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Getting into series because of figuresGetting into series because of figures

cremareocremareo1 ano atrásAsk MFC
Sorry if the title is confusing

Have you gotten into a series because you saw/bought a figure from that series without knowing where it came from?

Mine would probably be Fullmetal Alchemist and Bungou Stray Dogs, I saw the Nendoroids for these series and began to watch the anime(s) because of them l o l

I also see lots of nice Kancolle figures but idk how to get into it bc it's a game apparently and I'm no gamer

here are some of them

ITEM #396850
ITEM #463240
ITEM #464726
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I know this is an older blog, but I felt inclined to add my 2 cents....as I feel like this may be a disease, and I suffer from it. As YES, this is a serious issue for me... LOL!! :D

I watched Gangsta because I was fascinated with the figures (now I REALLY want the figures)... I also am currently watching (on and off) Kara no Kyoukai because I found Shiki for a great price. Tiger and Bunny...saw the figures first so watched the show, then ordered Tiger.

I only watched the Fate series because there are a hundred million Saber figures, so I was finally like...ok, what is this damn show! I still do not own any Fate figures though... Watched One Punch Man because I wanted the ThreeZero Genos (I now have him pre-ordered).

I've purchased the RAH Full Metal Alchemist figures, because I love RAH's and these were a fantastic price...but I've never seen the show, so now it's on my watch list and I should have the figures in any day now. :) I watched Naruto, because the Kakashi figures fascinated me...now I own two versions of him.

I think for the rest of my figures...I bought them because I watched the anime FIRST....but yeah...if they come out with a BA figure, I can easily get hooked into watching a show just from that.

BTW....I am not a Nendo girl...but I agree those Bungou Stray Dog nendos are super cute. I watched that show because of the Dazai 1/7 scale figure btw.....I still do not own the figure though. :D
1 ano atrás
Usually discovering or wanting to watch a series more than impulse buy a figure. I'm the type to research If something interests me haha.

I can't recall that I watched something because of a figure tho... I know I have most of those in a "will watch" list, If that counts lol
1 ano atrás
I haven't bought any figures from Frame Arms Girl yet, but seeing them made me check out the anime. I'll be grabbing some for sure.
1 ano atrás
HAHA I also started watching Bungo Stray Dogs for the nendoroids xD mainly for Chuuya... I was prepared for that he will turn out to be my favourite, but I went totally downhill with my feelings for Akutagawa. Now I am waiting for an announcement for a Akutagawa >w< ♥
1 ano atrás
I saw the figure of Kagura from Aquiarion Evol and fell in love with it, so that tempted me into watching the series before buying the figure. Loved the anime so ended up buying the figure.

Kancolle does have an anime series and also a movie now, even though it doesn't have all the characters in it. I kind of liked the series but the movie wasn't really all that good in my opninion.
1 ano atrás
I haven't gotten into a series because of a figure I picked up. I think the only time I really tried was with the Fate franchise because I was picking up Saber Lily figures. I tried to watch Fate/Zero and it just wasn't interesting to me.

The most I can say is that some figures have caused me to buy games I might otherwise skip. I got NitroPlus Blasterz because it had Saber and Ignis in it. I snagged Fate/Extra on the PSP because of Saber, but I didn't really like the game. I got Fate/Extella recently for the same reason, but it hasn't really clicked with me despite my enjoyment of Dynasty Warriors type games.

I can't really think of anything beyond that where I've tried some other media because of owning a figure based on that media first.
1 ano atrás
Dribz (1 ano atrás) #28644543ITEM #236159 ruined saved my life and dragged me to idol hell flew me up to idol heaven. ❤ I can never go back please save me.

I don't even watch this but I love this gril and Honoka
1 ano atrás
ITEM #236159 ruined saved my life and dragged me to idol hell flew me up to idol heaven. ❤ I can never go back please save me.
1 ano atrás
Ah YES!! I actually haven't watched much anime because I don't have internet/cable. But everything that I Have watched, I WANT TO BUY THEIR MERCH LIKE CRAZY? So the thought of finally being able to watch/play all these cool shows and games honestly scares me and my wallet.

There are So Many series I want to get into because of the beautiful figures that come from them. Not only do I want to justify having them but I also hope to love the characters themselves. I would hate to buy a figure of a character and then totally hating their guts after watching the show.

Another example, I love Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now Rei is well loved and gets a Bunch of figures. I like Rei. But I don't love her. On the other hand...Shinji Ikari is MY BOY. He is my Son and I would protect him with my bare hands. But all he gets are lackluster/dopey figures(if ANY). Even so, I would still be much happier with a figure of him than Rei.

So I think it's good to consume the content it's from if possible. Maybe not so much to prove why you own them, but to love them even more and the chances of them staying in your collection become much higher. But a gorgeous figure Is a gorgeous figure so...ignorance is still bliss.

TL;DR: Shinji Ikari deserved BETTER.
1 ano atrás
Love live!! Last year I saw Rin's and Kotori's nendoroids online, and I had to find out what which anime they were from.
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