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Low quality?Low quality?

Have you ever purposefully bought a low quality figure because the character doesn't have much at all but you love them/they're your favorite?

If so, did you regret it? Did you end up loving it in spite of its low quality?

Thanks :3
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Thanks for the answers everyone, keep them coming if you want :3

The whole reason I made this post is because I decided to get ITEM #10737 since he's my favorite character from my favorite series! >u< He only has very few figures/statues. I plan to own them all one day :")
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Mewsie The magi-cooliest✧
My all-time favorite magical girl is Kasuga Yui from Corrector Yui [ENTRY #1314]. However, since it's an older show, there's not a lot of merch to go around. It does have a set of these goofy little figures that are really just... not very good.

ITEM #139442
ITEM #139440
ITEM #139444
ITEM #139443

But, I don't know if it's a combination of my fondness for the series and an understanding of how old they are, but there's something kind of endearing about their low quality-ness. :')
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Keroro Gunsou Megahouse figure's: the feet have very little detail but i'm just really happy they have some Megahouse's to begin with ITEM #409
They are just really cheap but i still like them allot.
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Going to...

I would say Figma Genji is sort of low quality at that price point. But I guess my choice is either that one or the Blizzard's statue T_T
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I'm constantly torn between getting thisGumi figurine or not because she look like playdoh but there are like 5 Gumi figurines and I love her to death. It's really a battle but the quality is so bad I don't think I could ever do it ;~;
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Quality level is only an issue for me if the figure is really expensive, or more expensive than it should be.

I recently bought a figure, that was pretty limited, on auction and the final total was about 60 usd. The figure has a quality of about 15 usd but oh well, it wasn't for normal sale and there are no other figures of the character (except keychains.)

The cost is tough to swallow (I am still rationalizing), but no regrets! x'D
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I've got an Ena Hoshijiro figure on order, where the aftermarket price bombed massively, to the point it's got the same market value as the FuRyu one. Going to be interesting to compare the two, and will probably make a blog about them.

If I have figure regrets, it's more along the lines I overpaid for something, or it arrived in worse condition that expected, and there's nothing I can do to reclaim some/all of the money.
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When it comes to figures, I'll appreciate quality when it's there- but it isn't a requirement of mine. I really adore my cheapie trading/ prize figures LIST #84838 LIST #85079 they make me super happy and I have no regrets so far <3
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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
I never bother with prize figures anymore except for these b/c I love the poses:

ITEM #154965
ITEM #84993

I also can't bear to part with this one b/c it's the only one in her uniform and I cosplayed it before!

ITEM #4791
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I once bought some McFarlane Halo Reach figures at launch, each one costing me $15. They looked good for the price but their articulation makes a wheelchair-bound paraplegic look like a contortionist. The grainy paint job also gave them a gritty look to them which captures the look and feel of the game.

I also bought a bootleg Figma Kirito just for laughs from a local shop and wow, it was terrible but if posed correctly and stuffing some of the joints to improve grip, it doesn't look half bad from a distance.

It's a pretty good moveable "statue" for $25 haha

Normally, I don't buy cheap figures because quality is a factor for me but depending on the brand, character, or availability of figures for the character, I have my exceptions. Some figures that I want to mention is the Jeanne FuRyuu prize figure and the Magic Knight Rayearth ones.
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