good thing.


The pastel colors on the back of the box combined with the bright yellow background is kind of a neat look!


Mikan requires very little set up out of the box. She stands on one foot, but as you can see a metal peg supports the figure. I didn't really observe any figure wobble while taking the photos for this review, so Mikan seems pretty stable.


Even though Mikan is 1/6 scale, the package is not outrageously large. In fact, the first time I picked up the box, it was much lighter than I expected it to be! The box measures 30 by 16 by 15 cm and it weighs 440 grams, so shipping Mikan to your doorstep shouldn't cost a fortune.


All the figures in this line have used the same base design-a pastel pink hexagon with the name of the character.


The base is not flashy, but it complements the wedding theme well enough with the script writing and the rose petals, so I have no complaints.


Mikan's pose, as with all the figures in this line, is inspired by this PICTURE #1337157 illustration from the Venus artbook ITEM #120387.

Let's have a look at her.









Overall, I think Max Factory did a good job of translating the source illustration into figure form, and I think the way that Mikan is leaning forward slightly makes her look very cute, but the pose does have a couple of quirks. The way she's standing on her heels while leaning forward does make her look just a little bit awkward when viewed in profile (and I don't know if she'd be able to hold that pose for more than a few seconds!), but aside from this small issue, Max Factory did a fine job posing Mikan.


Generally, Max Factory can be counted on to produce a good product, and Mikan is no exception. There were, however, a couple of quirks on the sculpting front that I did not expect to see.

I initially wondered how well the design of Mikan's face in the source illustration PICTURE #1337157 would translate into 3D, but I really like the way her face turned out. Mikan is portrayed as a generally serious character (at least as serious as one can be in a wacky harem comedy!), but I like that there's a little bit of a smile there just waiting to emerge. One of my favorite things about Mikan's character design is her pretty amber eyes, and they really stand out, so that is a huge plus! I also like her slightly messy hair, as that adds to her cuteness :).


I also like the way she looks from this angle, as her little smile becomes slightly more pronounced. The way she's playing with her hair also gives her a very flirty look. This, coupled with the fact that Mikan is established to have something of a brother complex, and the way she's leaning forward makes her look very cute. You can almost imagine Mikan saying to herself "I'm going to do my best today!".


Mikan's spiky hair bun is one of her key features.


Mikan's hair doesn't just lay against her back, so you get the impression of some movement. Her hair is a very flat brown, which is okay but it might have been nice to see more in the way of highlighting.


One sculpting quirk appears in the shot below. You can see a spot where there's a little sprig of hair which just looks tacked on to another piece of hair.


I like how Mikan is twirling her hair in her fingers, but that piece of hair seems a little too thick, doesn't it?


Mikan is not proportioned like Super Sonico by any stretch of the imagination (her three sizes are established to be 70-52-73 cm/28-21-29 inches), but the way she's leaning forward and sticking out her chest does accentuate her bust.


Max Factory really put a lot of effort into the sculpt of Mikan's bustier! The bustier is obviously a snug fit, so I like how you can see the material stretching and creasing in spots. All the bows give a very frilly and girly feel to the outfit which I think is a good look for Mikan. Additionally, note the yellow to orange color gradient in the bustier's trim; this was a good design choice, as those color highlights really make the outfit pop! Further, Mikan's name can also refer to a type of orange citrus fruit, so I wonder if that in any way was behind this design choice?


YMMV in this area, but my Mikan had a couple little spots where it looks like some debris got into a mold somewhere...


Mikan's panties have an interesting design; I know there's a term for this particular style, but as I am not a lingerie expert, I don't know what it is :). Max Factory did a really nice job with Mikan's skin tone, too. They give her very fair skin without making her look like a vampire, so that is a job well done! Also, note the crease in her palm, as that's a nice subtle detail.


Low-angle shot behind the spoiler tag. You could skip this if you want...

View spoilerHide spoiler

Someone at Max Factory really worked hard on the sculpt of Mikan's inner thigh!


Probably the worst sculpting issues with this figure appear in the shot below. You can see a mold line on Mikan's thumb, it looks like a little bubble must have formed between two of her fingers, and there's some excess material on her index finger. Granted, her hand will usually be out of sight behind her back, but still...

Also, I would have liked to see her fingernails sculpted and painted, but that is by no means any sort of dealbreaker with the figure.


I really like the sculpt of her thighs! Even though Mikan is a very petite girl, there's a lot of definition there, and so Max Factory did a great job on that front. I also like how her stockings appear to be just a little bit loose in spots, and how you can see the garters pulling at the attachment points. It's little features like this that make the difference between great figures and figures that are merely good!


The way she's leaning over, there would be a little bit of slack in the garter, so that's a nice touch. Also note that you can see where her stomach begins to differentiate from her hip; that's another nice subtle detail!


Mikan's legs are very slender, which you would expect given her petite stature. I like the creases in her stockings around the knees as well as the shiny finish on the stockings, but a small complaint would be that Max Factory might have gotten a little carried away with the color saturation in spots, particularly on Mikan's ankles and feet.


The way she's leaning forward while sort of rocking back on her heels and curling her toes, Mikan must have really strong calves! It seems like it would be really uncomfortable to hold that pose for more than a few seconds!


Scale Comparison

Mikan herself is just a hair over 9 inches (23 cm) tall, and her spiky hair bun adds about another 1/4 of an inch (0.5 cm) to that. Mikan is supposed to be 4'11" (149 cm), so she's at the small side of 1/6 scale.

Here is Mikan with Pulchra's take ITEM #331830 on the character. If you read my review of that figure, you probably are aware that the Pulchra Mikan has myriad QC issues, and so the Max Factory offering is far superior in pretty much every way. However, the Max Factory figure had a lower list price!


Mikan with another high-quality Mikan figure, Alter's ITEM #166752. My only qualm with the Alter Mikan is that her lying-down pose makes her tough to display. I would consider displaying these two Mikans together like this permanently if doing so didn't require balancing the Alter Mikan precariously on her tiptoes! The Alter Mikan is 1/7 scale.


Mikan with her castmate Haruna Sairenji ITEM #287789. I like how both of these figures capture the personalities of the characters!


In the original illustration PICTURE #1337157 that spawned this line of figures, I always thought that Mikan and Nana ITEM #331480 had facial expressions that would be tricky to realize in 3D form. Mikan turned out fine, but I'm still on the fence about whether or not Nana's mouth looks a little bit off...


Mikan with her BFF Yami ITEM #137123. That Yami figure is listed at 1/7 scale, but she's probably more like 1/6.5, and you can see how she and Mikan compare. I was kind of hoping that Yami would be the next figure in this line to get released after Mikan, but it looks I'll have to wait a little while longer to get my Mikan-Yami duo in this figure line. Maybe the corresponding Yami will be teased at the winter WonFes...


It looks like the next figure in this line to be released will be Lala, so here is Mikan with Alter's Lala Deviluke ITEM #286484. Lala is 1/6 scale, although she's not nearly as petite as is Mikan.


I think these two look really good together! Kotobukiya's Mina Tepes ITEM #27853 is also 1/6 scale.


Here is Mikan with one of my favorite figures, Plum's Saki Nagatsuka ITEM #320011, who is a largish 1/7 scale. Based on Saki's expression, you could imagine that she approves of Mikan's getup :).


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9.5/10

Arguments for: Many. If anything, I think the figure actually *improves* on the source illustration (particularly Mikan's facial expression), the yellow color scheme of her outfit makes for a unique look, and her pose and body language exude a perfect combination of cuteness, innocence, and flirtatiousness.

Arguments against: There are a couple of little sculpting quirks (like the various flaws on her left hand) that you wouldn't expect to see on a Max Factory figure.

However, the good far outweighs the bad, and Max Factory has made quite a fantastic figure here! Mikan is one of my favorite characters, and this figure is delightfully cute. While it took Max Factory what felt like an eternity to get this figure released (I preordered her last December!), it was worth the wait. I would say this is the best Mikan figure currently available, and I'd even go so far as to say it's a must-own figure for fans of the character.

Availability (as of this writing)

Sold out new.

Mikan seems to be sold out at all the big shops, so it looks like you may need to look at the secondary market if you did not pre-order this figure. With AmiAmi's preorder discount, Mikan set me back 9300 yen, but she already seems to be commanding prices of upwards of 15000 yen secondhand. Time will tell if that price holds, but it would appear that people are voting with their wallets about the desirability of this figure!


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victorviper (1 mês atrás) #28418053Why not? :)
But seriously, since most of the other girls' outfits in this line are white, pink, or blue, I think the yellow color makes Mikan stand out both in the illustration as well as in figure form.

I can agree with your point of view.

Thanks for sharing the photos.
1 mês atrás
Gandalf (1 mês atrás) #28426202Good review, she's a really great figure. I'll have to go back and check her left hand to see how they did on mine.
What bothers me slightly is how MF are handling bases. Mikan has a nice solid square metal peg to support her. But for Nana they went with 2x plastic pegs that are begging to snap if you don't correctly remove her from her base. Oddly inconstant when you consider they released a month apart.

I suspect the hand issue will vary among individual figures, and maybe I just got one of the bad ones. Fortunately, it's out of sight.

I'm with you on Nana's base, and that design just seems like a problem waiting to happen. The way she's standing on the side of her heel and standing on one foot to boot means there's almost no area where she's actually in contact with the base!
1 mês atrás
Good review, she's a really great figure. I'll have to go back and check her left hand to see how they did on mine.

What bothers me slightly is how MF are handling bases. Mikan has a nice solid square metal peg to support her. But for Nana they went with 2x plastic pegs that are begging to snap if you don't correctly remove her from her base. Oddly inconstant when you consider they released a month apart.
1 mês atrás
victorviper (1 mês atrás) #28418053
It doesn't look bad but, you tend to associate weddings with white, no?
1 mês atrás
CaptainZ (1 mês atrás) #28418035Why yellow?

Why not? :)

But seriously, since most of the other girls' outfits in this line are white, pink, or blue, I think the yellow color makes Mikan stand out both in the illustration as well as in figure form.
1 mês atrás
Why yellow?
1 mês atrás
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